Session 31: CC2 -> Studies in White-Collar and Environmental Crimes
Time: 9:30AM to 11:00 AM on Wednesday, November 17
Place: Conv Ctr 211/212
Session Chair: Nicole Leeper Piquero, University of Florida
Studying the Correlates of Victimization and Reporting of White Collar Crime
by: Andrea Schoepfer, University of Florida (Corresponding)
Nicole Leeper Piquero, University of Florida
Environmental Threat and Social Control
by: Tara O'Connor Shelley, Florida State University (Corresponding)
Ted Chiricos, Florida State University
Marc Gertz, Florida State University
Pesticide Exposure Among Farm Workers in California and Enforcement of Regulations: A Critical Analysis
by: Sheila M. Schlaupitz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006