The Utility of Jury Consultants in the Twenty First Century

John W. Clark III, University of North Alabama

Attorneys throughout the United States are using jury consultants at an alarming rate. Currently, jury or trial science is a 500 million dollar a year industry. Interestingly, many consultants claim they can produce the desired outcome whether in or out of court. However, research in trial or jury science often suggest that the variables consultants claim to manipulate are not possible. Part I of this paper discusses the American Society of Trial Consultants. This organization is the cornerstone of the jury consulting field. Part II examines the services offered by members of the ASTC. Part III provides an overview of research that demonstrates severe limitations as to what consultants can and can't do. Part IV concludes with a discussion of how services offered by consultants should be scrutinized carefully.

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Updated 05/20/2006