The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
Facial Recognition Errors: Implications for Eyewitness Testimony Session 524: PC13
Factors Affecting Repeated Incidents of Intimate Partner Violence Session 371: VT12
Factors Affecting the Effectiveness of Management Training Programs for Police Services Session 37: PE3
Factors Associated With Adults and Adolescents Drug Abuse Session 171: SA5
Factors Associated With Delinquency and Substance Abuse in American Indian Youth {Poster Location 62} Session 313: JJ13
Factors Associated With Lethal Victimization Rates for Female and Male Partners Session 474: RV25
Factors That Influence College Students' Labeling and Reporting of Crime Session 123: VT3
Failure and Success in Ex-Con Re-integration: In/Formal Identity/Labeling Issues Session 92: SI7
Failure or Standard Operating Procedures? The Police Arrest Decision in Domestic Violence Cases Session 441: PE25
A Fair Hearing: Ethnic Minorities in the Criminal Courts in England and Wales Session 81: PC5
Fairness in the Courts: An Examination of Drug Court Defendants' Perceptions of Fair Treatment From Judges {Poster Location 113} Session 321: CL14
Faith-Based Correctional Programs Through the Eyes of the Inmates: A Study of Greensville Correctional Center Session 243: RR8
Faith-Based Corrections From the Perspective of the Faith Community Session 243: RR8
Faith-Based Organizations and Community Crime Control Initiatives Session 190: SI13
Family Case Management in Community Supervision as Inter-Organizational Brokering Session 52: CO4
Family Functioning as a Predictor of Delinquency Within Racial Groups {Poster Location 101} Session 319: SI19
Family Relations and Intervention Amenability: Paving a Path to Delinquency Desistance Session 161: JJ7
Family Violence Sentencing in Canada Session 72: WC4
The Family-> Low Self-Control-> Deviance: The General Theory of Crime Across Contexts {Poster Location 34} Session 310: CT12
Family-Based Social Capital and Serious Youth Violence Session 486: JJ27
Farmed Out: A Case Study of Differential Oppression Theory and Female Child Farm Labor in the Early 20th Century Session 385: CC19
Fatherhood and Crime: Examining Life-Course Transitions Among Young Men in Harlem Session 185: LC7
Fear of Computer Crime Among Internet Users Session 48: VO5
Fear of Crime Along Streets Integrated Physical Feature Effects Session 245: SI15
Fear of Crime Among Juvenile Probationers {Poster Location 55} Session 313: JJ13
Fear of Crime and Attitudes Toward Rehabilitation and Death Penalty Opinion Session 206: CA6
Fear of Crime and Perceived Risk in Tokyo Session 301: VT9
Fear of Crime and Punitive Attitudes Toward Juveniles Session 301: VT9
Fear This: Differential Perceptions of Fear of Crime in the Pacific Northwest Session 245: SI15
The Federal Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative Session 153: CO12
Female Drug Use and Crime Rates in the United States {Poster Location 167} Session 326: WC16
Female Empowerment, Paramilitary Culture, and Political Crime: Covariates of Abortion Clinic Attacks in the United States Session 172: RV10
Female Ex-Offenders and Their Social Networks: Relationships as a Source of Support or Hindrance Session 382: CO30
Female Role Models in Criminal Justice Session 188: PD7
Female Terrorists in the United States: Are They Just a Function of Support or the Terrorist Themselves? Session 92: SI7
Female Victims of Crime: Media Images and Victim Blaming Session 199: WC11
Femicide in Large U.S. Cities: The Effect of Gender, Race and Class Session 73: WC5
Femicide in Victoria, Australia: An Overview of Major Findings Session 73: WC5
Femicide of Chicago Children From Birth to Age Fourteen Session 73: WC5
Feminism and Criminology Revisited Session 264: DP4
Feminist Criminology in Theory and Action Session 2: SP1
Feminist Theories Session 395: TS5
File Sharing Among University Students: Rationalizing Technological Crime Session 270: RC7
Finding a Needle in a Haystack: Attempting to Predict Commercial Structure Crime Victimization Using Opportunity Structure Predictive Modeling Session 285: CP8
Finding and Defining Evil: The Social Construction of Crime as Evil? Session 8: CC1
Finding the White Rabbit: An Exploratory Analysis of Where High School Students Get Their Illicit Prescription Drugs Session 449: SA20
Findings From the South Carolina Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program Session 250: SA10
First Responder: The Impact of a Community Based Domestic Violence Intervention {Poster Location 88} Session 316: PE18
First Steps Toward a Comparative Analysis of Violent Deaths {Poster Location 45} Session 312: IC10
A First Try: The Innocence Commission for Virginia Session 3: CA1
Five Years After: The Process of Long-Term Recovery From Heroin Use Session 47: VO4
A Fool's Errand: The Search for Cause in the Study of Criminality Session 495: RC14
For the Taking: Wildlife Crime in Southern Africa {Poster Location 49} Session 312: IC10
Forensics and the Media: The Affects of Forensics on Television on the American Juror Session 57: CJ3
Forget Me Not: Older Offenders in the Criminal Justice System Session 125: CO11
Forming Suspicion and Making the Stop: A Study of Police Officer Decision-Making Session 113: PE6
Forms of Crime Interdependence Session 38: RC1
Four Usual Suspects: Mental Illness, Drug Addiction, Poverty, and Antisocial Behavior. Which One is Guility of the Crime? Session 258: CO18
A Framework for Understanding and Assessing Partnership Capacity Within Community Justice Partnerships Session 65: RR2
Framing Hate Crime: Competing Definitions in Official Databases and Mass Media Accounts Session 46: VO3
Framing Marketocracy's Dynamics: Moral Inversion, Double Dehumanization, and the Pecking Order Session 287: CC14
Fraud and Price-Fixing in Construction Industry Session 538: VO17
Freedom Fighters, Kamikazes, Martyrs, and Evildoers: Suicide Terrorism in Perspective Session 299: RV17
Frequent Flyers, Gang-Bangers, and Old-Timers: Understanding the Population Characteristics of Jail Populations Session 329: CO25
From Air Force 'Brat' to Comparativist Session 460: IC17
From Legal Doctrine to Criminology Session 460: IC17
From Lock-up to School: Placing Seriously Delinquent Youth Back Into School Session 117: SI9
From Suites to Streets: Context in Criminal Decision-Making Session 97: VO6
From the Outside In: An Academic Feminist Meets the London Metropolitan Police Session 363: PD14
The Functions of a Democratic Model of Policing in Post Conflict Society Session 412: IC14
The Future of Agent Based Simulation in Environmental Criminology Session 242: RC6
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 77: CA4

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