The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gambling, Drugs and Gay Marriage: Varied Routes to Decriminalization Session 504: CJ16
Gang Behavior and the Movies: Do Hollywood Gang Films Influence Violent Gang Behavior Session 70: RV6
Gang Violence in Britain Session 70: RV6
Gangs and Guns -- A Perspective From Britain Session 70: RV6
Gangs, Race, and Collective Efficacy Session 470: SI22
Gangstas, Thugs, and Hustlas: Understanding Identity, Culture and Violence in Rap Music Session 21: RV2
Gender and Arrests: Testing the Effects of Gender on Police Officers' Discretion During Traffic Stops Session 431: PC9
Gender and Ethnic Difference in Parent and Child Drug Abuse Among Juvenile Justice Populations in El Paso, Texas {Poster Location 133} Session 322: SA14
Gender and Policing: Do Women Accept Legal Restrictions More Than Their Male Counterparts? Session 532: PE33
Gender and Racial/Ethnic Differences in Risk and Protective Measures for Drug Use: Implications From a Multi-State Analysis Session 416: LC14
Gender and the Joint: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of the Predictors of Serious Inmate Misconduct Between Male and Female Correctional Facilities Session 207: CO13
Gender Differences Among Secondary Students in the Abuse of Prescription Pain Medications Session 449: SA20
Gender Differences in IV Drug Use and Other HIV Risk Behaviors Prior to Incarceration Session 298: SA13
Gender Differences in Probability of Juvenile Arrest Session 360: JJ16
Gender Differences in Support for Legal Restrictions on Pornography Session 540: WC28
Gender Differences in the Association Between Risk and Protective Factors and Self-Reported Serious Delinquency Session 426: WC22
Gender Effects in the Alaska Juvenile Justice System Session 514: CL22
Gender Effects on Juvenile Justice System Processing Session 72: WC4
Gender Equality and Forms of Lethal Violence Session 45: RV4
The Gender Gap in Offending: What Can Victimization Data Tell Us? Session 426: WC22
A Gender Specific Risk Assessment for Juvenile Offenders Session 88: JJ4
Gender, Knowledge, and Careers: In-depth Interviews With Criminologists Session 483: CT19
Gender, Race, and Class: Teaching About Meaningful Differences Session 494: PD21
Gender, Race, and the System: Teaching Criminal Justice Session 494: PD21
Gender, Strain, and Family Context Session 58: CT3
Gendered Pathways to Crime: Explanations of Female Offending in a Community Corrections Sample Session 25: WC2
Gendered Status and Hierarchy in Methamphetamine Using Groups Session 196: SA7
General Strain Theory Session 94: TS1
General Strain Theory and Within-Individual Change in Offending {Poster Location 38} Session 310: CT12
The Generality of Self-Control in Predicting Criminal Behavior Session 286: CT11
The Generalizability of Social Disorganization Theory Across Place and Crime Type Session 295: SI18
Geographic Analysis of Crime Displacement and the Diffusion of Benefits Resulting From CCTV Cameras in Drug Market Areas of New Jersey Session 53: CP2
The Geography of Crime in Israel: Spatia; Patterns of Crime in Israel Session 419: RC11
The Geography of Homicide in Sao Paulo, Brazil {Poster Location 144} Session 323: RV18
Get In, Get Done, and Get Out: Tailoring Evaluation Research for Public Agencies Session 485: JJ26
Getting the Usual Treatment: Censorship and the Marginalization of Convict Criminology Session 86: CC5
Getting Wasted: Foreground Factors in University Students' Stories About Alcohol Intoxication Session 67: SI6
Girl Scouts Beyond Bars: A Collaboration Across Professions, Values and Experience Session 35: MM5
Girls Gone Wild and the Myth of the Evil Stepmother: Female Parricide Offenders and the Asymmetrical Distribution of Risk of Homicide for Parents and Stepparents Session 302: VT10
Girls Study Group: An Update on the Recent OJJDP Award to Study Delinquency in Adolescent Females Session 379: SP8
Girls' Aggression: A Dispositional Comparison of a Ten-Year Cohort of First-Time Female Juvenile Offenders in Florida Session 103: CO9
Global Organized Terror: Emerging Issues and Grey Area Activities Session 214: IC8
The Globalization of For-Profit Imprisonment: Bentham, Neo-colonialism, and Human Rights Session 336: CC17
Globalization, Empire, and Crime: Unraveling the Motives for America's Illegal Invasion of Iraq Session 59: CC3
Globalization, International Terrorism and Criminology Session 288: DP5
The "Greying" of America's Prisons: Elderly Inmates and Their Impact on Corrections Session 125: CO11
Growing Old Behind Bars: One Woman's Experience Session 125: CO11
Growing Trends of Violence Among College Women Session 226: WC12
Guideline Revisions and Courtroom Actor Decision-Making: Assessing the Influence of Legislative Changes in Pennsylvania, 1991-2000 Session 193: CL9
Gun Availability and Violent Crime: A Replication Study Using NIBRS Data Session 372: VT13
Gun Checks and Violent Crime Session 502: CP14
Gun Policy in the News: Coverage of Guns and Gun Control by CBS News and The New York Times Session 57: CJ3
Gun-Related Crime in North Dakota -- Results From PSN Research (Part 2) Session 56: CJ2

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