Missouri Residents' Opinions Regarding Medical Marijuana

Jeffrey M. London, Southwest Missouri State University
Gary Brinker, Southwest Missouri State University
Karl Kunkel, Southwest Missouri State University

The primary purpose of our research is to provide a valid assessment of Missourian's opinions regarding the use of marijuana as a legitimate therapy option for physicians in Missouri. The data collected will also be used to test hypotheses related to medicalization and conflict theories that might explain how subjects might potentially differ on these opinions. The evolution of policies that permit or forbid the use of marijuana for treatment of diseases and their symptons will also be addressed. The results of our research will be presented and will represent the culmination of preliminary research currently (Spring 04) being conducted among residents of southwest Missouri by the authors of this proposal. Students from criminology and sociology classes are now utilizing the computer Assisted Telephone System (CATI) of SMSU's Center for Social Sciences and Public Policy Research (CSSPPR) and are currently collecting raw data. The study will attempt to measure under what conditions Missourians might support or oppose legalization of prescription marijuana by physicians, as well as various independent variables that might explain why they hold a particular view. The results will be disseminated to the general public through the statewide media, as well through articles in refereed journals and through presentation at academic conferences.

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Updated 05/20/2006