The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter U

Paper Title Session ID
UC Irvine's Criminology Outreach Program: High School and Junior High Students Engaging in Key Crime and Policy Issues Through Interactive Learning {Poster Location 34} Session 279: PO1
The Unabomber, Columbine, and 9-11: Exploring the Dynamics of Social Isolation Session 56: PS1
Unarmed Police and Prosecutors Session 267: RC28
Uncovering a Destination Country: Trafficking in Women to Bosnia and Herzegovina Session 441: RC66
Uncovering Truth: Excavating the Facts Surrounding Past Human Rights Abuses: The Case of Ghana's National Reconciliation Commission Session 161: CJ7
Understanding Community Justice Partnerships: The Role of Community Participation Session 315: EP10
Understanding Illegal Gun Markets and Trafficking: Research in Boston Session 300: RC38
Understanding the Causes of Hispanic Delinquency: An Examination of Adolescent Social Life Session 41: CN3
Understanding the Impact of Race, School Context and Delinquency on the Perceptions of Injustice of Chicago Youth Session 264: RG17
Understanding the Nature of Hate Crimes: A Content Analysis of Police Case Reports Session 412: QL5
Understanding the Racial Differences in Parenting Styles in the United States: An Analysis of Juvenile Delinquency and Parenting Styles in Nigeria Session 9: CN1
Understanding the Transboundary Crimes of Empire Session 74: CL2
Understanding the Use of Probation for Young Offenders: A Preliminary View Session 234: CU14
An Uneasy Alliance: Law Enforcement and Victim Advocates in a Rural Area Session 72: IP2
Unemployment and Crime: 1976-2001 Session 131: CJ6
Unemployment, Income Inequality, and Crime: A Cross-National Analysis Session 131: CJ6
Unleashing the F.B.I. and C.I.A.: Lessons From Recent History Session 408: CL17
Unraveling the Web of Juvenile Justice: Formal and Informal Supports for Reintegrating Youths Returning From Placement Session 78: JJ2
Unwinding: Reflections on a Career Session 382: SP10
An Update on Organized Crime in Africa Session 274: RC35
The Use of GIS to Identify Drug and Non-Drug Related Crime Locations by Drug Users: Using ADAM Data From Charlotte, North Carolina Session 437: QT16
The Use of Item Response Theory to Construct Deviance and Attitude {Poster Location 32} Session 279: PO1
Using ATF Firearms Trace Data to Identify Illegal Gun Trafficking Session 300: RC38
Using Attribution Theory to Understand Domestic Violence Victims' Opinions of Filing Charges Session 60: RG5
Using Diversity Training to Reduce the Impact of Race on Police Use of Lethal Force {Poster Location 48} Session 279: PO1
Using Lessons Learned From the Evaluation-Public Management Nexus in the Evaluation Design of a Prison Sex Offender Treatment Program Session 133: DD6
Using Meta-Analysis to Generate "Best Practice" Guidelines for Delinquency Intervention Programs Session 290: DD9
Using NCVS Interviewer Narratives to Study Assaultive Violence Session 114: QT7
Using Networks Session 168: PD6
Using NIBRS to Study Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics of Sex Crimes and Other Violent Felonies Session 352: RC52
Using Risk Assessment to Inform Sentencing Decisions for Non-Violent Offenders in Virginia Session 336: CU18
Utilizing Issues of Personal Transformation to Confront the U.S. Empire: Obstacles and Opportunities Session 341: CL15
Utilizing Theory to Explain the Behavior of Criminal Justice Officials Session 130: CJ5

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