The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
Taking it on the Road: The Importance of Replicating New Pedagogical Approaches Session 535: TC13
Taking Stock of Developments in the Biosocial Explanation for Crime Session 110: LC4
Taking Stock of the Internationalization and Globalization of American Criminology Session 288: DP5
Taking the Punishment Out of the Process: From Substantive Criminal Justice Through Procedural Justice to Restorative Justice Session 274: CL13
A Tale of Two Cities: Victims of Homicide in London and New York Session 369: RV22
Targeting Illegal Gun Trafficking by Corrupt Federal Firearms Licensees Session 121: RV7
Targeting the Black Underclass: The War on Drugs Session 84: CJ5
Taxonomy and Theory in Comparative Criminology Session 528: IC19
Teaching About Violence Against Women: Issues and Perspectives Session 247: TC6
Teaching Family Violence and Sexual Abuse: A Clothesline Project Session 247: TC6
Teaching Issues for Developing Scholars Session 343: PD13
Teaching Teachers to Teach: The Value of a Teaching Practicum Course Session 272: TC7
Teaching the Science of Criminal Justice: Community-Building Within Research and Statistics Courses Session 139: TC2
Teaching Violence Against Women: Issues of Race/Ethnicity, Nationality, and Class Session 494: PD21
Teens, Family, and Delinquency: A Gendered Perspective Session 486: JJ27
Television Crime Appeals: Fear of Crime, Hysteria, and Female Audience Session 24: WC1
Temporal and Spatial Changes in Types of Homicide {Poster Location 140} Session 323: RV18
Testing a Multi-Level Control Explanation of Change in Delinquent Behavior Session 109: JJ5
Testing for Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops From Behind a Veil of Darkness Session 431: PC9
Testing Procedural Justice With Two Experimental Designs in a Court Setting Session 421: CL19
Testing Reintegrative Shaming Theory and its Effects on Projected Youth Offending Session 334: CT14
Testing the Impacts of Court Monitoring and Batterer Intervention Programs Session 375: WC18
Testing Three Models of Rational Choice Offender Decision-Making Session 534: RC15
The Theoretical Role of Racial and Ethnic Composition in the Production of Social Disorganization and Crime: Concentration, Heterogeneity, and/or Social Isolation"? Session 470: SI22
Theories of Community Justice and Theories of Democracy: Harmony or Conflict? Session 65: RR2
Theorizing Police Militarization Session 491: PE29
Theory for Situational Crime Prevention Session 406: CO34
The Theory of Effective Correctional Intervention Session 191: TS2
A Theory of Terrorism: Third World Perspective Session 299: RV17
Therapeutic Communities as Restorative Care Session 189: RR7
Therapy Through Justice: An Evaluation of the Riverside County Mental Health Court Session 19: CL1
Think Locally, Act Locally: Gauging the Effects of the National Crime Prevention Program in Finland Session 53: CP2
This is a Man's World ... or Least That's How it Looks in the Journals Session 74: DP1
"Threat" and "Popular Justice" in a Comparative Perspective: A Consideration of Lynching in Contemporary Brazil and Contrasts to the American South Session 265: IC9
Threatening Civil Rights: An Analysis of Government Neo-Surveillance Powers Session 43: CL2
A Three Ring Trial: Managing Impressions in the Trial of a Serial Killer Session 396: CL18
Three Strikes and You're Out: Exploring Symbol and Substance in American and British Crime Control Politics Session 108: IC3
Three-Year Recidivism Outcomes: An Evaluation of a Chemical Dependency Program in Montana Session 165: RR6
The Threshold Effect of Crowding on Interpersonal Violence Requiring Emergency Care in Juvenile Justice Facilities Session 88: JJ4
A Time Series Analysis of Routine Activity Theory Controlling for the Pre-Unification and Post-Unification Periods in Germany Session 133: LC5
Tip of the Iceberg: Theory Development for Newly Independent States Session 160: IC6
The Tippecanoe County Crisis Intervention Team: A Case Study of Change Session 466: PE28
Tired of 'Reeding' Bad Papers" Teaching Research and Writing Skills to Criminal Justice Students Session 139: TC2
To Park or Not to Park, That is the Question: An Examination of Auto Theft and Auto Recovery Patterns in Burnaby, BC, Canada Session 419: RC11
Token Status and Police Stress: An Empirical Assessment of the Interactive Effects of Race and Gender Session 342: PE20
Too Little, Too Late: Intervening in Young Women's Lives in Prostitution Session 174: VO8
Top 10 List for Tenure Session 493: PD20
Toward a Criminology of Public Display Session 527: CC24
Toward a Framework of Interaction Session 432: CT16
Toward a Theory of Character Formation Session 388: JJ18
Toward Safer Borders: Extending the Scope of Situational Crime Prevention Session 409: CP11
Toward Understanding Desistence From Terrorism: The Case of the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia Session 173: RV11
Towards a More Comprehensive Police Organization in Turkey: Modernization Efforts in Turkish National Police Laboratories {Poster Location 47} Session 312: IC10
Towards a Theory of State Crime Session 506: CC23
Towards Experimental Epigenomics of Criminal Behavior Session 75: SP2
Tracing the Historical Trajectory of Criminological Theory, 1964 to Present {Poster Location 31} Session 310: CT12
Trading Spaces: The Movement of Homicide Incidents Out of the Downtown Core, Buffalo, NY 1950-1999 Session 346: SI20
Transatlantic Police Cooperation: The Complex Case of Anglo-Caribbean Linkages {Poster Location 46} Session 312: IC10
Transition From Foster Care Session 185: LC7
The Transition to Adulthood for Juvenile Offenders: A Developmental Perspective Session 487: LC17
Transitioning to Democratic Policing: Slovene Police Perspectives on Crime, Policing, and Community Policing Session 411: IC13
Translating Calls for Service Into Official Incidents: Contextual Determinants of Police Discretion Session 135: PE7
Travel Patterns of Sexual Assault and Robbery in Las Vegas Session 508: MM18
Treatment Completion in Prop 36 Session 224: SA8
Treatment Compliance, Satisfaction, and Outcome in a Sample of Military Alcohol/Drug Offenders {Poster Location 126} Session 322: SA14
Treatment of Juvenile Offenders in Ghana: The Case of the Ghana Borstal Institution Session 32: IC1
Trends and Explanations of Prison Interpersonal Violence, 1974-1995 Session 4: CO1
Trends in American Attitudes on Immigration Before and After 9/11 Session 251: RV14
Trends in Funding Randomized Controlled Trials Session 34: MM4
Trends in Police Research: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the 2002 Literature {Poster Location 83} Session 316: PE18
Trends in Women's Personal Gun Ownership, 1980-2002 Session 69: RV5
Trust in Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Crime, Structure, Demographic and Extra-Neighborhood Influences Impacts Session 40: SI3
"Turning Back the Clock": Dealing With Odometer Fraud in the U.S. Session 538: VO17
The Twelve People Who Saved Rehabilitation: How the Science of Criminology Made a Difference Session 500: SP9

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