Session 394: QL4 -> The Use and Abuse of Science in Contemporary Criminal Justice
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Friday, November 21
Place: Plaza 5
Session Chair: Mokerrom Hossain, Virginia State University
Post-Positivist Science and Postmodern Criminal Justice Towards a Framework of Analysis
by: Shahid M. Shahidullah, Virginia State University (Corresponding)
Restless About the Ritalin: The Medicalization of Social Control
by: Ayn Embar-Seddon, Virginia State University (Corresponding)
Allan D. Pass, National Behavioral Science Consultants
Post-Modernism and Use of Science and Technology in Corrections
by: Mokerrom Hossain, Virginia State University (Corresponding)
An Analysis of Scientific Sentencing and Its Impact on the Criminal Justice System
by: Isis N. Walton, Virginia State University (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006