Collaboration in a Practice-Based Research Network

Carmela Lomonaco, USC Keck School of Medicine
Lyndee Knox, University of Southern California

In 2000, the USC Department of Family Medicine formed the first Practice Based Research Network (LA Net) focused primarily on the reduction of health care disparities in Los Angeles. Practice based research networks are comprised of primary care practices. Networks are committed to researching and investigating community-based, patient population specific issues in primary care. Clinicians and staff have the familiarity and expertise to identify pertinent areas of research that can produce effective and immediate interventions in the care of their patients. Thus, research is practice-driven, instead of researcher-driven. We have completed our first network study and have two additional ones underway -- one completely physician generated (on pediatric obesity and body image) and the other violence related (an evaluation of an AMA-published guide on youth violence prevention for practitioners). This paper summarizes lessons learned about building and maintaing a collaborative research network.

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Updated 05/20/2006