The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
Obervations on Criminology and Victimology Theory in the Developing World Session 146: VT5
Observations of Court and Restorative Justice in Violence and Property Experiments Session 181: CT9
Observer Behavior as a Potential Source of Reactivity: Describing and Quantifying Observer Effects in a Large-Scale Observational Study of Police Session 239: PE14
Obstacles to Effective Community-Police Relations in High Hispanic Growth Rate Communities Session 531: PE32
Of Fragmentation and Ferment: The Impact of Sentencing Policies on State-Level Incarceration Rates and Admissions to Prison, 1970-2002 Session 193: CL9
Offender Age and the Spatial Distribution of Delinquency and Crime: An Exploratory Look at Crime Places Session 344: RC9
Offender Recidivism and Neighborhood Environments Session 230: CO17
Officers' Determinations of Citizen Disrespect: An Exploratory Study Session 112: PE5
Older, Wiser, and Safer? An Exploration of Criminal Victimization Among Older Adults Session 302: VT10
On the Displacement of Criminal Due Process of Law by Bureaucratic Decision-Making Session 421: CL19
On the Inside, From Elected Office Session 525: CJ17
On the Relationship of Past to Subsequent Criminal Activity: Evidence From the Serious Youthful Offender Population Session 133: LC5
On the Way to Settled Law: An Examination of Law Making and Law Finding in Federal Appellate Decisions Session 118: CL5
One or More Low Self-Control Trajectory Session 437: LC15
One-Gun-A-Month Laws and the Supply of Guns to Criminals Session 121: RV7
Opportunities and Barriers to the Practice of Problem Solving in Conventional Courts Session 170: SA4
Opportunity Structures and White-Collar Crime: Is There a Better Approach to Controlling White-Collar Crime? Session 475: VO14
Organizational Factors Affecting Levels of Violence Against Police Session 441: PE25
Organizations as Preventers, Detectors, and Facilitators of Identity Theft: Empirical Evidence From Australia's Private Sector Session 183: IC7
Organizations in Action: Toward a Better Understanding of Prisons Session 405: CO33
Organized Crime in Israel Session 214: IC8
Outcome Evaluation of Drug Courts and Traditional, Probation-Based Supervision Session 275: SA11
Outcome Study of Custody Classification and Need Assessment Systems for Incarcerated Women Offenders Session 444: RR13
The Outlook for Criminal Justice Policy in Washington After January 20, 2005 Session 228: SP6
Overcoming Challenges to Research Implementation Session 134: MM7
Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Criminal Justice Information Integration After the 9-11 Crisis Session 220: PE12
Overcoming Operational Obstacles in a Mental Health Court: Structural vs. Individual Factors of Success Session 68: CL3
Overcoming RCT Obstacles: Lessons From the Field Session 34: MM4
Overlap Between Child Maltreatment in Family and Foster Care and Later Perpetration of Violence and Criminal Offending in Oregon State Session 103: CO9
An Overview of 300 Randomized Field Trials in Crime Reduction Session 293: RR9
Overview of Research on After School Programs Session 430: CP12
Overview of the Benefits of Using Strength-Based Approaches With Juvenile Offenders Session 184: JJ8
Owning Up to the Problem: Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Crime Prevention Session 285: CP8

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