Session 322: RC42 -> Families, Neighborhoods and Delinquency
Time: 9:40AM to 11:10 AM on Friday, November 21
Place: Plaza 1
Session Chair: Thomas Vander Ven, Ohio University
Adolescent Mothers, Family Processes, and Delinquency
by: Thomas Vander Ven, Ohio University (Corresponding)
Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati
Michael G. Turner, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
The Development of Violent Behavior: Linking Sibling and Peer Aggression
by: Gretchen R. Ruth, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Delinquency in Canada: A Multilevel Analysis
by: Robin Fitzgerald, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (Corresponding)
Concentrated Disadvantage: The Influence of Social and Economic Change on the Epidemic of Youth Violence
by: Kevin Strom, Research Triangle Institute (Corresponding)
John M. MacDonald, University of South Carolina

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Updated 05/20/2006