The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
Parent Involvement and Perspective on Gang Prevention Programs and School Safety Session 103: EP4
Parental Alienation or Child Abuse? An Empirical Study of Children's Rejection of a Parent After Divorce Session 301: RC39
Parental Involvement in Juvenile Justice Session 365: EP11
Parental Responsibility Legislation and the Cycle of Juvenile Justice Session 251: JJ3
Parental Status and Parenting Responsibilities as Predictors of Relapse and Recidivism Among Drug-Involved Prison Releasees Session 125: CR5
Parenthood and Criminal Offending Session 9: CN1
The Parenting Academy: Evaluation of Treatment Efficacy {Poster Location 83} Session 279: PO1
Parenting Practices and Health Outcomes for Adolescents Session 96: CN5
Parenting Practices and the Course of Pre-Adolescent Antisocial Behaviors Session 189: CN6
Parents, Peers and Punks: Social and Self-Control Predictors of Multiple Forms of Deviance Session 67: CN4
Parricide From Two Perspectives: Findings From SHR and NIBRS Data Session 175: RC21
Parricide: An In-Depth Look at Kids Who Kill Parents and What Happens to Them Session 175: RC21
A Partial Test of Anderson's Code of the Street Thesis Session 9: CN1
Participatory Police Management, Higher Education's Role in Influencing the Law Enforcement Administrator Session 100: IP3
Partner Violence, State Violence: Reflections in a Mirror? Session 273: RC34
A Path Analysis of Family Context, Opportunity, and Delinquency: Controlling for Self-Control Session 67: CN4
Paths to Gender Equality and Rates of Men's Lethal Violence Session 104: FT2
The Patrol Officers' Perception Toward Effectiveness of Police Mini-Station in South Korea Session 54: PL3
Patterns of Crime Over the Life Course: Offending Trajectories in a Dutch Conviction Cohort Session 294: LC8
Patterns of Homicide in East St. Louis Session 440: RC65
Patterns of Property Crime Among Three Groups of Heroin Users {Poster Location 66} Session 279: PO1
Patterns of Violence Against Women: Different Etiology or Difference Risk Factor? Session 268: RC29
Peacemaking as Personal Transformation Session 341: CL15
Pedagogical Challenges and Benefits of Teaching on the Inside: Lessons From 'Drugs in Urban Society' Session 239: ED3
Peer Aggregation and Some Puzzling Effects Session 391: EP12
Peer Influence in Juvenile Justice Session 146: SO1
Penal Harm Public Health: Infectious Diseases and the Consequences of Non-Intervention in Jail Systems Session 308: CR16
Penal Reform in the Republic of Armenia Session 332: CR17
Perceived Social Competence as a Predictor of Rape Myth Endorsement Session 325: RC45
Perceptions of Police Legitimacy, Emotions, and the Collective Session 209: PL12
Perceptions of Safety and Danger in a Public Housing Development {Poster Location 19} Session 279: PO1
Perceptions of the Current State of Criminological Theory Session 166: IT3
The Perilous Existence of Children in Circuses, Carnivals, and Freak Shows Session 147: VT1
The Personality Characteristics, Emotional Functioning, and Rates of Psychopathy in Female Offenders Session 213: PS2
Personnel Panic: Agency Strategies for Overcoming Recruitment and Hiring Challenges Session 319: PL20
Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse in Rural Kentucky Session 419: RC63
Piracy and Smuggling: Contradictions in State and Customary Practices Session 121: SP4
'Pissin' Through the Wicket Session 284: CR15
Pizza, Robbery and Race: A Crime-Mapping Analysis of Robbery and Pizza Delivery Redlining Session 399: RC59
Playing With Mother's Little Helper: How Do Adolescent Users of Illegal Prescription Drugs Differ From "Traditional" Drug Using Adolescents? Session 171: RC17
Plotting Trouble: Mapping Gang Activity Through New York State Session 439: RG27
Police Authority Consultation in England and Wales: Improving Citizen Focus in the Police Service Session 254: PL14
Police Chiefs' Exposure to Information About Computerized Crime Mapping and Their Opinions About the Innovation Session 291: EP8
Police Discretion With the Mentally Ill: Factors Influencing the Handling, Understanding and Criminalization of this Population Session 217: RG15
Police Encounters with Persons With a Perceived Mental Illness: Does the Environment Play a Role in Police Response? Session 115: RG9
Police Mediation: An Emerging Landscape Session 311: IP8
Police Officer Attitudes and Decisions Regarding Persons With Mental Illness Session 108: PL7
Police Officers as Victims of Violent Crime {Poster Location 20} Session 279: PO1
Police Officers on Drug Corners and Violent Crime: Estimating the Impact of Operation Safe Streets Session 389: IP10
Police Operations in Temporary Communities: The Super Bowl, Woodstock and Other Special Events Session 345: PL22
Police Recipe for Organizational Change -- The Missing Ingredient Session 81: PL6
Police Response to Assault: Differences in the Application of Law by Race Session 428: CJ22
The Police Response to Domestic Violence Cases Involving Same Sex Couples Compared to Heterosexual Couples Session 349: RC49
Police Response to Domestic Violence in Taiwan Session 39: CH1
The Police Role in Crime Prevention: Learning the Lessons of a Comparative Journey From Taipei (Taiwan) to Manchester (UK) and Back Again Session 39: CH1
Police Stress: The Gendering of Violence and Stress in Modern Policing Session 195: IP5
Police Use of Force: Detectives in an Urban Police Department Session 369: PL23
Police Violence, Time, Space and the Force Continuum: Assessing the Relationships Session 369: PL23
Police, Para-Police and Other Protective Service Occupations in Canada: Growth and Impact, 1991-2001 Session 79: PL4
Policing and the Law in Post Colonial Africa Session 339: CJ17
Policing Homophobic Hate-Crime in the U.K. {Poster Location 21} Session 279: PO1
Policing Juveniles: Exploring Police Provision of Support in Their Encounters With Juvenile Suspects Session 22: PL2
Policing Police Corruption in Nigeria: Enforcement Strategies Session 187: CH7
Policing Style Endorsed by Officers in Urban and Rural Areas: Examining the Differences Session 109: PL8
Policing the Mentally Impaired: An Assessment of a Police-Mental Health Collaboration Session 287: IP7
Policing the Past: Forensic Evidence and the Problem of Who Did What to Whom in Cold Case Reviews Session 392: PL26
Policing the Student Body: A Critique of Drug Testing in U.S. High Schools Session 51: EP2
Policing Transitions in Africa Session 339: CJ17
Policing Young Offenders: Do Youth Squads Matter? Session 22: PL2
Policy Implications of Prevalence and Correlates of Support for Victim's Rights {Poster Location 50} Session 279: PO1
Policymaking by Decree: Assessing the Impact of Internal Policies on the Implmentation of the California 'Three Strikes' Law" Session 70: CU6
The Politics and Legal Implication of Youth Risk/Need Assessments Session 250: FT5
The Politics of High Demand: Implementing Year 2 of California's Drug Law Reform Amidst Fiscal Crisis and Systemic Challenge Session 285: CU15
Politics of Punishing: How the Routine Activities of Governance Impact State Reliance on Confinement Session 162: CJ8
The Porter County Jail Art Gallery: Crime, Punishment, and Society According to the Other Side {Poster Location 52} Session 279: PO1
Positive adjustment in Young Adulthood of Males Who Were Highly Delinquent as Adolescents Session 144: RC15
The Possibilities of Peacemaking: Can Offenders Find Forgiveness at Life's End? Session 313: CL13
Post Conflict Criminology, Policing and Democratic Development Session 344: PL21
Post-Modernism and Use of Science and Technology in Corrections Session 394: QL4
Post-Partum Depression and the Insanity Defense Session 115: RG9
Post-Positivist Science and Postmodern Criminal Justice Towards a Framework of Analysis Session 394: QL4
Potential Barriers to Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment Session 409: EP13
Potential Iatrogenic Effects of Drug Education and Preventive Intervention Programs Session 391: EP12
The Potentiality of a Special Population: Aging Female Inmates Session 86: RG7
Poverty Stricken Youth Breaking the Law: The North Korean Example Session 384: CH10
Poverty, Concentrated Poverty, and Neighborhood Crime Rates Session 154: CM6
Power Negotiation Within a Closed Prison Setting Session 364: CL16
Precocious Maturity and the Process of Occupational Attainment Session 253: LC7
Predatory Societies - Offending and Victimization in the Consumer Society Session 198: CJ10
Predicting Crime: The Reciprocal Effects of Family Structure on Juvenile and Adult Violent Crime Session 197: CJ9
Predicting Police-Reporting Behavior by Victims of Violence: Controlling for Gender and Victim/Offender Relationship Session 421: VT5
Predicting Service of Alcohol to Intoxicated Customers Session 416: RC60
Predicting Success in the Baltimore City Drug Treatment Court: The Influence of Personal Characteristics and Suspended Sentence Length Session 99: IU4
Predicting Treatment Demand Using ADAM Session 58: RG3
Predicting Victimizations Across the Lifecourse With Routine Activities Theory: The Special Case of Older Adults Session 379: VT4
Predictors of Criminal Career Intensity in a Sample of Juvenile Sexual Aggressors of Children Session 352: RC52
Predictors of Perceived Risk for Student-on-Student Victimization in Grades 7-10 Session 418: RC62
Predictors of Police Contact for Midwestern Homeless and Runaway Youth Session 428: CJ22
Predictors of Post-Intake and Post-Program Recidivism in Drug Court Treatment: Findings From Five New York State Adult Drug Courts Session 310: IR11
Predictors of Sexual Harassment and Coercion Victimization Among College Students: The Role of Gender, Childhood Abuse, Alcohol Expectancy, and Victim-Perpetration Link Session 351: RC51
Preliminary Findings From the Ocean Tides Project on Adjudicated Youth Session 407: CJ21
Preliminary Intermediate Outcomes of an Experimental Evaluation of the Maryland Correctional Boot Camp Session 128: IR4
Preliminary Results of a Gang Intervention Program for Juveniles in Secure Care Session 296: RG19
Preliminary Statistical Tests of Punitivity as a Policy for Imprisonment: American and Japanese Models Compared Session 188: CH8
Preparing Your Tenure File Session 168: PD6
Prerequisite for a Global Justice Based in Needs: The Awakening of Self Session 341: CL15
Prevalence, Patterns, and Recidivism Among Juvenile Delinquents With Concomitant Mental Health and Substance Abuse Problems Session 327: RC47
Preventing Crime in Transitional Societies Session 407: CJ21
Preventing Drinking on Campus: Results of a Student Survey Regarding High-Risk Alcohol Behaviors, and the Implementation and Effectiveness of Strategic Interventions and Related Activities Session 249: EP7
Preventing Terror in the Streets: Analyzing Factors Related to Altruistic and Fatalistic Violence Session 87: RG8
Prevention of Violence and Substance Abuse in Urban Schools: Do Evidence-Based Programs Make a Difference? Session 132: DD5
"The Principle Investigator Will Calculate the Mean and Mediums": Some Experienced Peer Reviewers' Points of View of Pitfalls in NIJ Grant Proposals Session 220: RO2
Prison and Race: The Impact of Incarceration on Human Capital Accumulation and Wages Across the Career Session 395: QT15
Prison Odinism and Hate Crimes: Using Religion to Do Gender Session 364: CL16
Private Prisons and Claimed Efficiencies, is it Smoke, Mirrors, or Just Plain Magic? Session 156: CR8
Privatisation, Punishment and Justice Session 48: CJ2
Probation Intervention, the Need to Reflect Life's Complexities Session 69: CU5
Problems and Prospects in Russian Criminal Justice Since 1991 Session 124: CH6
Professional Issues: Teaching, Research, and Service Session 82: PD3
Profiling Mentally Disordered Offenders: A Case Study of New Jersey Prison Inmates Session 115: RG9
Profiling Methamphetamine Users in Six Southwestern States: Revealing Trends Among Arrestees Since 1998 Session 419: RC63
Profiling Terrorism: Best Practices and Challenges for the International Community Session 348: RC48
Programs Which Prepare Inmates for Reintegration: Cross National Comparisons Session 44: IR2
Prohibition, Regulation, the Philadelphia Police, and the Saloon Keepers Associations Session 416: RC60
Promoting Recovery and Physical Health in Treatment Drug Court: An Explanation of Exercise-Related Affective Change Session 310: IR11
The Prop 36 "Pipeline" Session 12: CU1
Prop 36 and Criminal Justice: Impact and Response Session 12: CU1
A Proposal for Market-Based Policies for the Control of Crime Externalities Session 57: QT3
A Proposal for Positive Change Session 286: IR10
Prosecution Then and Now: An Examination of Differences Between Traditional Prosecution Strategies and Community Prosecution Session 404: IU8
Prosecutorial Discretion and the Imposition of Mandatory Minimum Sentences Session 426: CU26
Prosecutorial Distribution and Bias Crime Designations Session 427: CU27
Prospective Comparison of Homicide Offenders and Victims Session 144: RC15
Prospective Hotspots: Some Preliminary Findings Session 269: RC30
Protecting Human Subjects and Improving Criminal Justice Research Session 211: PD7
Protection or Punishment: Labeling Girls and Correctional Outcomes Session 357: CR20
Providing Services for Economically Disadvantaged Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Recommendations From a Study of Public Housing Residents Session 297: RG20
The Provision of Services to Wife Rape Survivors: Findings From a National Study of Battered Women's Shelters, Rape Crisis Centers and Batterers' Intervention Programs Session 297: RG20
Psychological Characteristics Predicting Inmates' Treatment Seeking Behavior Session 213: PS2
Psychological Effects of Solitary Confinement on Prisoners: Reviewing What We Know and Recommending What Should Change Session 11: CR2
Psychological Effects of Wrongful Conviction Session 335: CU17
Psychopathy and the Moral Emotions Session 213: PS2
Psychopathy as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Moral Emotions and HIV Risk Taking Behavior in an Inmate Sample Session 327: RC47
Psychopathy, Violence Risk Assessment, and the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) Session 213: PS2
Psychosocial Mediators in the Pathways From Victimization to Criminal Behavior in Female Offenders Session 185: CM8
Psychotic Disorders and Sexual Offending Session 377: RC55
Ptoblem-Solving Court Focused on Juvenile Domestic Violence: An Evaluation of a Four Year Juvenile Court Program Session 193: CU12
Pubertal Development and Delinquency: Do Mature Boys Seek Out Delinquent Peers? Session 7: BI1
Public Housing Residents' Satisfaction With Police Performance and How it is Related to Perceived Collective Efficacy Session 311: IP8
Public Opinion and Policy: Attitudes About Legal and Social Responses to Domestic Violence Session 199: CJ11
Public Opinions of the Police: The Influence of Friends, Family and News Media Session 110: PL9
Public Perception and Police Attitude {Poster Location 46} Session 279: PO1
Public Satisfaction With the Police in Domestic Violence Cases: The Influence of Expectations, Arrest, and Demeanor Session 432: PL29
Public Views on Sentencing Juvenile Murderers: The Impact of Offender, Offense, and Perceived Maturity Session 42: CU3
Punishment and Society Legitimacy, Probity and Standards in Prison Session 201: CJ13
Punishment by International Criminal Tribunals: Ideal Example for National Criminal Justice, or Parody of a Penal Process? Session 48: CJ2
Punitivity in Germany in Comparison With Other European Regions Session 188: CH8
Push, Pull, Choose: An Integrative Model of Criminal Theory Session 367: IT5
Pushing Traffic Stops for Driving While Black Back: Drive Race and Gender and Traffic Stops in 'Midwest City,' 1970-1971 Session 370: PL24

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