Session 395: QT15 -> THEMATIC SESSION: Innovations in Measures, Models, and Methods for Understanding the Sources and Consequences of Crime and Imprisonment
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Friday, November 21
Place: Governors Square 12
Session Chair: Ruth D. Peterson, The Ohio State University
Measuring Social Capital in Community-Crime Models [Theme ID: TP]
by: Paul E. Bellair, The Ohio State University (Corresponding)
Christopher R. Browning, The Ohio State University
Criminal Equality or Inequality: A Comparison of Crime in Black and Hispanic Neighborhoods [Theme ID: TP]
by: Lauren J. Krivo, The Ohio State University (Corresponding)
Ruth D. Peterson, The Ohio State University
The Impact of Racially Segregated Schooling on African American and White Incarceration Risk, 1970-1990 [Theme ID: TP]
by: Gary LaFree, University of Maryland at College Park (Corresponding)
Richard Arum, New York University
Prison and Race: The Impact of Incarceration on Human Capital Accumulation and Wages Across the Career [Theme ID: TP]
by: Kecia R. Johnson, The Ohio State University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006