The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
Race and Extreme Police-Citizen Violence: A Cop's Eye View Session 219: PE11
Race and Gender Disparities in Criminal Justice Treatment Session 124: WC8
Race Differences in the Effects of Social Control Theory Session 179: CT7
Race, Ethnicity and the Inmate Subculture in a Cross-Cultural Context: A Comparative Study of Prisoners in New Mexico and New Zealand Session 159: IC5
Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship: Disparities in Inmate Misconduct Session 78: CO5
Race, Ethnicity, Social Threat and the Imposition of a Criminal Label Session 524: PC13
Race, Gender and Motivation for Becoming a Police Officer: Implications for Building a Representative Police Department Session 532: PE33
Race, Gender and University Experience in Students' Perceptions of Racism and Guilt Session 247: TC6
Race, Gender, and Juvenile Justice: Differences in Disposition Outcomes Session 28: PC2
Race, Juries and DGUs Session 524: PC13
Race, Perceptions of Injustice and Contact With Police: A Multi-Method Approach to Understanding and Deconstructing Delinquency {Poster Location 104} Session 319: SI19
Race, Self-Control, and Antisocial Behavior Among Jail Inmates Session 179: CT7
Race/Ethnic Patterns of Violent Crime: Differences and Trends in Violent Crime Arrests Among Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics, 1980-1999 Session 55: PC4
Racial and Gender Discrimination in Federal Court Pre-Trial Processing {Poster Location 120} Session 321: CL14
Racial Disparities in Sentencing for Drug Crimes in Illinois Session 55: PC4
Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center: Using Web Tools to Access Information on Data Collection and Analysis {Poster Location 96} Session 316: PE18
Racial Profiling in the Emerald City Session 431: PC9
Racial Profiling Revisted: The Effect of Master Status and Group Hazard on the Likelihood of Search and Detention in Police Traffic Stops Session 238: PE13
Racial Profiling: A Comparison of Adjusted and Non-Adjusted Census Benchmarks Session 239: PE14
Racial Segregation, Communities and Crime Session 420: SI21
Racial Threat and Lethal Punishment: A History of the Death Penalty in the Bahamas {Poster Location 2} Session 305: CA8
Racial Threat, Concentrated Disadvantage and Black Arrest Rates: Exploring the DIrect and Indirect Linkages in 2000 Session 271: SI16
Racial Threat, Interest Group Mobilization, and Enforcing Hate Crime Law Session 22: VO1
Racial, Ethnic, and Citizenship Disparity in Sentencing Under Federal Sentencing Guidelines: A Comparison of Two Judicial Districts Session 348: CL15
Racial/Ethnic and Immigrant Differences in Crime: Findings From Three Waves of the PHDCN Cohort Study Session 66: SI5
Racial/Ethnic Inequality in Crime: Progress and Prospects Session 445: TS6
Racism, the Media and Police-Community Relations in a Segregated Post-Industrial City Session 155: PC7
"Raising the Stakes for At Risk Youth": The Impact of the Grand Park Alternative Education Judicial Review Program Session 234: JJ10
A Randomized Experiment to Reduce Sales Tax Delinquency Among Pennsylvania Businesses: Are Threats Best? Session 278: VO9
Rape Crisis Advocates: Perceptions of Rape Reform Laws and Methods of Empowering Rape Victims as They Navigate the Legal System Session 400: WC20
Rape During War: It's Historical and Legal Evolution as a Crime Against Humanity Session 506: CC23
Rape Myths in Colorado: AFA, Kobe Bryant, and CU Football Session 400: WC20
Rape Victim Advocates' Experiences Working With Sexual Assault Survivors Session 100: WC7
Rape Victims' Police-Reporting Behavior Session 400: WC20
Re-Entry of Men of Color: HIV and AIDS Related Issues Session 503: PC12
Re-Examining the Relationship Between Unemployment Rates and Crime Rates From 1966 to 2003 in Taiwan Session 344: RC9
Readdressing the Racial Divide in Support for Capital Punishment Session 206: CA6
Reaffirming the Limits of Offender Rehabilitation But With Caution Session 394: RR12
Recasting Police Pursuits as a Public Health Issue Session 63: PE4
Recent Developments in Nonparametric Methods and Their Relevance to Criminology Session 361: MM13
Recent Trend of Homicide in Japan {Poster Location 141} Session 323: RV18
Recidivism Among an Early Cohort of California Proposition 36 Offenders Session 224: SA8
Recidivism and Offense Specialization: A Longitudinal Study of Arrestees Session 89: LC3
Recidivism Following Mandated Residential Substance Abuse Treatment {Poster Location 128} Session 322: SA14
A Reciprocal Theory of Violence Session 172: RV10
Reclaiming the Expressive Subject of Crime Session 410: CC21
Recognizing and Nuturing Research Collaborations: What is Known and What is Not? Session 35: MM5
Reconciling Differences: The Influence of Juvenile Justice Decision Making on Aggregate-Level Offending Trends Session 436: JJ23
Recruiting and Training Female Officers in the Los Angeles Police Department Session 532: PE33
Red Light, Green Light: Rationalizing Traffic Infractions Session 240: RC4
Reducing Firearms Violence in the District of Massachusetts Session 225: RV13
Reducing Firearms Violence in the Eastern District of Massachusetts (Detroit) Session 225: RV13
Reducing Firearms Violence in the Eastern District of Missouri (St. Louis) Session 225: RV13
Reducing Firearms Violence in the Western District of New York (Rochester and Buffalo) Session 225: RV13
Reducing Recidivism for Mentally Ill Offenders: Connections Session 381: CO29
Reengineering the Police Organization: COMPSTAT, Culture, and Change Session 36: PE2
Reentry and Recidivism: Defining the Public Safety Challenge of Prisoner Reentry Session 80: CO7
Reexamining the Relationship Between Segregation and School Violence Session 18: SI2
Reflections on a Cross-National Criminological Career Session 460: IC17
Reflections on Restorative Justice and Murder Session 91: RR3
Regional Problem Solving Using NIBRS: An Analysis of the Distribution of Heroin in Springfield, Massachusetts Session 105: CJ6
Regulating Remand -- Consistency in Decision Making Session 421: CL19
The Regulation of Feminity Through Crime Prevention Literature Session 303: WC14
The Rehabilitation and Punishment Views of Staff at a Private Prison and the Impact of Their Views on the Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment Session 480: CO41
Rehabilitation and Recidivism: A Meta-Analysis of Programs for Adult Offenders Session 463: MM15
Reintegration of Minority Offenders: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Session 503: PC12
Relapse and Recidivism Outcomes for Delaware Drug Court Session 170: SA4
The Relationship Between Age, Criminal Career Length, and Offense Type Patterns Session 109: JJ5
The Relationship Between Early Onset of Juvenile Violence and Weapons Involvement Session 89: LC3
The Relationship Between Offense Type and Attorney Presence in Juvenile Court Disposition Decisions Session 514: CL22
The Relationship Between Organizational and Staff Dynamics and Revocation Rates Session 260: CO20
Relationship Between Physical and Social Disorder on Patterns of Crime: Testing the "Broken Windows" Perspective Session 17: SI1
The Relationship Between Romantic Partnerships, Employment, and Adult Criminal Offending Session 10: LC1
Relationship Between Sibling and Caregiver Criminality and Violent Offenders Session 333: CT13
The Relationship of Stress, Impulsivity, and Beliefs to Substance Abuse Among Incarcerated Women Session 207: CO13
The Relationships Between the Locations of Crime Scenes and the Fear of Crime {Poster Location 23} Session 307: CP9
Relative Crime Indicators: An Empirical Analysis Session 237: MM11
Relative Distribution Methods in Criminological Research Session 361: MM13
The Reliability and Validity of the Level of Service Inventory-Revised on a Community Correction Sample: Implications for Corrections and Parole Policy Session 209: CO15
Religion Preventing Crime? A History of Social Science Research From 1901-2003 Session 87: IC2
Religion's Contextual Influence on Adolescents' Delinquent Behaviors {Poster Location 102} Session 319: SI19
Religion, Views of Human Nature, and Punitiveness Session 190: SI13
Religiosity and Public Opinion on Prostitution: A Cross-National Analysis Session 87: IC2
Religious Programming and Spiritual Practice in a State Prison System Session 79: CO6
Repairing Damaged Democracy? Toward an Improved Model of Public Consultation in Penal Policymaking Session 456: CJ15
Repeat Adult Sexual Victimization: Random Occurrences or Predictable Vulnerability Session 371: VT12
Repeat Domestic Violence in the City of Newark, NJ: Prevalence and Policy Opportunities Session 376: WC19
Repeat Victimization: Risk Heterogeneity or State Dependency? Session 425: VT15
The Repetitive Nature of Police Motor Vehicle Stops III: Places Session 431: PC9
A Report of the State of Crime Prevention in the Memorial Villages: Expectations, Statistical Findings, and Recommendations for the Future {Poster Location 24} Session 307: CP9
Reporting of Sexual Assault by Male Victims Session 123: VT3
Reporting Research Findings and Generating Rational Criminal Justice Policies: Making Ourselves Understandable to the People Who Count Session 361: MM13
Representing Corporate Violence: The Media, the Politics of Truth and the Denial of Crime Session 85: CC4
A Research Practitioner's Insights on Networks Session 363: PD14
Resistance Strategies: A Grounded Theory Approach to Domestic Violence Session 252: WC13
Resistance, Transition and Exclusion: Ex-Prisoners and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland Session 382: CO30
Resisting Crime The Effects of Victim Action on the Outcomes of Crime Session 145: VT4
Responsivity as the Community Reentry Challenge: Broadening the Responsivity Principle Using Applied Consensus Building Methodology Session 331: CO27
Restorative and Perceived Fairness: A Gateway Variable Session 137: RR5
Restorative Justice and Criminology: Must the Accused Always Apologize and Be Remorseful? Session 86: CC5
Restorative Justice and Gross Human Rights Violations Session 189: RR7
Restorative Justice and Prison Re-Entry: Learning From Offender's Narratives Session 331: CO27
Restorative Justice Before There Was Restorative Justice: Forgiveness and the Japanese American Internment Experience Session 91: RR3
Restorative Justice Programs in Lean Times: A Critical Analysis of Policy Decisionmaking Session 385: CC19
Restrictive Intermediate Punishments Under Pennsylvania's Sentencing Guidelines: An Impact Assessment {Poster Location 137} Session 322: SA14
Restructuring Prisons and Probation in Britain: Managing "the New Punitiveness" Session 104: CO10
Results From a National Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts in England and Wales {Poster Location 117} Session 321: CL14
Results From a Study of Drug Dealers in Philadelphia {Poster Location 122} Session 322: SA14
Results From the Assessment of Community Correctional Programs for Juvenile Offenders Session 208: CO14
Results of the Investigation of Violent Near Misses Session 154: CP4
Resuscitating the Interdisciplinary Promise of Criminology Session 110: LC4
Rethinking Gender Symmetry in Partner Violence: New Data, New Methods, New Theory? Session 302: VT10
Rethinking Retrospective Designs: Lessons From the WEV Project Session 49: WC3
Retirement: Problems and Prospects Session 222: PD9
Returning Home: Prisoner Expectations and Perceptions of Family Support and Their Affect on Successful Reentry in Chicago Session 102: CO8
Returning Home: Recidivism and Substance Use in the First Six Months Out Session 102: CO8
Review of Evidence on Girl Violence Increase, Decrease, or Social Construction? Session 529: JJ29
A Review of Psychopathic, Psychiatric and Paraphilic Features in a Group of 73 Sexual Offenders Session 399: VO13
The Review of Public Policy and the Penal System in Nigeria Session 127: CJ7
Review of the School Violence Literature Session 154: CP4
Revisiting Respondent "Fatigue Bias" in the National Crime Victimization Survey Session 530: MM19
Revisiting the Death Penalty for Juveniles Session 50: CA3
Rhetoric and the War on Terrorism in the Aftermath of 9-11 Session 156: CJ8
The Rise and Decline in Crime: Assessing the Changing Nature of Crime From 1950 to 2000 Session 459: IC16
The Rise and Fall of Gang Units Session 122: RV8
Risk Factors for Recidivism Among a High-Risk Delinquent Population {Poster Location 65} Session 313: JJ13
Risk Factors of Delinquency Among Girls Session 360: JJ16
Risk Factors Predictive of Antisocial Behavior: A Synthesis of Evidence From Longitudinal Studies Session 463: MM15
The Risk Factors Related to High School Drug Use Session 497: SA22
Risk of Death or Serious Injury for Abused African American Women Session 73: WC5
Risk of Death While in Juvenile Justice Confinement Session 88: JJ4
The Risky Behaviors of 7th-12th Grade Victims and Fighters {Poster Location 155} Session 325: VT11
Road Laws, Victimization, and Memorials Session 476: VT16
Robberies With Guns: Individuals and Neighborhood Factors Related to the Use of Guns in Robberies Session 143: RV9
Role of "Humor Interactions" in a Correctional Facility: A Participant Observation Session 405: CO33
The Role of Black Male Violence in the Incarceration of Black Women Session 82: PC6
The Role of Child Abuse as a Precursor to Delinquent Behaviour Session 526: CT21
The Role of Family Support and Neighborhood Network in Reducing Violence in an Urban Community Session 295: SI18
The Role of Gender in the Low-Skill Service Sector-Violent Crime Relationship Session 294: SI17
The Role of Mental Illness and Family Social Factors in Explaining Violence and Homicide Across the Lifecourse {Poster Location 70} Session 314: LC11
The Role of Race, Gender, and Social Class in Deciding Who Dies Session 522: CA11
The Role of Rejection in the Formation of Serial Murderers Session 516: RV26
The Role of Research in Practice Session 332: CJ12
The Role of Sexual Fantasies and Situational Factors on Rapists' Modus Operandi: Implications for Offender Profiling Session 373: VT14
The Role of the Mass Media in Recent Corporate Scandals: Cause or Cure? Session 370: VO12
The Role of the United States Military in Forced Prostitution and Sex-Trafficking World Wide {Poster Location 166} Session 326: WC16
Rollovers, Recalls, and Rhetoric: Corporate Framing of the Ford/Firestone Controversy Session 85: CC4
Romantic Attachment, Partner Violence and Stalking Behavior Following a Break-Up in a College Sample Session 226: WC12
Routine Activities Theory -- the Recently Critiqued Version's Application to Today's Society Session 115: RC2
Routine Activity Theory in RA/CA Crime Simulation Session 38: RC1
Routine Precautions Used by Cardiff Taxi Drivers: A Situational Crime Prevention Approach Session 5: CP1
Rules of Engagement: The Normative Structure of Robbery Episodes Session 498: VT17
Rum and Gold: Piracy as Organized Crime in Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean Session 214: IC8
Running Out of Oxygen: Is "Television for Women" Suffocating the Women's Movement? Session 304: WC15
Rural Crime, Poverty, and Community Session 166: SI11

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