The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter V

Paper Title Session ID
Validation of Connecticut's Risk Assessment for Pretrial Decision Making Session 209: CO15
The Validity of Indicators in Crime Trends: The Case of Robbery Session 498: VT17
The Validity of Life Event Data Reported by Inmates: A Comparison of Self-Reported Data With Official Prison Records Session 12: MM2
The Variables Approach to Theory Session 432: CT16
Variations in the Recidivism of Treated and Non-Treated Sexual Offenders: An Examination of Three Time Frames Session 399: VO13
Varieties of Offender Behavior in Two Restorative Justice Experiments Session 181: CT9
Varieties of Police Management and Their Impact on Police Officer Behavior Session 441: PE25
Victimization Analyses Using NIBRS Data Session 372: VT13
Victimization and Posttraumatic Stress Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents Session 175: VT6
Victimization and Satisfaction With Police Among Sexual Minorities Session 71: VT1
Victimization and Subsequent Female Offending: Revising the Model Session 25: WC2
Victimization Experiences of Youth in Residential Placement Session 461: JJ24
Victimization Through an Integral Lens: Developmental Outcomes Associated With Trauma Session 539: VT19
The View From Washington: An Assessment of the Election Session 525: CJ17
The Views of Staff at a Private Prison Toward Supervisors and Management Session 480: CO41
Violence Against Women of Color: Social Action and Criminal Justice Session 477: WC24
Violence Against Women Research Session 107: DP2
Violence Among Female Inmates: An Empirical Test of Self-Help Session 4: CO1
Violence and Victimization Session 256: SP7
Violence and Victimization Across the Life-Course: Examining the Life Experiences of Offenders Serving Community Corrections Orders in Queensland, Australia Session 186: LC8
Violence Through the Lifespan: Where's the Prevention? Session 481: CP13
Violent Behavior Among Girls Exposed to Violent Victimization Session 147: WC9
Violent Crime, Neighborhood Conditions, and the Labor Market Session 518: VO16
Violent Hot Spots: Comparing Qualitative and Quantitative Data in a Chicago Neighborhood Session 244: SI14
Violent Juvenile Offenders: The Role of Race in Offense Specialization Session 436: JJ23
Violent Near-Misses: Implications and Recommendations Session 154: CP4
Violent Offending and Victimization Among Discharged Psychiatric Patients: A Bivariate Probit Analysis Session 476: VT16
Violent Values, Perceived Threat to Social Identity, and Youth Aggression Session 109: JJ5
Violent Victimization Among Male and Female Heroin Users: Risk Factor Differences Session 397: SA16
The Violent Youth Offender and Juvenile Transfer to the Adult Criminal Court Session 387: JJ17
The Virtual Citizen: Seeking the Voice of the Community Through Web-Based Communication Session 164: PE8
Visual Criminology: A Photo Essay on Criminal Justice/Social Justice {Poster Location 111} Session 320: TC8
Voices -- From the Inside, Out Session 450: WC23
Voices From the Field: Practitioner Reactions to Collaborative Research Initiatives Session 35: MM5
Voices From Underneath the Earth: Women and Solitary Confinement Session 86: CC5
Voices From West African Prison Yards: Globalization, Slavery and Colonization Session 159: IC5
Voluntary Participation in Correctional Programming and Recidivism: Does It Predict Success Upon Reentry? Session 262: CC12
The Vulnerability of Youth: Routine Leisure Activities, Deviant Behavior and the Risk of Criminal Victimization Session 414: JJ20

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