Making Time and Space for Time and Space: Contextualized Criminology for the 21st Century

Rosemary Barberet, Universidad Carlos III

The Division of International Criminology (DIC) has existed formally since 1990. Membership has increased steadily, especially in the past few years, and in 2003 the DIC was the largest ASC Division. This paper will suggest the reasons for this interest, detail the DIC's activities over the past five years, and point to ways in which the ASC can and should internationalize its policies, publications, conferences, outreach activities and general scholarship. The emphasis of the DIC is to foster the international exchange of ideas among criminologists, as well as encourage US-based criminologists to consider the problem of external validity in their own research and theory building. Thus, this paper deals with the general issues of context and history: "making time and space for time and space" in criminology.

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Updated 05/20/2006