The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter L

Paper Title Session ID
Labeling Victims: A Theoretical Approach to Sexual/Physical Abuse and Resulting Female Criminality Session 92: SI7
Language, Behavior, and Culture in Israeli Prisons Session 434: IC15
Latent Effects of Police Reform Session 267: PE15
The Law and Economics Movement: A Critical View Session 129: CC6
Law and Order: Gender Entanglements and Violence Session 304: WC15
The Law Enforcement Response to Elderly Victims of Domestic Violence: Identifying Unique Issues and Challenges in Elderly Incident Intervention Session 477: WC24
Law Enforcement Response to Terrorist Incidents: Case Studies of New York City and Arlington, Virginia Session 197: RV12
Law Enforcement's Response to the New Threats to National Security Session 220: PE12
Law Enforcement, Correctional Policies, and Violent Crime Rates: Linking Multiple Jurisdictions Session 518: VO16
Leadership Through Comprehensive Community Collaboratives Session 261: CP7
Leading Police Organizations in a Changing Environment: Views From the Top Session 341: PE19
Legal and Media Enmeshments: Criticizing "Objectivity" in High Profile Crime Cases Session 24: WC1
Legal Concerns Session 493: PD20
Legal Considerations and Tactics Session 136: PD6
Legal Issues Involving Show-Ups, Line-Ups, and Photographic Identification Session 43: CL2
Legal Obstacles in Assisting Victims of Trafficking in Women and Children: A Southeast Asian Perspective Session 338: IC12
Legal Reform in Taiwan: A Study of Police's Perception on Adversarial Procedure {Poster Location 48} Session 312: IC10
Legislative Waiver Reconsidered: An Examination of General Deterrence Session 485: JJ26
Legitimate Organizations as Lock Between Legal and Illegal Around Transnational Crime {Poster Location 153} Session 324: VO11
Lessons From Adolescent Portable Therapy (APT): Bringing a Strengths-Based Treatment Program to Life Session 184: JJ8
Letting the Guilty Go Free: Whites' and Blacks' Willingness to Participate in Jury Nullification Session 273: CL12
Levels of Nonlethal Force Reported by Philadelphia Police Officers Session 442: PE26
Life After Death: Life Histories of Innocents Released From Death Row Session 3: CA1
"Life on the Box": Bilateral Electronic Monitoring and the Refashioning of Everyday Life Session 429: CO38
Liminal Roles and Interstitial Membership: Issues in Researching Methamphetamine Impact Through Collaborative Settings Session 235: MM9
Limits of Igbo Law Session 131: IC4
Link Between Abuse and Female Delinquency: An Investigation Into the Applicability of Agnew's General Strain Theory as a Theory of Female Delinquency Session 415: JJ21
Literature Review Sections in Journal Articles: Critical Tools of Science or Incomplete and Misleading Name Dropping? Session 483: CT19
Litigation as a Response to Clergy Sexual Abuse: Issues of Voice and Justice Session 198: VT7
Little Things I Learned Over the Years About Applying for -- and Managing -- a Grant From NIJ Session 368: RV21
"Living While Black": A State Level Analysis of the Influence of Select Stressors on the Quality of Life Among Black Americans Session 55: PC4
Living With Parole, Living With the HIV/AIDS Virus Session 82: PC6
Local Adaptations to Policy Reform: Police and Court Responses to Domestic Violence Initiatives Session 401: WC21
Local Institutions and Crime Session 420: SI21
Local Life: Long Term Imprisonment in a Local Prison Session 405: CO33
The Localized Impact of Felony Disenfranchisement Session 404: CO32
"Locking 'em up": The Reality of Youth Who Do Time Session 414: JJ20
Longer Term Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect on Alcohol Use and Problems: Mid-Adulthood Findings {Poster Location 132} Session 322: SA14
A Longitudinal Investigation of Suicide and Intimate Partner Violence in Women Session 499: WC25
The Los Angeles Community Law Enforcement and Recovery Anti-Gang Model: Trends and Findings Session 350: RV19
The Lost, but Not Forgotten Role of Symbolic Interactionism Within Criminology Session 432: CT16
Low Self-Control or High Self-Control? Theoretical Paradoxes of White Collar Crime Session 475: VO14
Low Self-Control: The Gender Gap Revisited Session 179: CT7

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