Innovations in Court Processes in the JOD Sites

Christy Visher, The Urban Institute
Adele V. Harrell, The Urban Institute
Lisa Newmark, Crime Victim Consultant

The Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative is a court-centered approach to intervening in intimate partner violence cases that involves strengthening and building new partnerships between the court and other criminal justice and community service agencies, with the goal of enhancing victim safety and access to services and increasing offender accountability. The demonstration has been underway for the past 4 years in Milwaukee, Ann Arbor, and Dorchester. This paper describes the innovations in court processes -- pretrial, adjudication, and post-conviction -- that have occurred at the JOD demonstrations sites and the impact of these innovations on the courts. The paper also describes policy and procedural changes that were required to implement the court innovations, including requirements for staff and relationships with other agencies, and discusses the innovations considered most likely to be transferable to other jurisdictions interested in implementing court-based innovations for responding to intimate partner violence.

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Updated 05/20/2006