Session 109: JJ5 -> Delinquency in Context and Over Time
Time: 3:30PM to 5:00 PM on Wednesday, November 17
Place: Conv Ctr 213
Session Chair: Graham C. Ousey, University of Delaware
Development of Male Proactive and Reactive Aggression During Adolescence
by: Ted Barker, Universite de Montreal (Corresponding)
Richard E. Tremblay, Universite de Montreal
Daniel S. Nagin, Carnegie Mellon University
Frank Vitaro, Universite de Montreal
Eric Lacourse, Universite de Montreal
The Relationship Between Age, Criminal Career Length, and Offense Type Patterns
by: Todd A. Armstrong, Arizona State University West (Corresponding)
Testing a Multi-Level Control Explanation of Change in Delinquent Behavior
by: Graham C. Ousey, University of Delaware (Corresponding)
Pamela Wilcox, University of Cincinnati
Violent Values, Perceived Threat to Social Identity, and Youth Aggression
by: Jon Gunnar Bernburg, University of Iceland (Corresponding)
Thorolfur Thorlindsson, University of Iceland
Determinants of Identity and Juvenile Delinquency: A Test of Symbolic Interactionist Theory
by: David Brownfield, University of Toronto at Mississauga (Corresponding)
Kevin M. Thompson, North Dakota State University

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Updated 05/20/2006