Session 160: IC6 -> New Directions in International Criminology: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Conv Ctr 206
Session Chair: Barbara Ann Stolz, Government Accountability Office
(Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology)
Defining Human Trafficking: A Comparison of the U.S. Anti-Trafficking Legislation and the U.N. Protocol Against Trafficking
by: Barbara Ann Stolz, Government Accountability Office (Corresponding)
Inter-Nation Variation in Crime Control
by: Lyn Hinds, University of Queensland (Corresponding)
Tip of the Iceberg: Theory Development for Newly Independent States
by: Rebecca S. Katz, Morehead State University (Corresponding)
High Tech Crimes: New Crimes, New Tools and New Research Methods?
by: Jennifer Connolly, Bayside Justice Research (Corresponding)
Cindy J. Smith, University of Baltimore

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Updated 05/20/2006