The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter U

Paper Title Session ID
The UK Home Office Research to Evaluate Special Measures to Assist Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses Session 396: CL18
Under the Bridge: A Political Economy of Street-Level Prostitution in the South Bronx Session 174: VO8
Undermining the Motive and Opportunity of Corporate Fraud Session 538: VO17
Understanding 'What Works': A Qualitative Evaluation of Cognitive Behavior Programmes for Adult Male Prisoners Session 496: RR14
Understanding Community Jail Use Patterns {Poster Location 9} Session 306: CO24
Understanding Criminal Justice Policy Implementation Pragmatically and Theoretically Session 332: CJ12
Understanding Terrorism Events in the United States: Profiling Through Spatial Analysis Session 276: RV15
Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Adolescent Co-Occurring Antisocial Behaviors Session 389: LC13
Understanding the Diversity of Juvenile Diversion Programs Session 9: JJ1
Understanding the Punitive (and Non-Punitive) Public Session 178: CJ9
Understanding the Role of Repeat Victims in the Production of Annual Victimization Rates Session 530: MM19
Understanding Variations in Murder Clearance Rates: The Influence of the Political Environment Session 187: PE9
Undertaking System Reform in the Safe Kids/Safe Streets Initiative Session 261: CP7
The United States' War on and Occupation of Iraq: International Illegalities and Future Control Issues Session 59: CC3
Unnecessary Roughness?: Participation in Contact Sports and Violence off the Playing Field Session 18: SI2
Unsafe at Any House?: Comparisons of Perceived Risk to Personal Safety in Fraternity and Non-Fraternity Party Environments Session 67: SI6
Unserved Warrants and Violent Crime: An Exploratory Analysis of Arrest Warrants at Two Sites Session 290: PE16
Untangling the Relationship Between Stressful Life Events and Patterns of Violence and Depression Among Adult Men and Women Session 217: LC10
Urban Geographies of Crime: An Appliction of Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis Session 244: SI14
US Rehabilitation in England and Wales: A Process Evaluation of the Duluth Domestic Violence Programme Session 104: CO10
The USA Patriot Act and the Politics of Fear Session 212: CC9
The Use of Cost-Benefit Results in Maryland Drug Court Policy Making Session 297: SA12
The Use of Force by Female Police Officers and the Meaning It Holds for Them Session 218: PE10
The Use of Kendra's Law in New York State Session 447: CL20
The Uses of Ethnography for Policy Makers and Practitioners Session 356: CJ13
Using Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Records to Validate UCR Arrest Statistics Session 12: MM2
Using Hotter/Colder-Than-Expected Spot Methods to Map the Concentration of Research Opportunities Session 489: MM17
Using Meta-Analysis to Identify the Key Ingredients of Effective Juvenile Justice Programs Session 413: JJ19
Using Meta-Analysis to Improve Juvenile Jutice Practice: A North Carolina Experiment Session 413: JJ19
Using NIBRS Data to Assess the Differences Between Murder and Assault: Special Attention to the Role of Guns Session 369: RV22
Using Research to Assist the Police Investigation of Serious Crime Session 417: PE24
Using Spatial Analysis to Understand the Consequences of a Criminal Justice Intervention Designed to Reduce Violent Crime in Public Housing {Poster Location 29} Session 309: CJ11
Using State Child Labor Laws to Identify the Causal Effect of High-School Work Intensity on Crime and Substance Use Session 111: MM6
Using the National Crime Victimization Survey to Assess Police Response to Reported Violence Session 135: PE7
The Utility of Jury Consultants in the Twenty First Century Session 273: CL12

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