The United States' War on and Occupation of Iraq: International Illegalities and Future Control Issues

Dawn L. Rothe, Western Michigan University

The United States' invasion and occupation of Iraq is not only a politically contentious policy, but is in violation of international law, U.S. actions constituted a vast number of other international standards and laws (i.e. war crimes, crimes against humanity, International Humanitarian Laws, and International Human Rights Laws). This paper argues that while the U.S. was and is in violation of multitudes of customary and codified laws, the potential ramifications for international law, international organizations (such as the International Criminal Court), and controls for crimes of the state implicate serious manifest and latent repercussions. Thus, this paper explores the surrounding illegalities of the war an occupation of Iraq as well as examining future ramifications for international relations, international law, and controls for crimes of state.

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Updated 05/20/2006