The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
Race and Adolescent Friendship Networks: Implications for Assessing Racial Differences in Delinquency Session 24: QT1
Race and Arrest in U.S. Cities From the Conflict Perspective Session 363: CJ19
Race and Crime: Illuminating the Social Psychological Processes That Contribute to Crime for Whites and African-Americans Session 185: CM8
Race in Inverted Commas: The Mythology of Race in Criminological Theory and Lessons From African Fractal Theory of Articulation Session 164: CL4
Race, Class, Incarceration and Critical Theory Session 244: CL7
Race, Community Characteristics and Attitudes Toward the Police Session 411: PL28
Race, Demeanor, Resistance and Police Coercion: Disentangling the Relationships Session 255: PL15
Race, Drugs and Politics: Social Construction of a Prison Nation Session 188: CH8
Race, Ethnicity, and Career Criminality Session 438: RG26
Race, Gender and Adolescent Relationship Violence: A Contextual Examination Session 264: RG17
Race, Gender, and Woman Battering Session 136: IT2
Race/Ethnicity and Trends in Violent Crime: White-Black, White-Hispanic, and Black-Hispanic Comparisons in Youth and Adult Arrests for Violent Crimes, 1980-2000 {Poster Location 22} Session 279: PO1
Racial Differences in Perceptions Regarding the Deterrent Effects of the Death Penalty Among Criminology and Criminal Justice Students Session 387: CU23
Racial Differences in Resolving Conflicts: A Comparison Between Black and White Police Officers Session 138: PL11
Racial Discrimination and Violence Session 136: IT2
Racial Discrimination, Coping Resources, and Delinquency: An Empirical Test and Extension of Strain Theory Session 328: SA2
Racial Profiling and Organizational Change Session 257: PL17
Racial Profiling and the Threat Hypothesis Session 393: PL27
Racial Threat, Concentrated Disadvantage and Types of Race-Specific Drug Arrests: Accounting for the Rise in Drug Arrests From 1980 to 1990 Session 29: RC2
The Racial Typification of Crime Session 17: CJ1
Racism, Resistance and Repression in the North of England Session 145: RC16
Rape Victimization in 26 American Cities: A Replication Study Session 378: RC56
Rates of DSM-IV Substance Use Disorders in a Sample of Adjudicated Youth Session 316: JJ6
A Rational Choice Model of Deterrence, Intentions, and Drug Use Session 206: EC2
Rationalized and Scripted Restorative Justice Programs: Bold Claims With Modest Results Session 313: CL13
Re-Policing the Poor: The Effects of Probation and Parole Status Session 256: PL16
Reading, Writing, and Race: Lessons on Social Bonding in the School Environment Session 18: EP1
Real and Perceived Employment Barriers and Offender Employment Histories Session 438: RG26
"Really" Participant Observation Session 284: CR15
Recidivism Among Federal Prisoners Released in 1997: An Update on Previous Research Session 358: CR21
Recidivism and Drug Relapse After Treatment: Preliminary Findings on the Importance of Drug Avoidance Self-Efficacy Session 277: IR9
Recidivism and Neighborhood Effects: Examining Parolees in Georgia and Their Communities Session 438: RG26
Recidivism of Female Prisoners: A Gendered Review of the 1994 BJS Recidivism Data Session 358: CR21
Recidivism of Violent Drug Court Offenders Session 159: IU5
Recidivism Rates of Sexual Offenders Three and Five Years Later: Does Treatment Matter: Session 31: RC4
Recidivism: A Look at Public and Private State Prison Releases Session 230: CR11
Recognizing and Nurturing Collaborative Skills in a Practice-Based Research Network Session 50: DD1
The Reconciliation of Control Theory and Career Criminals Session 96: CN5
Recovering From Sexual Victimization: The Role of Victim Services Session 351: RC51
The Reduced Risk of Homicide Victimization: A Latent Effect of Incarceration? Session 401: CR24
Reducing Firearms Violence in Detroit Through the Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Session 323: RC43
Reducing Firearms Violence in Rochester/Buffalo Through the Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Session 323: RC43
Reducing Firearms Violence in St. Louis Through the Project Safe Neighborhoods Initiative Session 323: RC43
Reducing Out of Community Placement in Multi-Problem Youth: The Importance of Local Context of Youth Treatment and Processing Session 252: JJ4
Reducing Robbery: an Evaluation of the Liverpool Robbery Reduction Initiative Session 338: IP9
Reefer Madness Revisited: A Critical Assessment of the Roots of U.S. Marijuana Prohibition Session 260: QL2
Reentry Planning for Mentally Disordered Inmates: A Social Investment Approach Session 68: CR3
Reentry Research Experiences: The "How To" Challenges Session 112: PD4
Reentry: A Series of Studies on Innovative Practices Session 194: IR5
Reforming Ourselves First: Personal Transformation and Peacemaking Criminology Session 341: CL15
Reforming the Powers of the Police in Taiwan and England and Wales: Comparative Reflections on Research, Politics and Culture Session 39: CH1
Regional and Circuit Court Differences in Decisions to Grant Departures From the Sentencing Guidelines Session 98: CU7
Regional Punitivity in America - 1990 Through 1997 Session 188: CH8
Rehabilitation of Prisoners Within the Kibbutz Movement Between 1983-2001 Session 235: IR6
Reintegrative Shaming of Violent Crime: A Randomized Controlled Trial {Poster Location 23} Session 279: PO1
The Relation Between Changes in Marijuana Smoking Trajectories and Changes Session 146: SO1
Relations Between Police and Private Security in South Korea Session 187: CH7
Relationship Between Age Structure and Homicide Rates in the United States, 1970-1999 Session 261: QT12
Relationship Between Prior Arrest History, Addiction Treatment History, and Recent Drug Market Behavior Among Arrestees Session 299: RC37
The Relationship Between Race, Ethnicity, and Sentencing Outcomes Session 92: RS1
The Relationship of Bullying to Other Delinquent Behavior Session 20: LC1
The Relationship of Empathy to Self-Reported Delinquency Session 414: RG25
The Relative Influence of Race and Gender on Punishing Adolescents in Juvenile and Criminal Courts Session 425: CU25
The Relevance of Richard Quinney's Writings on Peacemaking: Criminology Toward Personal and Social Transformation Session 341: CL15
Reliability and Validity of the YLS/CMI Session 343: JJ7
Religion and Self-Defense Against Genocide and Other Crimes Session 65: CH2
Religious Attendance and Spirituality as Protective Factors for Abused and Suicidal African American Women Session 170: RG12
Religious Institutions and Urban Homicide: An Analysis of Cleveland Neighborhoods {Poster Location 24} Session 279: PO1
Repeat Victimisation and the Policing of Communities Session 269: RC30
The Repetitive Nature of Police Stops Session 393: PL27
A Report of the State of Crime Prevention in the Memorial Villages: Expectations, Statistical Findings, and Recommendations for the Future Session 287: IP7
Representations of Sex Crime: Conflict, Commercialism, Culture Session 218: RG16
Representative Policing and Violence Toward the Police Session 138: PL11
Research Opportunities in Research Integrity Session 228: SP6
Researcher as Stakeholder: Shaman, Snake-Oil Salesman, or Sell-Out? Session 133: DD6
Responding to Conflict-Related Intimate Partner Homicide {Poster Location 76} Session 279: PO1
The Response of the Prosecutor to Hate Crime Offenses Session 427: CU27
Responses to Occupational Fraud: A Study in the Behavior of Law Session 347: RO4
Responsibility for Deciding Who Dies Session 360: CU19
Restless About the Ritalin: The Medicalization of Social Control Session 394: QL4
Restorative Justice After 9/11 Session 243: CJ15
Restorative Justice and the Gacaca Tribunals in Rwanda: An Investigation of Restorative Justice and Crimes Against Humanity {Poster Location 59} Session 279: PO1
Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women: Recent Feminist Innovations Session 268: RC29
Restorative Justice and Wrongful Convictions Session 335: CU17
Restorative Justice in a Teen Court: A Process Evaluation Session 13: CU2
Restorative Justice: A Philosophical Analysis Session 201: CJ13
Restrictive Intermediate Punishments and Recidivism in Pennsylvania Session 158: CU10
Restructuring Child Welfare Services: An Analysis of Four Child Welfare Models in Florida Session 46: IU2
Rethinking Criminological Tradition: Cesare Lombroso and the Origins of Criminology Session 166: IT3
Rethinking Graduate Comprehensive Examinations Session 288: ED6
Rethinking the Role of Community Policing: Developing a More Ambitious Integrated Strategy to Equitably Reduce Crime, Build Social Capital, and Foster Socioeconomic Development Session 344: PL21
Rethinking the Role of Diversion in Juvenile Justice Session 52: JJ1
Retributive Justice Theory and "Foreign" Inmates Session 130: CJ5
Returning Home: Family and Inmate Expectations and Perceptions -- Maryland and Illinois Session 333: CR18
Returning Justice to the Community: The Indianapolis Restorative Justice Experiment 24-Month Analysis Session 15: IU1
Review of Recent Criminological Textbooks on Terrorism: Implications for Peacemaking Criminology Session 245: CL8
Revisiting Respondent Fatigue Bias in the National Crime Victimization Survey Session 84: QT5
Revisiting the Impact of Unemployment and Family Disruption on Black Violent Crime: A Comparison of UCR and NIBRS Session 8: CM1
Revisiting the Influence of Jury Gender Composition on Capital Sentencing Session 175: RC21
Revisiting the Relationship Between Welfare Expenditures and Serious Crime Session 408: CL17
Rights in the Administration of Justice: An International Perspective Session 54: PL3
The Rise and Fall of Boot Camps: A Case Study in Common-Sense Corrections Session 128: IR4
Rising Crime in Japan? Risk, Reality, Media Representation and the Police Session 312: CJ16
Risk Assessment With Sex Offenders Session 59: RG4
Risk Factors and Correlates of Ecstasy Use in the Household Population Session 223: RC25
Risk Factors for Domestic Violence Among Vietnamese and Cambodian Populations in the U.S. Session 170: RG12
Risk Factors for Gang Membership Among Norwegian Adolescents Session 296: RG19
Risky Lifestyles and Dating Violence: A Theoretical Test of Violent Victimization Session 379: VT4
The Role of Criminal Justice Pressures on Ecstasy Drug Markets Session 373: RG23
The Role of Gang Motivation in High Risk for Violence Situations Session 320: RG21
The Role of Gender in the Selection of Victims by Offenders Session 443: VT6
Role of Indigenous-Operated Criminal Justice Organizations in Political Activism in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA Session 321: RC41
Role of Police in Schools: National Survey Results From Public Schools and Law Enforcement Agencies Session 51: EP2
The Role of Public Education in Violence Prevention Session 298: RC36
The Role of Race and Ethnicity in Violence Against Women Session 19: FT1
Role of Repeat Victimization in the Explanation of Annual Crime Rates and Trends Session 379: VT4
The Role of Research in Drug Policy Session 248: DD8
The Role of Sexual Socialization in the Development of Adolescent Sexual Self-Control Session 282: CN7
The Role of Siblings in the Transmission of Substance Use and Delinquency Session 146: SO1
The Role of State and Local Law Enforcement in Addressing International Terrorism and Other Transnational Crimes Session 295: PL18
The Roles of Victim and Perpetrator Alcohol Use in Intimate Partner Violence Outcomes {Poster Location 62} Session 279: PO1
ROUNDTABLE: How to Build a University-Based Research Institute for Fun and Profit! Session 212: PD8
The Routine Arrest Space of Drug Offenders: Easy Pickings or Serial Stupidity? Session 134: DD7
Routine Crime in Exceptional Times: The Impact of the Olympic Games on Calls for Service and Crime Reports Session 345: PL22
Routine Victimization? A Look at the Dual Roles of Opportunity and Routine Activities in Sex Offenders' Victim Selection Session 379: VT4
Routines of Violence: Examining the Context and Consequences of Witnessed Violence Session 142: RG11
Runaway Youth, Pathways to Delinquency: A Social Learning Perspective Session 217: RG15
Rural Population Changes Resulting From Prison Expansion in the U.S. (1990-2000) Session 237: IR8
Russian Organized Crime: Problems and Perspectives of Russian-American Cooperation in Law Enforcement Session 274: RC35
The Rusted Armor of Chivalry: Gender Disparity in Court Sentencing Session 234: CU14
Rutgers Center for the Study of Public Security {Poster Location 91} Session 279: PO1

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