The 2004 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter A

Paper Title Session ID
Abstention From Delinquency: A Function of Personality Defects or Moral Choice? {Poster Location 57} Session 313: JJ13
Accounting for Behavioral Change Session 437: LC15
Acculturation and Delinquency of Asian American Youth {Poster Location 54} Session 313: JJ13
Accuracy of Perceptions of Hate Crime Characteristics and Distributions Session 22: VO1
Action Research as a Tool for Advancing Practice and Knowledge Session 356: CJ13
Activists and Experts in Search of Social Justice and Public Efficiency: The National Committee on Prisons and Prison Labor, 1909-1940 Session 408: CO36
Adaptation and White-Collar Crime Session 495: RC14
Adapting Classroom Education to Real World Learning Environments Session 535: TC13
Administrative and Faculty Viewpoints Session 136: PD6
An Administrative and Operational Assessment Study of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council Session 37: PE3
Adolescent Friendships: The Effect of Incarceration Session 382: CO30
Adolescent Maltreatment, Negative Emotion, Personal and Social Resources, and Delinquency Session 106: CT4
Adolescent Romantic Relationships and Delinquency Session 462: JJ25
Adolescent Sexual Assault in the Memphis, Tennessee Area: A Replication Study in the New Millennium Session 198: VT7
Adolescent Sexual Victimization: Evaluating the Potential Protective Effects of Neighborhood Structure and Collective Efficacy Session 147: WC9
Adult Arrestee Drug Use Trend Data: 1987 to 2003 {Poster Location 124} Session 322: SA14
Adult Certification and Juvenile Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Differential Treatment Session 387: JJ17
The Advantages of Having "Spaced-Out" Friends: The Socio-Spatial Dimensions of High Crime Place Session 346: SI20
The Adversary Jury Trial and Wrongful Conviction Session 273: CL12
Adversary Trial and Plea Bargaining in Historical Perspective? Session 95: CL4
The Adverse Effects of Prison Transfers in Hawaii {Poster Location 163} Session 326: WC16
Affirmative Action for Experimental Research: Why Randomized Experiments Require and Should Receive Special Treatment Session 356: CJ13
African American Cultural Traditions and Desistance From Crime Theory: An Exploration Session 438: LC16
African-American Females on Dating and Dating Aggression Session 499: WC25
After Peer Reviews are Done: Demystifying the NIJ Review Session 192: TC5
After School Program Participation and Delinquency: A Replication Study Session 430: CP12
Age Disparity in Criminal Court Sentencing Session 141: CL7
Age, Gender and Race Effects on Traffic Stop Citations in Washington State Session 362: PE21
Age, Gender, Race, and Experience: How Interviewer Characteristics Relate to Participation in Survey Research Session 235: MM9
Age, Onset Age, and Individual Offending Frequency in Early Adulthood Session 186: LC8
The Age-Crime Curve and Opportunity Session 89: LC3
Agency Response to Domestic Violence Against Women: The British Approach Session 401: WC21
Agent Learning and Adaptation in a RA/CA Crime Simulation Model Session 38: RC1
Aging Behind the Walls Session 51: CO3
Agreement Among Residential Staff About the Behavior of Youth in Treatment Session 266: JJ11
Alcohol Use as a Risk Factor for Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Adults Session 20: RV1
Alternative Approaches to the Analysis of Large, Administrative Criminal Justice Databases Session 111: MM6
Altruistic Murder, Political Identities and the Rwanda Genocide of 1994: Extending Control Theory Session 286: CT11
American Executions: Death Penalty Politics, European Anti-Americanism and American Anti-Europeanism Session 212: CC9
The Analysis of Calls for Service in Texas Session 241: RC5
An Analysis of Crime for Swiss Cantons With Particular Reference to Direct Legislation Session 459: IC16
An Analysis of Neighborhood Homicide Trends: 1980-2000 Session 369: RV22
Analysis of Police Stops and Searchers: City of Erie, Pennsylvania Session 210: CJ10
Analytical Study on the Criminal Phenomena in Japan Session 338: IC12
Analyzing Terrorism Trajectories: Applying a Semi-parametric Group-based Approach to the Study of Terrorism Events Session 173: RV11
Anatomy of Blackboard Session 114: PD5
Anonymity vs Traceability in EPS: A New Avenue for Money Laundering Using Digital Money {Poster Location 152} Session 324: VO11
Another Look at Lady Bountiful: The Griffins Society Evaluation Project Session 521: WC27
Anticipating Release: The Metamorphosis Continues Session 381: CO29
Antisemitic 'Hate Crime' in London: What Can We Learn From Police Crime Reports? Session 46: VO3
Antitrust: The Case of Corrections Session 480: CO41
Apparent Child Sex Offender Clustering: A Look at Levels of Socio-Economic Registered Perpetrators Session 365: CL16
Apples and Oranges? Examining Correlates of Fatal and Nonfatal Violence Session 398: RV23
The Application of Organizational Sensemaking in Understanding Police Work Session 441: PE25
Are Corporations Better Prepared to Deal With Fraud and Employee Dishonesty: A Look at Fraud Prevention Programs After Enron, Worldcom and Sarbanes-Oxley Session 538: VO17
Are Jail-Based Program Participants Different From Other Inmates? Session 329: CO25
Are New Generation Jails Truly New, or Are They Just the Same Old Jails? Session 329: CO25
Are Opposite Sex Relationships Criminogenic During Early Adolescence? An Investigation of the "Bad Influences" Hypothesis Session 10: LC1
Are Supermax Prisons a Good Idea? What Wardens Say Session 479: CO40
Are the Skies Any Safer: A Policy Review of Aviation and Transportation Security After 9/11 Session 251: RV14
Are Victim Rates Reasonable Proxies for Offender Rates in the Analysis of Geographically Distributed Data? Session 372: VT13
Arming People for Their Own Security? Session 276: RV15
Arson and Suspicious Fire Investigation in South Carolina Session 290: PE16
Asian Culture and Interpretation of Justice Session 528: IC19
Assessing Familial and Community Context on the Efficacy of Family Group Conferencing for First-time Delinquents: How Youths' Attitudes and Activities Influence Restorative Justice Processes Session 161: JJ7
Assessing Identity Change Through the Impact of the Labels in an Alternative-Justice Court Setting Session 505: CT20
Assessing Police Support for the Use of Pepper Spray as a Use of Force Option: Results From a Review in Queensland, Australia Session 442: PE26
Assessing Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Causes of Crime: Problems and Prospects for Macro Criminology Session 294: SI17
Assessing Residual Criminal Career Length for Two Generations of British Males: Implications for Sentencing Decisions Session 437: LC15
Assessing the Degree to Which Robbery Victims Perceive Their Victimization as Interracial or Intraracial Session 498: VT17
Assessing the Effects of Neighborhood Context and Individual Drinking Patterns on the Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence Session 420: SI21
Assessing the Evolution of a Mobile Crisis Team/Police Collaboration in a Midwestern City Session 466: PE28
Assessing the Impact of Drug Courts: Questions Raised by the New York State Evaluation Session 275: SA11
Assessing the Issue of Arbitrariness in Capital Sentencing in North Carolina: Are the Effects of Legally Relevant Variables Racially Invariant? Session 328: CA9
Assessing the Role of the Strength of Neighborhood-Based Institutions in Neighborhood Rates of Crime {Poster Location 100} Session 319: SI19
Assessing the Specific Deterrent Effect of Arrest for Patronizing a Prostitute Session 364: RC10
Assessing Trends in Police Agency Size and Civilianization: 1930 to 2002 {Poster Location 86} Session 316: PE18
An Assessment of Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Rural Policing Among Police Studies Students: Implications for Recruitment Session 465: PE27
An Assessment of Indian Country Law Enforcement in PL 280 States Session 482: PC11
Assessment of Rape Reporting Trends Session 123: VT3
Assesssing the Precision of the CMI: Using the Rasch Measurement Model Session 416: LC14
ATF Gun Tracing as a Tool for Identification and Control of Illegal Firearms Markets Session 121: RV7
Attentional and Conduct Problems in Childhood Proactive and Reactive Aggression {Poster Location 68} Session 314: LC11
Attitudes About Firearm Violence Among High-School Youth in the Rural Midwest Session 502: CP14
Attitudes Toward Licit and Illicit Substances Among German Youths Session 497: SA22
The AUSTerity Project: A Pilot Evaluation of Corruption Control Strategies in Australia Session 278: VO9
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICIS: Shared Beginnings, Divergent Lives: Delinquent Boys to Age 70 (Harvard, 2003) Session 353: AM5
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Criminal Circumstance: A Dynamic Multicontextual Criminal Opportunity Theory (Walter De Gruyter, 2003) Session 205: AM3
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Guns, Violence, and Identity Among African American and Latino Youth (Scholarly, 2003) Session 76: AM1
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Harsh Justice: Criminal Punishment and the Widening Divide Between America and Europe (Oxford, 2003) (Panel Co-Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology and the Division of Corrections and Sentencing) Session 501: AM7
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Homicide: A Sociological Explanation (Rowman and Littlefield, 2003) Session 177: AM2
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: Mafia Brotherhoods: Organized Crime, Italian Style (Oxford, 2003) (Panel Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 257: AM4
AUTHOR-MEETS-CRITICS: When Prisoners Come Home: Parole and Prisoners Reentry (Oxford, 2003) (Panel Sponsored by the Division of Corrections and Sentencing) Session 380: AM6

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