The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
National Infrastructure Protection and Computer Intrusion Program (NIPC) Session 231: CP5
The National Offender Management Service in the UK: Issues of 'Contestability' and Culture Session 104: CO10
National Portrait of Adult Drug Courts: Findings From the 2004 Drug Court Survey Session 275: SA11
The Nature and Extent of Serious Mental Illnesses Among Probationers: Prevalence Estimates and Suggested Case Management Strategies Session 258: CO18
Nature of Intimate Partner Violence Against Native American Women: Understanding Control, Conflict, and Socioeconomic Contexts Session 335: CC16
The Nature, Dimensions and Implications of the Fugitive Caseload {Poster Location 118} Session 321: CL14
Navajo Traditional Law Session 42: TC1
Need and Patterns of Service Provision in a Sample of Serious Adolescent Offenders Session 340: LC12
Negative Life Events and Delinquency: An Examination of Mediating and Conditioning Effects in General Strain Theory in the People's Republic of China Session 106: CT4
The Negligent State: Privatization and State Criminality Session 336: CC17
The Negotiated Balance of Care and Control in the Juvenile Court Session 33: JJ2
Negotiating Your Juggling Act Session 136: PD6
Negotiating: From a Bird's Eye View Session 136: PD6
Neighborhood Context and the Transition to Adolescence: Gendered Effects on Aggression and Delinquency? Session 147: WC9
Neighborhood Context, Gang Presence, and Gang Involvement Session 66: SI5
Neighborhood Economic Trends as a Predictor of Individual Violence and Delinquency Risk Session 162: LC6
Neighborhood Effects and Informal Social Control Session 295: SI18
Neighborhood Level Covariates of Domestic Violence Session 17: SI1
Neighborhood Level Disparities in Court Dispositions Before and After the Implementation of Sentencing Guidelines in Ohio Session 193: CL9
Neighborhood Organization, Social Capital, and Collective Efficacy in Seattle Neighborhoods Session 470: SI22
Neighborhood Structure and Ethnic-Speific Homicide Motives Session 21: RV2
Neighborhood-Based Supervision and Services: A Better Correctional Strategy Session 52: CO4
A "Nested Clock" Model of Precursors to Criminal Justice Encounters Among Persons With Severe Mental Illness Session 389: LC13
Networking: Your Work and Network Session 363: PD14
Networks: Directions From the Research Literature Session 363: PD14
Neurocognitive Correlates of Teacher Reported Behavior Problems in Adolescents {Poster Location 72} Session 314: LC11
Neuropsychological Deficit or Law Parental Efficacy? A Life-Course Analysis of the Criminogenic Effects of Maternal Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy Session 186: LC8
Neutralization Process: Development and Adjustment of Moral Accounts Session 97: VO6
A New Analysis of Victimization Claims: Crime and Non-Crime Session 476: VT16
New Directions for Justice Research: The Role of Teen Courts in the Juvenile Justice System Session 60: JJ3
New Directions in Left Realism Session 107: DP2
New Directions in Rational Choice Research on Danger and Risk Session 534: RC15
New Faculty Workshop (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 64: PD3
New Labour's UK Reform of Youth Justice: A Final Warning Session 507: JJ28
New York's Death Penalty at the End of the 19th Century: 1863-1900 Session 26: CA2
New York's Death Penalty: 1936-1962 Session 26: CA2
The News Media and Guns: How Strong a Bias? Session 277: RV16
Newspaper Coverage of the Police: Past and Present Session 83: CJ4
No Pilikia: Gender, Juvenile Delinquency, and Justice in Hawaii Session 360: JJ16
Nobody Told Me Criminal Justice Had Anything to do With Research!: An Analysis of Research Methods Content in Introductory Criminal Justice Textbooks Session 139: TC2
The Non-Profit Paradox Session 480: CO41
The Northern Arizona Justice Project Session 403: CA10
Not Just 'Rogue Males': Gender Identity in General Strain Theory Session 58: CT3
Not My Problem: A Culture of Irresponsibility Session 300: VO10
Not Sugar and Spice: Constructing and Controlling Violent Girls Session 529: JJ29

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