The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter B

Paper Title Session ID
Backgrounds and Offense Histories of Youth in Residential Placement Session 461: JJ24
Badfellas: Movie Psychos, Popular Culture, and Law Session 8: CC1
Bank Robbery in China Session 241: RC5
Batterer Intervention Programs in the Brooklyn Criminal Domestic Violence Court: The Relative Impact of Program Philosophy and Program Duration on Outcomes Session 375: WC18
The Battle for Probation: Law Enforcement vs. the Behavioral Sciences Session 104: CO10
Beer, Weed, and Speed: A Comparative Analysis of Techno, Hiphop and Hardcore Subcultures {Poster Location 127} Session 322: SA14
Before the War Session 212: CC9
Behavioral Consistency in Serial Murder Session 516: RV26
Behind the Blue Line: Investigating Police Officers' Attitudes Toward Rape Session 400: WC20
Being Mentored and Mentoring: Experiences and Carrying on the Tradition Session 510: PD22
Being Mentored: Maximizing the Good Fortune Session 510: PD22
Benefits of Participation in a Structured Meditation Program: Initial Findings Session 190: SI13
The Benevolent State and Juvenile Drug Courts: Process Accountability as a Check on Discretion and Disparity Session 60: JJ3
Best Practices and Murder Clearance Strategies Session 187: PE9
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Indigenous Women Incarcerated in Oaxaca, Mexico Session 159: IC5
Beyond "Crime": Using Restorative Justice in Community Places and Activist Spaces Session 91: RR3
Beyond the Classroom Without Walls: Improving Pedagogy in the High-Tech Era Session 114: PD5
Bi-directional Relationships Between Delinquency and Parenting Session 167: SI12
The Bias Against Guns: Critically Evalating Lott's Empirical Claims on Gun Laws, Crime, and Safety Session 277: RV16
The Bias Against Guns: The Thetoric of Econometrics Session 277: RV16
The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control is Wrong Session 277: RV16
Bias Incidents, Misdemeanors, and Felonies: Examining Expressions of Racial Bigotry and the Impact on the Asian American Community Session 144: VO7
Bigger is Not Necessarily Better: An Analysis of Violence Against Women Estimates From the National Crime Victimization Survey and the National Violence Against Women Survey Session 530: MM19
Binge Drinking and Academic Major: An Analysis of Alcohol Use, Perceptions and Campus Alcohol Policies Session 423: SA18
Binge Drinking: The Meanings, Motivations and Management of Contemporary Alcohol Consumption Session 433: CC22
The Biology of Neglect and Abuse: Implications for Adolescent Parricide Offenders Session 110: LC4
Biting the Bullet: Understanding Gun Crime in Nottingham, England {Poster Location 146} Session 323: RV18
Black and Asian Offenders on Probation: Findings From a Survey in England and Wales Session 55: PC4
Black Masculinity and the Black Subculture of Violence Session 82: PC6
Black, Noir and More Session 82: PC6
Blurring the Lines Session 300: VO10
Boot Camp Prisons as Masculine Organizations: Rethinking Recidivism and Program Design {Poster Location 3} Session 306: CO24
Borderline Personality Disorder is More Prevalent Than Psychopathy Among Incarcerated Offenders {Poster Location 7} Session 306: CO24
Bowling for Columbine: Murder in Canada and the United States Session 484: IC18
Breaking the Silence: Barriers to Service Utilization Among Immigrant South Asian Women {Poster Location 143} Session 323: RV18
Bridging the Gap: Research on the Police vs. Research for the Police Session 468: PD19
A Brief Comparative Look at the History of Western Policing Session 32: IC1
British Reactions to Terror: A Historical Perspective, Palestine 1920-1948 Session 32: IC1
Brother and sister Participation in Delinquency: A Further Test of Power-Control Theory Session 426: WC22
Building a Course and Program in Homeland Security Session 15: PD1
Building Life-Course Theories Session 296: TS4
Bullies, Aggressive Victims, and Victims: Are They Distinct Groups? Session 279: VT8
Bullying in a Rural School in the UK Session 175: VT6
Burning Issues: Fire, Carnival and Crime Session 433: CC22
The Business of Risk: The Transnational Ascendancy of Private High Policing Session 491: PE29
But Does It Prevent Crime? A Method for Evaluating the COMPSTAT Process Session 417: PE24

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