Gun-Related Crime in North Dakota -- Results From PSN Research (Part 2)

Wojciech Cebulak, Minot State University

This paper is a continuation of the topic initiated with the paper presented at the 2003 ASC annual meeting. It presents more data from Project Safe Neighborhoods research for North Dakota. The topics covered this time include: city-level data (including mapping gun violence), victims of firearms offenses, and results of a survey of inmates convicted of gun crimes. Research results confirm the notion that even though the state of North Dakota enjoys the lowest rates of violent crime in the nation, at the same time it must deal with many aspects of violent crime which are unique to largely rural jurisdictions like North Dakota. PSN research also reveals that even with the low crime rates, there is always room for improvement in the gun violence and public safety situation. The research concludes with some recommendations which should be implemented to successfully deal with gun-related violence in the state.

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Updated 05/20/2006