The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Participant Index for the Letter P
Padgett, Kathy G., Florida Department of Corrections
Painter, Kate A., Cambridge University
Palombo, Bernadette Jones, Louisiana State University
Paoline III, Eugene A., University of Central Florida
Papachristos, Andrew V., The University of Chicago
Paquette Boots, Denise, University of South Florida
Pare, Paul-Philippe, The Pennsylvania State University
Parker, Karen F., University of Florida
Parker, Robert Nash, University of California - Riverside
Parmley, Angela Moore, National Institute of Justice
Parry, David L., Endicott College
Parthasarathy, Barbara, The Urban Institute
Paschall, Mallie J., Pacific Institute - Research & Evaluation
Pasini-Hill, Diane, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice
Pasko, Lisa, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Pass, Allan D., National Behavioral Science Consultants
Passas, Nikos, Northeastern University
Patchin, Justin W., Michigan State University
Pate, Antony M., COSMOS Corporation
Pate, Karensa, Florida State University
Patel, Amit R., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte
Paternoster, Raymond, University of Maryland at College Park
Pattavina, April, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Patterson, Barbara, University of Kentucky
Pattillo, Mary, Northwestern University
Paulsen, Derek J., Eastern Kentucky University
Payne, Allison Ann, The College of New Jersey
Payne, Brian K., Old Dominion University
Payne, Connie, Administrative Office of the Courts
Payne, Danielle, The Ohio State University
Pealer, Jennifer, University of Cincinnati
Pearson-Nelson, Benjamin, University at Albany
Pease, Ken, Jill Dando Institute
Peggar, Julie, University of California, Los Angeles
Peguero, Anthony A., University of Miami
Pelfrey, Jr., William V., University of South Carolina
Pelissier, Bernadette, Federal Bureau of Prisons
Penn, Everette, Prairie View A&M University
Pepinsky, Hal, Indiana University
Perez, Deanna M., Virginia Department of Corrections
Perez, Stephanie N., University of Florida
Stephen Perrello
Perrone, Dina, Rutgers University and NDRI, MHRA
Perry, Alice E., Indiana University
Persons, Paul, California State University - Chico
Perumean-Chaney, Suzanne E., Univ. of Nevada School of Medicine
Pesta, George, Florida State University
Petee, Thomas A., Auburn University
Peter, Tracey, University of Manitoba
Petersen, Rebecca D., Kennesaw State University
Peterson, Dana, University at Albany
Peterson, Elicka S.L., Florida State University
Peterson, Eric, O. J. J. D. P.
Peterson, Ruth D., The Ohio State University
Petras, Tricia, The Ohio State University
Petrocelli, Matthew, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsvill
Pevalin, David J., University of Essex
Pfeifer, Heather L., University of Baltimore
Phelps, Judy, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Phillips, Julie A., Rutgers University
Phillips, Nickie D., City University of New York
Pi, Yijun, Chinese University of Political Sci & Law
Pickerill, Mitch, Washington State University Vancouver
Pickering, Sharon, Monash University
Piehl, Anne Morrison, Harvard University
Pierce, Erica, Northeastern University
Pierce, Glenn L., Northeastern University
Pierre, Karen, University of Miami
Pilgrim, Rocky, Boston College
Pino, Nathan W., Georgia Southern University
Pippen, Courtney B., Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Piquero, Alex R., University of Florida
Piquero, Nicole Leeper, University of Florida
Pitts, Wayne J., University of New Mexico
Piza, Eric, Rutgers University
Pizarro, Jesenia, Rutgers University
Pizio, William, University at Albany
Planty, Michael, American Institutes for Research
Plass, Peggy S., James Madison University
Plebanski, David, Calumet College of St. Joseph
Plechner, Deborah, University of Minnesota Duluth
Plywaczewski, Emil W., University of Bialystok
Pogarsky, Greg, University at Albany
Pogorzelski, Wendy, University at Albany
Pointon, Laura J., University of Oklahoma
Pompa, Lori, Temple University
Pompi, Kenneth F., Cornell Companies, Inc.
Brenda Popplewell
Porter, Rachel, CUNY/Physicians for Human Rights
Potter, Cathryn C., University of Denver
Potter, Hillary, University of Colorado at Boulder
Potts, Isabelle, Florida State University
Poulin, Mary E., Justice Research and Statistics Assn.
Powell, Chris, University of Southern Maine
Powell, Lisa, University of Illinois at Chicago
Powers, Kelly, Purdue University
Pratt, Travis C., Washington State University
Prendergast, Michael L., UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs
Presdee, Mike, University of Sunderland
Preston, Pamela, Penn State Capital College
Pridemore, William Alex, Indiana University/Harvard University
Propheter, Sharon, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Proulx, Jean, Universite de Montreal
Przybylski, Roger K., RKC Group
Ptacek, James, Suffolk University
Pugh, Debernee S., University at Albany
Purvis, Darcy J., University of California, Irvine

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