The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:00AM on Friday

Friday at 8:00AM
Session Title Session ID
CrimeStat2: A Statistical Toolbox for the Spatial Analysis of Crime Session 281: SP7
Studies of Self-Control Theory Session 282: CN7
Special Problems of Incarcerated Populations Session 283: CR14
Stories From the Trenches: Working and Researching in Prison Session 284: CR15
Implementing Policy Reforms Session 285: CU15
Humane Alternatives and Responses to Punishment Session 286: IR10
Community Policing: Progress and Prospects Session 287: IP7
Issues in Education, Criminology and Criminal Justice Undergraduate and Graduate Students Session 288: ED6
Critical Theories Session 289: CL12
Research to Practice in Juvenile Justice: Four "On the Ground" Experiments Session 290: DD9
Applications of Situational Crime Prevention Session 291: EP8
Prevention, Intervention and Meeting the Needs of At-Risk Youth: Lessons Learned From the SafeFutures Initiative Session 292: EP9
Current Perspectives on Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation in Juvenile Intensive Aftercare: Knowns, Unknowns, and Primary Direction Session 293: JJ5
Longitudinal Research in Criminology II (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 294: LC8
Policy Responses to International Pressures (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 295: PL18
Gang Membership and Crime Session 296: RG19
Providing Services to Female Victims of Male Violence Session 297: RG20
Community Based Violence Prevention Session 298: RC36
Exploring Drug Market Dynamics and Drug Problems Across the U.S. Using Arrestee Data Session 299: RC37
Interrupting Illegal Gun Markets: Current Research Session 300: RC38
Research on Child Abuse and Neglect Session 301: RC39
Research on Trends and Patterns of Usage of Illegal Drugs Session 302: RC40
Coping With Victimization: Antisocial and Protective Responses Session 303: VT3

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