Where We're Headed: Predictions on the Future of Feminist Criminology and the Impact of the Division on Women and Crime

Angela M. Moe, Western Michigan University

In light of the ASC Division on Women and Crime's 20th Anniversary, I have been asked to speak on what the future may hold for us. This is a daunting task. While our future may be predicted by what we have accomplished thus far, it may also be foretold by our collective goals. Hence, I will report on the results of a survey administered to the DWC membership which asks each of us to articulate our future aspirations as scholars, activists, teachers, and members of the ASC, and to reflect upon how we may achieve these objectives in the years ahead. Based on these findings, as well as what we have accomplished thus far, I will offer some predictions on the future of feminist criminology as well as the impact of the DWC.

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Updated 05/20/2006