Session 312: IC10 -> International/Comparative Criminology Poster Sessions Criminology)
Time: 5:00PM to 6:30 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Grand Ballroom
(Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology)
An Evaluation of Inmates in Foreign Prisons {Location 44}
by: Jessica Bailey, Florida State University (Corresponding)
Albert Kopak, Florida State University
First Steps Toward a Comparative Analysis of Violent Deaths {Location 45}
by: Melanie-Angela Neuilly, Rutgers University (Corresponding)
Transatlantic Police Cooperation: The Complex Case of Anglo-Caribbean Linkages {Location 46}
by: Benjamin Bowling, University of the Wes Indies (Corresponding)
Towards a More Comprehensive Police Organization in Turkey: Modernization Efforts in Turkish National Police Laboratories {Location 47}
by: Hasan Buker, Washington State University (Corresponding)
Legal Reform in Taiwan: A Study of Police's Perception on Adversarial Procedure {Location 48}
by: Dan T.E. Chan, National Chung - Dheng University
Hsiao-Ming Wang, University of Houston - Downtown (Corresponding)
For the Taking: Wildlife Crime in Southern Africa {Location 49}
by: Greg Warchol, Northern Michigan University (Corresponding)
Introducing the European Society of Criminology {Location 50}
by: Marcelo F. Aebi, University of Sevilla (Corresponding)
"Snake-o-rama: The Organization of Human Smuggling, the Chinese as a Case Study {Location 51}
by: M.R.J. Soudijn, NSCR (Corresponding)

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