The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter J

Paper Title Session ID
Jail Diversion Programs for Mentally Ill Offenders: A Tale of Two States {Poster Location 8} Session 306: CO24
Jail-Based Substance Abuse Treatment: Start-Up, Implementation, and Outcomes Session 329: CO25
Jailhouse Religion: How Prisoners Seek, Find and Fail in Their Pursuit of Religious Redemption Session 79: CO6
Jane Addams on Peace, Crime, and Religion Session 129: CC6
Japan is not an Exception to a Rule of Moral Panic. No Longer Re-Integrative Society, but Frightened by Phantoms of Increasing Violent Criminals Session 357: CJ14
Joan McCord: A Life Course in Experimental and Theoretical Criminology Session 418: PD17
Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Among State Troopers in the Tennessee Highway Patrol Session 112: PE5
Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of State Troopers in the Tennessee Highway Patrol Session 282: CO21
Judge Among the People? Session 274: CL13
Judges on Trial: The Impact of Judge Characteristics Across Modes of Conviction Session 169: CL8
Judgment and Decision Making Research and Criminology: Investigating Risk Perceptions Relating to Criminal Behavior Session 534: RC15
Judicial Activism and Progressive Legislation: Does Increasing the Rights of Gays and Lesbians Influence Hate Crimes? {Poster Location 157} Session 325: VT11
Judicial Interpretation of the Rape Shield Laws Session 396: CL18
Juggling Resarch, Teaching, and Service: The 40/40/20 Split in the Real World Session 269: PD11
Just Short of Death Part II Session 398: RV23
Justice as an Integrative Concept for Criminological Theory Session 432: CT16
Justice as Culture Session 158: CC7
Justice in Context: An Analysis of Traditional System of Justice and Social Control in Ekpeye Kingdom of Rivers State, Nigeria Session 131: IC4
Juvenile Boot Camps as a Crime Prevention Method: Theory, Research, and Policy Session 394: RR12
Juvenile Delinquency and Family Environment: A Control Theory Perspective Session 157: CT6
Juvenile Delinquency and Later Depression: The Relevance of Adolescent Peer Networks, Life Circumstances in Adulthood, and Adult Offending {Poster Location 66} Session 313: JJ13
Juvenile Delinquency in Taiwan: Sign of the Times? Session 436: JJ23
Juvenile Detainees: Who Needs Mental Health Services? Who Receives Them? Session 258: CO18
Juvenile Diversion and the Get-Tough Movement in Japan Session 435: JJ22
Juvenile Felons and Waivers, 1990-1999: Bursting the 'Get Tough' Bubble Session 485: JJ26
Juvenile Gambling Typologies as Predictors of Delinquency and Drug Use Across Gender Session 360: JJ16
Juvenile Justice: Structure and Practice in a Southeast Asian Country Session 435: JJ22
Juvenile Murderers in the Netherlands Session 44: RV3
Juvenile Probation Officers' Dispositional Recommendations and Recidivism: A Comparison of Predictive Factors in New York City Session 359: JJ15
Juvenile Sex Offender Recidivism {Poster Location 61} Session 313: JJ13
Juvenile Sexual Assault Victims and Their Decision Not to Cooperate With the Prosecution: A Look at San Diego Session 123: VT3
Juvenile Turning Points: Risk Factors of Young Offenders Ages 7-11 Session 436: JJ23

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