The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter S

Paper Title Session ID
Sadism in the American Print Media Session 358: CC18
Safe Kids/Safe Streets Accomplishments Session 261: CP7
Safety and Security of School Facilities: Results From the 2000 Education Longitudinal Survey Session 93: SI8
Safety First: The Comparison of Official Misconduct Data With Inmates' Perceptions Session 27: CO2
Same-Sex Domestic Violence: A Pilot Study Session 71: VT1
Scare Tactics: An Examination of the Use of Scared Straight Programming in Teen Court Session 266: JJ11
The School Context as a Source of Self-Control {Poster Location 35} Session 310: CT12
School District Disorganization and Violence: A Second Step Session 18: SI2
School Performance, Neighborhoods, and Crime: The Influence of Labor Market Context on the Relationship Between School and Delinquency Session 384: CT15
School Resource Officer (SRO) Placement in New York State Session 138: SI10
School Violence and Safety in the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative Session 117: SI9
Schools as Communities: A Hierarchical Linear Model of Communal School Organization, Student Characteristics, and Student Delinquency Session 117: SI9
The Science of Conviction: The Growing Efficiency of Criminal Procedure Session 421: CL19
The Science of Faith and Faith-Based Corrections: Crime, Economics, and Morality Session 243: RR8
Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Tales of and From Indiana's Innocence Project Session 403: CA10
Searching for Justice: Males as Victims of Stalking Session 124: WC8
Secondary analysis of ADAM Data to Examine Effects of Treatment Session 249: SA9
Secondary Victimization Among Homicide Co-Victims: A Comparison of Capital and Non-Capital Cases Session 146: VT5
Security Management and Situational Crime Prevention Session 232: CP6
Security Measures and School Crimes in Texas: Principals' Attitudes Session 138: SI10
The Security Monitoring Project Session 276: RV15
Seeing Eye to Eye?: Participant and Stakeholder Perspectives on Drug Courts {Poster Location 134} Session 322: SA14
"Seeing" Corporate Crime: Ethnography, Theory, and the Blurring of Responsibility Session 300: VO10
Seeking Markets Behind Bars: Capitalism Will Go Anywhere for a Buck Session 336: CC17
Seeking Reconciliation in Community Between Ideals and Violations of Girlhood {Poster Location 160} Session 325: VT11
Self Control and Intimate Aggression in Norway: An Examination of Gottfredson & Hirschi's 'General Theory of Crime' Session 286: CT11
Self Control, Physical Aggression, and Physical Abuse in a Sample of Thai Females Session 286: CT11
Self-Control and School Failure: Examining Individual Effects on Academic Achievement Session 180: CT8
Self-Control and Sex Offenders: A Look at the Generality of Deviance Session 526: CT21
Self-Control Theory and Likelihood of Offending: A Factorial Design Approach Session 180: CT8
Self-Control, Parenting Behavior, Antisocial Parents, and Deviant Peers as Correlates of Delinquent Behavior: Propensity Versus Context Effects Session 211: CT10
Self-Esteem and Juvenile Delinquency: Are They Really Related? {Poster Location 64} Session 313: JJ13
A Self-fulfilling Prophecy: Juveniles Destined for Failure in an Adult Prison Session 485: JJ26
Seminars Versus Large Classes: Reflections on First Year Teaching Experiences Session 272: TC7
Sentencing and Corrections Session 256: SP7
Sentencing Decisions in Three U.S. District Courts: Testing the Assumption of Uniformity in the Federal Sentencing Process Session 348: CL15
Sentencing Decisions of Judges in Milwaukee's Specialized Domestic Violence Courts {Poster Location 119} Session 321: CL14
Separating the Impact of Demand and Supply on Police Success Session 518: VO16
Separation/Divorce Sexual Assault in Rural Ohio: Key Results of an Exploratory Qualitative Study {Poster Location 40} Session 311: CC15
Separation/Divorce Sexual Assault in Rural Ohio: The Contribution of Male Patriarchal Peer Support Session 335: CC16
September 11, 2001: The NYPD and Response to Terrorism Session 367: RV20
Serial Murder Research After 25 Years: A Review and Critique Session 537: RV27
Serious Crimes in a New Urban Pattern of Boomburbs Session 166: SI11
Service Learning and Conflict-Management Session 234: JJ10
Sex Crimes and Other Violent Felonies Against Women and Children by Family Members and Acquaintances: A Therapeutic Jurisprudence Analysis Session 517: VO15
Sex OffenderTreatment: A Systematic Review of Outcome Evaluations Session 293: RR9
Sexual Assault Charge Processing in New Jersey and the Ultimate Failure of Rape Law Reform Session 396: CL18
Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships: An Examination of Family and Community Connectedness as Protective Factors Among a National Sample of Young Adult Males Session 20: RV1
The Sexual Exploitation of Women by Police: An Examination of Police Sexual Misconduct in the Midwest Session 532: PE33
Sexual Harassment: Issues and Examples Session 90: PD4
Sexual Offenders and Recidivism: A Test of Routine Activities Theory Session 373: VT14
Sexual Predators and Places where Children Gather {Poster Location 150} Session 324: VO11
Sexual Sadism, Sexual Masochism, and Offending Behavior Session 373: VT14
Sexual Victimization Among Male Inmates in the United States Session 4: CO1
Sexual Violence in Prison: The State of the Knowledge Base and Implications for Evidence-Based Correctional Policymaking Session 406: CO34
Sexuality in a Woman's Prison: A Form of Resistance? Session 207: CO13
Shades of Blue: Analyzing Public Support for the Police Session 531: PE32
Shame, Restorative Justice, and Crime Session 471: TS7
Sharpening the Focus on Variation in Offender Recidsivism Rates Across States Session 230: CO17
She's Having a Baby...In Prison Session 520: WC26
Shifting the Focus From "Type" of Crime to the Individual Offender: An Exploration of the Nature of the Relationships Between Place Level Characteristics and the Characteristics of the Individuals Who Commit Robbery and Burglary in These Locations Session 344: RC9
Shooting for the Stars: Top Rated Programs and Faculty Session 511: PD23
Shoplifter Awareness Space Session 419: RC11
Should the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court Include Drug Trafficking? Session 506: CC23
Significant Findings From the University of Delaware Drug Court Study {Poster Location 135} Session 322: SA14
Simultaneous Marginal Logit Models for Multiple Response Data Session 111: MM6
Situational Crime Prevention Approach to Reducing Crime Inside Buses in Brazil Session 5: CP1
Situational Prevention and the General Field of Ecology Session 232: CP6
Size Matters--The Impact of Correctional Services on a Statewide Scale: An Evaluation of the California Preventing Parolee Crime Program Session 523: CO42
Sleeping With One Eye Open: The Persistent Threat of Death Inside of a Brazilian Juvenile Prison Session 406: CO34
The Slippery Slope of Subjugation: A Content Analysis of Internet Session 540: WC28
Small City Police Territoriality: A Comparative Case Study {Poster Location 84} Session 316: PE18
Smedley D. Butler and Police Reform in Philadelphia: 1924-1925 Session 63: PE4
Smiling at Grief: Humour in Women's Accounts of 'Doing Time' {Poster Location 11} Session 306: CO24
"Snake-o-rama: The Organization of Human Smuggling, the Chinese as a Case Study {Poster Location 51} Session 312: IC10
So What Are We Afraid Of? The Practitioner View of the Terrorist Threat in the United States Session 276: RV15
Social (Dis)Organization and Racially Motivated Crimes in Chicago Session 144: VO7
Social Construction of Deviance: The Problem of "Deadbeat Dad's" Session 167: SI12
The Social Construction, Causes and Correlates of Identity Theft Victimization Session 355: CP10
The Social Ecology of Deterrence Session 364: RC10
Social Escape and Avoidance (SEA) Theory of Aggression and Violent Crime {Poster Location 97} Session 317: RC8
Social Exxclusion and the Cultural Politics of Transgression Session 386: CC20
Social Functioning After Drug Court Session 170: SA4
Social Learning Theory Session 246: TS3
Social Science Research Agenda: Risk and Threat Assessment at Homeland Security and NIJ Session 204: SP5
Social Structure and social Learning: The Impact of Community Factors on the Learning of Delinquent Behavior {Poster Location 33} Session 310: CT12
Social Support, Gender, and Inmate Adjustment to Prison Life: Insights From a National Sample Session 207: CO13
Social Systemic Approaches to the Causes and Consequences of Using DNA Evidence Within Criminal Justice Session 281: CA7
Social Threat and Social Control of Islamic Populations: A Test of Blalock's Theory Session 251: RV14
Social Trust, Firearm Ownership, and Homicide Session 69: RV5
Social-Cognitive Mediators of the Association Between Risk and Delinquent Behavior in Adolescence Session 388: JJ18
Socioeconomic Determinants of Offense Selection: Conventional and Criminal Embeddedness as Predictors of Offense Type Session 384: CT15
Son of Spam: Crime Convergence in the Information Age Session 231: CP5
The Sounds of Silence: Why Youth Fail to Report Serious Victimization Experiences Session 414: JJ20
Sources of "Terror" in the News: Before and After September 11 Session 251: RV14
Sources of Guns Used by Young People to Commit Suicide Session 143: RV9
Sources of Informal Social Control in Chicago Neighborhoods {Poster Location 109} Session 319: SI19
Space Matters: The Neighborhood Context of Drug Market Activity Session 515: SA23
Spatial 'Location Quotient' Analysis of Police Priority Rankings for Robbery and Break and Enter in Vancouver, British Columbia Session 419: RC11
Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Serial Murder in the United States Session 537: RV27
Spatial Autocorrelation Issues for Small Areas Session 236: MM10
The Spatial Distribution of Crime by Proximity to Traffic Arteries and Land Use Type Session 469: RC13
Spatial Distribution of Drug Arrests in Sacramento {Poster Location 123} Session 322: SA14
Spatial Modeling of Family Trouble Calls for Service in Vancouver, British Columbia Session 419: RC11
Spatial Variation in Crime: The Southern Subculture of Violence Thesis Revisited Session 424: RV24
Special Education Placements and Delinquency From a Developmental Perspective Session 216: LC9
A Spectrum of Indicators Session 237: MM11
Spectrum of Innocence Session 281: CA7
Spiritualism, Gangs and the Transgressive Praxes of the Barrio Underclass Session 386: CC20
A Splinter in Your Mind: Ethics and Efficacy in Police Training Session 342: PE20
Stability and Delinquent Behavior: Following Delinquents Five Years After Release From a Southern Juvenile Correctional System Session 103: CO9
The Stability of Delinquency Predictors Session 457: CT17
Stability of Punishment: A Cross-National Analysis Session 428: CO37
Stalking in the Context of Domestic Violence: A Preliminary Analysis of Police Data Session 376: WC19
State Police: Discretion and Traffic Enforcement Session 113: PE6
Statistics on Violent Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: Facts, Myths, and Implications Session 529: JJ29
The Status of Criminal Justice Education on Gay and Lesbian Issues Session 247: TC6
Statutory Provisions and Legal Precedents in the Area of Bail Bondsmen and Bail Recovery Agents: Assessing a Fringe Element of the Criminal Justice System Session 43: CL2
Stay off the Grass? Turf-claiming and Boundary Maintenance in the Garden of Good and Evil Session 458: CT18
'The 'Step-On Project': Short-Term Prisoner Resettlement -- Emerging Findings Session 496: RR14
Sticks and Stones: Harassment of Adolescents Based on Perceived or Actual Sexual Orientation and Its Effect on Delinquent Behavior Session 71: VT1
Strain Over the Life Course of Regular Heroin Sniffers Session 128: CT5
Strategies for Tenure Session 493: PD20
Strategies Property Offenders Use in Spatial Decision Making Session 270: RC7
The Strategy Behind ADAM: Sampling, Design, and Instrumentation With Multiple Goals Session 134: MM7
Street Youth, Gender, Strain and Crime: Exploring Agnew's Revised Theory Session 58: CT3
Strength-Based Approaches to Juvenile Justice: A Funder's Perspective Session 184: JJ8
Stress and Gender: An Examination of the Probation Officer Stress and Gender Session 282: CO21
Stressful Childhood Events and Female Delinquency in an Ethnically Diverse Cohort Session 339: JJ14
"Strong Black Women": A Black Feminist Theoretical Perspective on Battered Black Women's Perceptions of Themselves and Other Battered Women Session 172: RV10
Structural Predictors of Various Drug Offenses: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory on the Drug Use Patterns of an At-Risk Population Session 515: SA23
The Struggle to Move Beyond Description in Comparative Studies Session 288: DP5
Student Perceptions Regarding the Nonmedical Use of Prescription Drugs Session 423: SA18
Study of Hispanic Outcomes in U.S. Federal Courts Session 118: CL5
A Study of the Impact of Post-Release Supervision on Recidivism Session 230: CO17
Studying the Correlates of Victimization and Reporting of White Collar Crime Session 31: CC2
The Style of Policing in South Africa Session 411: IC13
Subcultural Evolution? A Qualitative Analysis of the Computer Hacker Subculture Session 23: VO2
Subjective Desistance and the Transition to Adulthood Session 89: LC3
Substance Abuse and Treatment Access Among 16,000 Arrested Women: Findings From ADAM 2000-2003 Session 349: SA15
Subversive Subcultures: Searching for a Politics of Nationhood on the Streets of New York Session 386: CC20
The Successful Completion of Probation and Parole Among Female Offenders Session 229: CO16
Successful Life Outcomes of Juvenile Delinquents at Age 48 Session 162: LC6
The Suffolk County, New York, Integrated Domestic Violence Court Session 401: WC21
A Summary Assessment of Uses of Meta-Analysis in Criminal Justice Research Session 13: MM3
Supporting Temperance Tantrums: Parental Status as a Predictor of Support for Temperate Beliefs {Poster Location 77} Session 315: MM12
Supporting the Safe Kids/Safe Streets Demonstration Session 261: CP7
The Supreme International Crime: The War on Iraq, International Law, and State Criminality Session 59: CC3
A Survey on Academic Women's Experiences and Advice on Networking Session 363: PD14
Survey Reporting Error in Private Gun Ownership in the United States Session 69: RV5
Surviving the Dissertation Successfully Session 292: PD12
Suspensions and School Violent Acts in the State of Kansas Session 55: PC4
Swimming Against the Tide: Trying to Practice Restorative Justice in Criminal Justice Reform Movements Session 91: RR3
A Synthesis of Experimental Research on Substance Abuse Treatment for Juvenile Offenders {Poster Location 52} Session 313: JJ13

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