Session 443: VT6 -> THEMATIC SESSION: Issues on Victimization Research
Time: 10:40AM to 12:10 PM on Saturday, November 22
Place: Governors Square 12
Session Chair: Charisse T. Coston, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Integrating the Immigration Experience Into Explanations for Vietnamese-American Women's Abuse [Theme ID: TP]
by: Merry Morash, Michigan State University (Corresponding)
Hoan N. Bui, University of Tennessee
Demographic Characteristics and Criminal Victimisation: A Theoretical Explanation [Theme ID: TP]
by: Agbonkhese Shaka Moses, Ambrose Alli University (Corresponding)
The Role of Gender in the Selection of Victims by Offenders [Theme ID: TP]
by: Jerome B. McKean, Ball State University (Corresponding)
Crime Victimization and Mortality in Older Adults [Theme ID: TP]
by: Mark Lachs, Cornell University (Corresponding)
Ronet Bachman, University of Delaware
Christianna Williams, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Updated 05/20/2006