Criminology Then and Now

Freda Adler, Rutgers University
Joseph L. Albini
Frank Scarpitti, University of Delaware

Unique and revealing snapshots of the evolution of criminology are offered by three prominent criminologists. Joe Albini, Frank Scarpitti, and Freda Adler discuss the changes that have taken place in the last three decades along with recent trends in the discipline. The accumulated wisom of these scholars is a rare opportunity to enhance our undesrtanding of "what was" and "what might be." Joe Albini is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University and visiting professor at the University of Nevada. He is considered to be a pioneer empirical researcher in the realm of organized crime and a major force in the development of related theoretical concepts. Freda Adler is Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University and past President of the American Society of Criminology. Her areas of interest are in criminological theory, female criminality, narcotic and alcohol abuse, cross-cultural female criminality, judicial education, crime and development, social control, and maritime crime. Frank R. Scarpitti is the Edward and Elizabeth Rosenberg Professor of Sociology at the University of Delaware, where he has been a faculty since 1967. His work has addressed issues related to mental illness, juvenile delinquency, female crime, group therapy, organized crime, and substance abuse treatment programs.

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Updated 05/20/2006