The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter V

Paper Title Session ID
Validity of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Clients' Self-Reports With Regard to Their Justice System Involvement Session 409: EP13
Variation in the Gender Ration of Criminal Punishment: An Analysis of States, 1978-1998 Session 162: CJ8
Variations Across Race and Latino Ethnic Groups in Structural Disadvantage and Violent Delinquency Session 264: RG17
Victim and Offender Predictors of Completed Assaults Session 224: RC26
Victim Crime Reporting and Rational Choice Session 421: VT5
Victim Perspective on Violent Events: An Event Structure Analysis Session 60: RG5
Victim/Offender Relationships at the Ecological and Individual Level: A Study of Aggravated Battery Offenders and Victims in Albuquerque, New Mexico Session 306: CM10
Victimization of the Elderly Session 174: RC20
The Victims at the International Criminal Court Statute {Poster Location 42} Session 279: PO1
Victims of Human Trafficking: Assessing Needs and Developing Responses Session 441: RC66
Victims of Political Vengeance: Examining the Process of Criminal Victimization of Hindu Minority People in Bangladesh Session 215: RG13
The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000: The Role of Interest Groups - Domestic and International - in the Congressional Policy-Making Process Session 441: RC66
Victims' Rights in Juvenile Justice Session 42: CU3
Video Gambling in Vietnamese Cafes: An Observational Study of "Hot Line" Machines in Southern California Session 416: RC60
Village Courts and the Police: Cooperation and Conflict in Modernizing Indian Communities Session 187: CH7
Violence Against Female Students at Two University Campuses: A Cross Cultural Comparative Study Session 170: RG12
Violence in Schools: Some Psychological and Legal Issues Concerning School Safety and Security Session 249: EP7
Violence of Persons With Severe Mental Illness Toward Their Family Caregivers {Poster Location 35} Session 279: PO1
The Violent Black Male: Conceptions of Race in Criminological Theory Session 136: IT2
Violent Crime and Housing Markets: A Neighborhood Level Analysis Session 25: QT2
Violent Sexual Offending Session 169: QT10
Violent Victimization: Impact of Victim/Offender Relationship on Fear of Crime Session 174: RC20
The Virginia Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument: Applying Research to Public Policy Session 71: IU3

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