The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
The Early Court Assessment and Intervention Project {Poster Location 63} Session 313: JJ13
The Ecological Context of Police Officer Perceptions of Public Alcohol Use as a Core Elemtn of Police Work Session 342: PE20
Ecological Predictors of Motor Vehicle Theft Session 47: VO4
Economic Fluctuations and Crime: The Effect of Change in Oil Activity on Coastal Communities in Louisiana Session 271: SI16
Ecstasy Use by Adults in Diversion: Self-Reports vs. Hair Analysis Session 142: SA3
Educational Opportunity and Academic Attainment as a Transitionin the Delinquent Life Course Session 216: LC9
The Effect of Crime Analysis Use on Actual Number of Crimes and Clearances Session 417: PE24
The Effect of Early Lead Exposure on Adult Criminal Behavior: Evidence From a 20 Year Longitudinal Study Session 110: LC4
The Effect of Initiation of War on War-Related Violent Attitudes and Self-Reported Violent Behavior Session 476: VT16
Effect of Neighborhood Problems on Youth's Delinquent Behaviors: Differential Association Perspective Session 333: CT13
The Effect of Official Intervention on Educational Attainment Session 505: CT20
The Effect of Perceived Legitimacy on Intermediate Change Session 27: CO2
The Effect of Prison Crowding on Prison Violence: A Meta-Analysis of Conflicting Empirical Results Session 13: MM3
The Effect of Repeat and Multiple Victimizations on Victim Outcomes Session 371: VT12
Effect of the NC(V)S Redesign on the Convergence Between the NC(V)S and UCR Session 439: MM14
Effective Community Supervision and Restorative Justice: The Impact of Restitution, Community Service and Restorative Process in an Urban County Session 189: RR7
Effectiveness in Restorative Justice -- First Doing No Harm Session 39: RR1
The Effectiveness of a New Tacking Program for Restraining Orders: Does Increased Awareness Protect Women Session 145: VT4
The Effectiveness of Psychological Interventions for Adult Sexual Offenders: A Systematic Review Session 399: VO13
Effectiveness of Restorative Justice Session 137: RR5
Effectiveness of Risk Assessment Instruments in Eliminating Disproportionate Minority Confinement in Juvenile Detention Facilities Session 438: LC16
The Effectiveness of Suicide Screening in Juvenile Justice Facilities in Preventing Suicide Attempts Requiring Emergency Care Session 88: JJ4
The Effectiveness of the Operations of Economic Crime Control in Finland Session 278: VO9
The Effectiveness of Two Police Interrogation Techniques: Minimization and Presentation of False Evidence Session 390: PE22
The Effects of Changes in Marital Status on Children's Behavioural Difficulties Session 157: CT6
Effects of Child Skills Training in Preventing Antisocial Behavior: A Systematic Review of Experiments Session 13: MM3
The Effects of College Education on Police Officer Performance and Promotion Session 465: PE27
Effects of Custodial vs. Non-Custodial Sentences on Reoffending. A Campbell Collaborative Systematic Review Session 407: CO35
The Effects of Early Intervention on Risk Factors for Antisocial Behavior: Linking Meta-Analyses Session 463: MM15
Effects of Interview Mode on Estimates of Need for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Among Welfare Recipients Session 235: MM9
The Effects of Jury Racial Composition on Capital Sentencing Session 328: CA9
Effects of Media Violence Exposure on Criminal Aggression: A Meta-Analysis Session 13: MM3
Effects of Neighborhood Crowding on Adolescent Antisocial Behavior Session 30: CT2
Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Children's Antisocial Behaviour and Delinquency Through the Life-Course {Poster Location 71} Session 314: LC11
The Effects of Race and Prison Experience on Perceptions of Sanction Severity Session 240: RC4
Effects of Restorative Justice on Repeat Offending {Poster Location 98} Session 318: RR10
Effects of Restorative Justice on Victims of Crime {Poster Location 99} Session 318: RR10
Effects of School-Based Conflict Resolution Education Programs: Results From Meta-Analysis Session 463: MM15
The Effects of Socioeconomic Change on Crime and Violence in a Transitional Society Session 457: CT17
The Effects of TC Programming and Program Structure on Therapeutic Engagement: A Qualitative Analysis Session 250: SA10
The Effects of Temporary Protection Orders Session 148: WC10
The Effects of Victimization Research on Women Experiencing Violence Session 49: WC3
The Effects of Visualizing Crime Patterns on Fear of Crime: Results From a Randomized Experiment Session 391: PE23
Elder Abuse Prosecution: Applying the Domestic Violence Model to Crimes Against the Aged Session 396: CL18
Eligible Jurors' Knowledge, Information Sources, and Attitudes About the Jury System Session 273: CL12
Embedding Crime Prevention Into Policy -- A Canadian Perspective Session 223: RC3
Embedding Crime Prevention: What Works? Session 223: RC3
The Emergence of the Study of Gender and Crime From the 1960s Session 264: DP4
An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Mitigation in Capital Sentencing in North Carolina Before and After McKoy v. North Carolina (1990) Session 328: CA9
Empirical Arguments for Democratic Policing Session 412: IC14
An Empirical Assessment of the Effect of Crime Salience on Attitudes Toward Crime, Welfare and Immigration Session 357: CJ14
An Empirical Study of Predictors of Inmates Use of Violence Session 406: CO34
An Empirical Test of the Applicability of General Criminological Theories to Internet Crime Session 457: CT17
Employee Dishonesty: A National Survey of Risk Managers on Crime Session 300: VO10
Employment Outcomes for Released Prisoners Returning to Chicago: Findings From the Returning Home Study Session 102: CO8
Empowerment Not Entrapment: Providing Opportunities for Incarcerated Women to Move Beyond "Doing Time" Session 450: WC23
The Encounter Group: Gendered Treatment in Prison Settings Session 521: WC27
Encountering Legitimated Oppression: Latino Perceptions and Interactions With Police Enforcement Tactics Among Gang Portrayals Session 155: PC7
Enemy of the State: Promulgation and Legacy of the Patriot Act Session 263: CC13
Enforcement of Protective Orders to Domestic Victions -- A Narrative Analysis in Harris County, Texas {Poster Location 165} Session 326: WC16
Enforcement Policy Toward Marijuana Users in New York City: The Muddled Middle Session 448: SA19
Engaging Students Through Disengagment: Positive Impacts of Online Learning Session 347: TC9
Enhancing Student Success in the Undergraduate Criminal Justice and Criminology Program Session 512: TC12
Environmental Design Strategies of Crime Prevention: The Case for Nigeria Session 53: CP2
Environmental Threat and Social Control Session 31: CC2
Environmental/Situational Theories Session 191: TS2
Epic of Finlandia: Premise and Practice of Progressive Policing Session 411: IC13
Epidemiology and Consequences of Inhalant Use Session 473: SA21
The Epidemiology of Club Drug Use Among Delinquent Youth Session 473: SA21
Equal Time for Equal Crime? Examining Gender Disparity for Defendants Charged with Stranger and Intimate Homicide Session 72: WC4
Equality as Unfairness? The Management of Elderly Prisoners in England and Wales Session 434: IC15
Equality Does Not Mean Equal Session 494: PD21
Establishing Linkages Between Inmate Personality Types and Support for Rehabilitation {Poster Location 4} Session 306: CO24
An Estimate of the Number of Hardcore Drug Users in Select Counties in the United States Session 349: SA15
Estimating Missing Persons as Serial Murder Victims Session 537: RV27
Estimating the Causal Impact of Gang Membership on Trajectories of Violent Delinquency Session 133: LC5
Estimating the Consequences of a Criminal Label on Recidivism and Employment Session 505: CT20
Estimating the Prevalence of Repeat Victimization Session 425: VT15
Estimating the Sustainability of Situational Crime Prevention Measures Session 481: CP13
Ethno-Linguistic Heterogeneity, Income Inequality and Crime: A Cross-National Approach Session 459: IC16
Evaluating Crime Prevention at the Community Level Session 163: MM8
Evaluating New Jersey's 'Going Home' Initiative: A Preliminary Report From the Field Session 284: CO23
Evaluating Sex Offender Registration Laws Session 365: CL16
Evaluating the Cost of California's Drug Courts and Subsequent Policy Effects Session 297: SA12
Evaluating the Effects of a Military Regime for Young Offenders Session 9: JJ1
Evaluating the Maryland After School Opportunity Fund Program Session 430: CP12
Evaluation Session 256: SP7
An Evaluation of a Family Court Diversion Program for Delinquent Youth With Chronic Mental Health Needs Session 161: JJ7
An Evaluation of a Model Offender Reentry Program: The Project Greenlight Demonstration Session 153: CO12
Evaluation of a Restorative Milieu: Replication and Extension for 2001-2003 Discharges Session 116: RR4
Evaluation of Criminal Justice Advisory Board Education Session 210: CJ10
An Evaluation of Inmates in Foreign Prisons {Poster Location 44} Session 312: IC10
An Evaluation of Intensive Supervision and Monitoring Schemes for Persistent Adult Offenders Session 429: CO38
An Evaluation of Summit House, an Intermediate Sanction for Female Offenders Session 229: CO16
Evaluation of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America Targeted Re-Entry Initiative: Phase I Session 289: JJ12
Evaluation of the Pennsylvania School Resource Officer Program Session 210: CJ10
Evaluation of the Sanction Certainty Directive of the Erie County, Pennsylvania, Adult Probation Department Session 210: CJ10
Evaluation Outcomes of Self-Defense Training for Women: A Review Session 252: WC13
Evidence Based Policy? The Case of Electronic Monitoring in England and Wales Session 429: CO38
The Evolution of Hate: Racialist and Racists' Adaptation in Internet Websites and Newgroups Session 495: RC14
The Evolution of the Field of Crime-Related Studies in Higher Education Session 446: TC10
The Evolution of Women's Experience as Legal Practitioners Session 282: CO21
Evolving Standards of Decency and the Execution of Juvenile Offenders Session 50: CA3
An Examination of Changes in Perceptions of Social Bonds Session 382: CO30
An Examination of Generational Variations in the Prediction of Low Self Control Session 180: CT8
An Examination of Juvenile Detention in Four States: Bridging Research and Practice Session 485: JJ26
Examination of Pornography Effects on Behavior and Attitude Among South Korean Youths Session 415: JJ21
An Examination of the Adult Onset Phenomenon Session 186: LC8
An Examination of the Effects of Race, Drugs, and Alcohol on Juvenile Justice Decision-Making Session 28: PC2
An Examination of the Impact of Prisoners' Perception of Stigma on Recidivism Session 354: CO28
An Examination of the Perceptions of African American Males Toward Racial Profiling in a Southern City: A Descriptive Analysis Session 155: PC7
An Examination of Youth Violence Trajectories and Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adulthood Session 217: LC10
Examining Alternative Explanations for the Decline in Homicide Clearances in the United States Session 474: RV25
Examining Crime Prevention Effects of CCTV in Japan Session 53: CP2
Examining Differences in Speeding Behavior: Results From a Statewide Roadway Observation Study Session 362: PE21
Examining Incarceration's Impact on Community Social Capital Development Session 354: CO28
Examining Life Course Transitions in Qualitative Data: A Three-Year Examination of "Periods" of Short-Term Change in Drug Use and Offending Session 216: LC9
Examining Perceptions: Elaboration on the Components of a Rational Choice Model Session 240: RC4
Examining the Death Attitudes of Aging Female Prisoners Session 125: CO11
Examining the Gendered and Racialized Nature of Workplace Risk and Compensation in Two U.S. Manufacturing Industries Session 303: WC14
Examining the Incidence of Deaths in Relation to Police Custody Session 218: PE10
Examining the Influence of Community Racial/Ethnic Composition in Juvenile Detention Decisions: The Mediating Role of Community Characteristics in Juvenile Court Session 28: PC2
Examining the Influence of State-Level Characteristics on Sentence Outcomes Under the Federal Sentence Guidelines for Organizations Session 141: CL7
Examining the Media's Effects on Fear of Terrorism Session 156: CJ8
Examining the Previous Criminality of Defendants in Protection From Abuse Orders in Sedgwick County, Kansas Session 148: WC10
Expanding Mobility Triangles: An Exploration of New Typologies Session 115: RC2
Expanding the Scope of Sexual Victimization: An Analysis of Non-Classifying Incidents Using National Crime Victimization Survey Narratives Session 98: VT2
Experiences in Reentry Program Implementation: The Genessee County (Flint, MI) Parolee Re-Entry Program {Poster Location 22} Session 306: CO24
Expert Witnessing on Domestic Violence as Feminist Activism Session 374: WC17
Explaining and Improving Citizen Attitudes Toward the Police {Poster Location 81} Session 316: PE18
Explaining Discrepancies in Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses: An Application to U.S. Homicide Rates Session 424: RV24
Explaining the Drop in Crime and Increasing Punitiveness in England and Wales Under New Labour Session 294: SI17
Explaining the Spatial Patterning of County-Level Police Homicides Session 218: PE10
Explanatory Research Regarding Hate Crimes Against Women With Visible Physical Disabilities Session 42: TC1
An Exploratory Analysis of Male and Female Drug Traffickers in a Rural State {Poster Location 125} Session 322: SA14
Exploratory Analysis of Structural Factors and the Social Control of Juveniles Session 514: CL22
An Exploratory Study of Rational Choice Theory and Internet Piracy Session 443: RC12
Exploring Attitudes About the Causes of Violence and Aggression Session 472: TC11
Exploring Attrition and Drop Out in the Pathways to Desistance Study Session 340: LC12
Exploring Drinking and Risky Behaviors: Disrupting the Patterns of College Student Drinking Session 423: SA18
Exploring Methodologies for Evaluating Economic Crime Control Session 278: VO9
Exploring Retirement: Concerns and Decisions Session 222: PD9
Exploring Some Analytical Characteristics of Finite Mixture Models Session 437: LC15
Exploring the Concentration of Crimes on High-Crime Blocks: Applying the Alpha Coefficient to Environmental Criminology Session 236: MM10
Exploring the Concepts of Knowledge, Ownership, and Theft: Insights Into Intellectual Property Crime Session 355: CP10
Exploring the Effects of Changes in Design on the Analytical Uses of the NCVS Data Session 530: MM19
Exploring the Fear of Crime in an Urban Community Session 301: VT9
Exploring the Relationship Between Marijuana Policy and Prices Session 536: SA24
Exploring the Relationship Between Unsuccessful Drug Transactions and Illicit Drug Markets Session 515: SA23
Exploring the Social Structure: The Impact of Crime on the Developmental Infrastructure of Youth {Poster Location 108} Session 319: SI19
Extending the Line of Inquiry Into the Total Incarceration Variable: An Examination of the Determinants of the Disposition Decision Session 81: PC5
The Extent of Blunt Smoking Among American Youths Session 448: SA19

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