The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:40PM on Thursday

Thursday at 2:40PM
Session Title Session ID
Division of People of Color and Crime Business Meeting #2 (Meeting) Session 226: MT22
Criminology and Public Policy Editorial Board Meeting (Meeting) Session 227: MT23
Investigating Misconduct in Research: A New Federal Initiative Session 228: SP6
Juvenile Justice in Non-Euro-American Traditions (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 229: CH9
Research on Recidivism Session 230: CR11
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: International Prison Initiative (IPI) Project (Co-Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing and Division on International Criminology) Session 231: CR12
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Contemporary Issues in American Jails: Evaluating Programs, Insuring Accounatability and Exploring Privatization in an Environment of Shrinking Budgets, Challenging Inmates, and an Anxious Staff Session 232: CR13
Have the Courts Cracked? Session 233: CU13
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Critiques of Existing Court and Correctional Practices Session 234: CU14
Effects of Interventions to Reduced Recidivism Session 235: IR6
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Courts and Corrections: Issues and Innovations Session 236: IR7
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Critical Issues in Corrections Session 237: IR8
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Research on Courts and the Law Session 238: IU6
Transforming Public Thought From Behind the Walls Session 239: ED3
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Family Violence: Clarifying Our Pedagogical Strategies Session 240: ED4
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Teaching Criminological Theory and Research Methods Simultaneously at a Small, Teaching Oriented College Session 241: ED5
THEMATIC SESSION: New Directions on Theory in Criminal Justice Session 242: CJ14
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Critical Assessments of Criminal Justice Law and Policy Session 243: CJ15
Critical Cultural Criminology: Refining the Traditions Session 244: CL7
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Peacemaking Criminology as a Response to Terrorism Session 245: CL8
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: What is Crime?: A Criminological Exploration the Definition Session 246: CL9
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Industrial and Societal Responsiveness to Tragic Events Session 247: CL10
Roundtable: The ROUNDTABLE: Role of Research in Drug Policy Session 248: DD8
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Drug and Violence Prevention in Schools and Colleges Session 249: EP7
Women's Lives, Risk, and Social Control Session 250: FT5
Comparing Systems of Juvenile Justice (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 251: JJ3
Research on Disposition and Placement Decisions for Juvenile Offenders Session 252: JJ4
Legal and Illegal Attainment Over the Life Course Session 253: LC7
Citizen Oversight of the Police: Assessing Attitudes and Models Session 254: PL14
Explaining Police Use of Force Session 255: PL15
Policing the Poor Session 256: PL16
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Issues in Race, Crime and Policing Session 257: PL17
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Office of Justice Programs Web Site Focus Group Session 258: PD9
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Qualitative Research on Corrections and Crime Session 259: QL1
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Qualitative Research on Courts and the Law Session 260: QL2
THEMATIC SESSION: Estimating and Explaining Lethal Violence Across Space and Time Session 261: QT12
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Alternative Solutions to the Problem of Selection Bias in Criminal Justice Research Session 262: QT13
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Alternative Designs for Multisite Research Session 263: QT14
New Directions in Research on Race and Ethnicity Session 264: RG17
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Atlantic Crossings: The Emergence of the Sexual Offender Problem and Its Management on Both Sides of the Pond Session 265: RG18
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Human Subjects Review Session 266: RO3
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Financial and Economic Crimes in the Age of Electronic Convenience Session 267: RC28
Emerging Issues in Violence Against Women Session 268: RC29
Repeat Victimization: The Next Generation Session 269: RC30
Research on Serial Homicide Session 270: RC31
THEMATIC SESSION: Theory and Research on Terrorism (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 271: RC32
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Ethnicity as an Essential Factor in Understanding and Explaining the Nature and Composition of Organized Crime Groups in the United States (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 272: RC33
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Research on Organized and Organizational Crime Session 273: RC34
Roundtable: ROUNDTABLE: Organized Crime Around the World (Sponsored by the Division of International Criminology) Session 274: RC35
Gender, Strain and Delinquency Session 275: SA1
Routine Activities and Crime Session 276: VT2

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