The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
The Darkness of Online Crimes Add to the Already "Dark Figures of Crime" Session 48: VO5
Data Quality Issues in Incident-Based Crime Data: Be Careful What You Wish For Session 372: VT13
Deadly Force Training Among US Police Departments: Prospects for a Programmatic Taxonomy Session 218: PE10
Dealing With Young Offenders Session 266: JJ11
The Death of Innocence: Factual and Procedural Errors That Result in Wrongful Convictions Session 3: CA1
The Death Penalty in Contemporary New York: 1994-2004 Session 26: CA2
The Death Penalty in Early 20th Century New York: 1901-1935 Session 26: CA2
The Death Penalty in New York: Colonial Years 1624-1775 Session 26: CA2
A Decade of COMPSTAT: A Perspective Session 36: PE2
The Decision-Making Process for Crime Reporting. How Reasons for Reporting or Not Reporting to the Police Differ Over Characteristics of the Crime and the Victim Session 123: VT3
Defining Human Trafficking: A Comparison of the U.S. Anti-Trafficking Legislation and the U.N. Protocol Against Trafficking Session 160: IC6
Defining Success in Juvenile Restorative Justice: A Community Based Approach in Clark County, WA Session 266: JJ11
Defining the At-Risk Student: Approaches and Consequences Session 416: LC14
Defining the Devil: How the Commercial Appeal Made Monsters Out of Innocents Session 83: CJ4
Degrees of Freedom Over the Life Course: A Demographic Analysis of Time Spent Inside and Outside of the American Judicial System Session 404: CO32
Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders: 30 Years Later Session 435: JJ22
Delinquency in and out of School: The Similarities and Differences in Predictive Models Session 384: CT15
Delinquent Networks in Philadelphia: The Structure of Co-Offending Among Juveniles Session 462: JJ25
The Demise of Discretion: The Evils of Mandatory Minimum Sentences Session 194: CL10
Democratic Policing in a Time of Terror Session 220: PE12
Democratic Policing in Transitional Societies: Assessing the Obstacles Session 412: IC14
Democratic Theory and Policing {Poster Location 80} Session 316: PE18
Democratizing Community Policing: Using Internet Surveys to Expand Civilian Input Session 164: PE8
Denials, Excuses, Confessions and Apologies in a Drug Treatment Court Session 195: SA6
Denying Murder: Neutralizations and Rationalizations of Serial Killers Session 172: RV10
A Descriptive Analysis of Homosexual Relationships Among Institutionalized Females Session 283: CO22
A Descriptive Analysis of Traffic Stops and Searches in a Midwestern Town Session 238: PE13
A Descriptive Review of Violence Reduction Programs Session 9: JJ1
Detecting Local Spatial Processes With Geographically Weighted Regression Session 489: MM17
Determinancy and Equal Treatment: The Case of Florida Session 124: WC8
Determinants of Identity and Juvenile Delinquency: A Test of Symbolic Interactionist Theory Session 109: JJ5
Determining the Effectiveness of Interpersonal Strains for Predicting Delinquency and Depression Among Male and Female Adolescents {Poster Location 168} Session 326: WC16
Deterrence Theory Session 296: TS4
Deterrence, Crime, and Rational Choice: Examining Individual-Level Models Session 534: RC15
The Deterrent Effect of Curfew Enforcement: Operation Nightwatch in St. Louis Session 234: JJ10
Developing and Writing a Winning NIJ Proposal Session 192: TC5
Developing Performance Measures for Broadly Defined Programs: An Example From OJJDP Grant Programs Session 11: MM1
Development and Female Crime 1960-2000 Session 459: IC16
Development of Male Proactive and Reactive Aggression During Adolescence Session 109: JJ5
Development, Religiosity and Crime: A Cross-National, Time-Series Analysis Session 87: IC2
Developmental Shifts in Parent and Peer Influences on Moral Beliefs About Juvenile Delinquent Behavior Session 61: LC2
Developmental Trajectories and General Strain Theory Session 128: CT5
Deviance Among Deviants: Police Discretion in Autoerotic Fatalities Session 113: PE6
Deviance May not be Dead, But is it Lively? Session 458: CT18
Diamonds and the Financing of Terrorism Session 220: PE12
Did Intensified Policing Really Make Things Worse? Session 14: PE1
Differences in Criminal Justice History Between Male and Female Probationers in a Rural State Session 99: WC6
Differences in Educational Opportunities Within Correctional Institutions Session 79: CO6
Differences in Guideline Departures and Sentencing Among Seven Federal District Courts {Poster Location 114} Session 321: CL14
Differences in Health, Mental Health, and Substance Use Among Mothers in a Drug Court Session 99: WC6
Differences in Predictors of Suicide Attempts and Completed Suicide in Juvenile Justice Confinement, 2000- 2002 Session 88: JJ4
Differential Adolescent Tolerance of Delinquency and the Effect of Race and Gender Session 388: JJ18
The Differential Impact of Adolescent Delinquency and Drug Use on Later Life-Course Transitions Session 61: LC2
Differentiating Homicides in Newark, New Jersey: Are Gang-Related Homicides Unique? Session 350: RV19
Dilemmas Facing the Legal and Financial Professions in Their Professional Relationships With Criminal Clients Session 447: CL20
A Dimensional Approach for Characterizing Interventions and Sanctions With Serious Adolescent Offenders Session 340: LC12
Disclosing Sexual Assault to Formal and Informal Support Sources: Who Do Women Tell and What Responses Do They Receive? Session 100: WC7
Discrimination: Sources, Standards, and Filing Claims Session 90: PD4
The Division on Women and Crime in the 21st Century: Future Directions for Feminist Criminology Session 264: DP4
Do Court-Mandated Domestic Violence Programs Work? A Systematic Review of Rigorous Research on the Effectiveness of Courts Mandating Treatment Session 293: RR9
Do Mandatory Minimums and Maximums and/or Arrest Rates Have a Deterrent Effect on Consumption of Marijuana and Cocaine in the United States? {Poster Location 130} Session 322: SA14
Do Parents Matter in Creating Self-Control in Their Children? A Genetically Informed Test of Gottfredson's and Hirschi's Theory of Low Self Control Session 211: CT10
Do Peace Activists See War as Criminal? Implications for Critical Criminology Session 506: CC23
Do Time-Varying Event and Offender Characteristics Affect the Accuracy of Self-Report Life Event Calendar Data? Session 49: WC3
Do Violent Crime Rates and Police Strength Levels in the Community Influence Whether Individuals Own Guns?: A Multi-Level Application of the General Social Surveys Session 69: RV5
Doctoral-Level Education in Race and Crime Session 247: TC6
Does a Disjunction Between Expected/Fair and Actual Outcomes Promote the Intent to Commit Crime? Session 106: CT4
Does In-Prison Employment Increase Re-Entry Employment and Reduce Recidivism? Session 259: CO19
Does Religion Help Cope With Distress? A Multilevel Test of General Strain Theory Session 190: SI13
Does State and Local Drug Enforcement Raise Cocaine Prices? Session 536: SA24
Does the Impact of Unemployment on Crime Vary by Income and Duration? Session 271: SI16
Does the Level of Police Manpower Affect the Crime Rate? Session 492: PE30
Does the Media Effect How Jurors Assign Guilt in Cases of Individual and Organizational Wrongdoing? Session 83: CJ4
Does the Receipt of Treatment While in Prison Improve Community Reintegration? Session 284: CO23
Doing Community Justice Session 208: CO14
Doing Gender as Structured Action: Women Guarding Men Session 86: CC5
Doing Gender Justice: The Formation of Gender Identity in Juvenile Correction Programs Session 521: WC27
Doing Gendered Fear: Considering the Intersection Between Doing Gender and Doing Fear for Women Session 303: WC14
Doing Reentry Right: Best Practices in Parole and Prisoner Reintegration Session 208: CO14
Doing Research on a Fertility Clinic Scandal Session 490: PP4
Doing Research on Active Burglars and Robbers Session 490: PP4
Doing Research on Identity Fraud Session 490: PP4
Doing Research on Juvenile Gangs Session 490: PP4
Doing Research on Women and Violence Using a Life History Calendar: Reflections From Interviews on the WEV Project Session 49: WC3
Doing Time on the Outside: Family Life and Incarceration in Urban America Session 354: CO28
Domestic Violence and Police Response Session 376: WC19
Domestic Violence and the Law: The Scottish Context Session 401: WC21
Domestic Violence Arrests: An Examination of Gender Differences Session 72: WC4
Domestic Violence Mandatory Arrest Laws: To What Extent Do They Influence Police Practice? Session 105: CJ6
Domestic Violence Spillovers Into the Workplace Session 374: WC17
Domestic Violence: Assessing Contemporary Intervention Methods Session 302: VT10
"Don't Blame Me": The Failure of a Promising Substance Abuse Intervention {Poster Location 129} Session 322: SA14
Drug Abuse Treatment Interventions in a Faith-Based Agency Session 120: SA2
Drug Aftercare and Revocation: What Happens Session 381: CO29
Drug Control Policy in the New Millennium: What's Working? What's Not? What Changes are Warranted? Session 422: SA17
Drug Court Cost-Benefit Research and Policy Session 297: SA12
"Drug Court Saved My Life" -- Evaluation of a Drug Court Program in Arkansas Session 68: CL3
A Drug Free America? A Web Page Discourse Analysis Session 96: SA1
Drug Market Displacement in Response to Police Interventions: Exploring Alternate Models of Spatial Displacement Session 241: RC5
Drug Problem of the Past: Iceland's Prohibition of Beer 1915-1989 Session 96: SA1
Drug Reform and Prosecution: Proposition 36 Session 224: SA8
Drug Testing Sworn Law Enforcement Officers: One Agency's Experience Session 509: PE31
Drug Use and HIV Risk as a Function of Connectedness to the Criminal Community, the Community at Large, and One's Family Session 298: SA13
Drug Use and Job Quits Session 473: SA21
Drug Use and Other Delinquent Activities in an Adolescent Population: An Examination of the Association of Classes of Drug Use and Delinquency by Gender and Race Session 449: SA20
Drug Use and Treatment Utilization Among Urban and Non-Urban Female Offenders in Drug Court Session 99: WC6
Drug Use, Treatment Experiences and Mental Health Indicators Among New Arrestees in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico Session 171: SA5
Dual-Diagnosis Courts: A Case Study in California Session 19: CL1
Durkheim on Deviance: Back to the Basics Session 7: CT1
The Dutch Police in an International Context Session 411: IC13
The Dynamic Nature of the Drug Use Serious Violence Relationship Session 397: SA16

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