Session 321: CL14 -> The Courts and the Law Poster Sessions
Time: 5:00PM to 6:30 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Grand Ballroom
Fairness in the Courts: An Examination of Drug Court Defendants' Perceptions of Fair Treatment From Judges {Location 113}
by: Keri Zehm, Fourth Judicial District of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Deborah A. Eckberg, Fourt Judicial District Court of MN
Marcy Podkopacz, Fourth Judicial District Court of MN
Differences in Guideline Departures and Sentencing Among Seven Federal District Courts {Location 114}
by: Jeffery T. Ulmer, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
Imposition and Payment of Economic Sanctions: A Multi-County Analysis {Location 115}
by: Stacy N. Hoskins, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
Ben H. Feldmeyer, The Pennsylvania State University
Alison C. Cares, The Pennsylvania State University
R. Barry Ruback, The Pennsylvania State University
Changes in Dispositions for Felony Assaults on Intimates Under Ohio's Sentencing Guidelines and Their Impact on Re-Indictment Likelihoods {Location 116}
by: Amy Thistlethwaite, Northern Kentucky University (Corresponding)
John Wooldredge, University of Cincinnati
Results From a National Evaluation of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts in England and Wales {Location 117}
by: Amanda L. Robinson, Cardiff University (Corresponding)
Jasmin Tregidga, Cardiff University
Dee Cook, University of Wolverhampton
Chris Vallely, University of Wolverhampton
Mandy Burton, University of Leicester
The Nature, Dimensions and Implications of the Fugitive Caseload {Location 118}
by: John S. Goldkamp, Temple University (Corresponding)
Sentencing Decisions of Judges in Milwaukee's Specialized Domestic Violence Courts {Location 119}
by: Terry Podjaski Batson, Milwaukee J.O.D.I. Project (Corresponding)
Racial and Gender Discrimination in Federal Court Pre-Trial Processing {Location 120}
by: M.J. Lobo-Antunes, University of Maryland at College Park (Corresponding)
A Critique on the Use of Battered Woman Syndrome in Court {Location 121}
by: Yuning Wu, University of Delaware (Corresponding)

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