The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
"Obeying the Commandments": Religion, the Social Bond, and Drug Use Session 73: CJ3
Observing the Control of a Social Underclass--An Ethnographic Study of an Urban Parole Unit Session 259: QL1
Observing the Control of a Social Underclass--An Ethnographic Study of an Urban Parole Unit Session 429: DD11
Obtaining Sensitive Information From a Wary Population: A Comparison of Telephone and Face-to-Face Surveys Session 114: QT7
Ocean's Eleven or Seven-Eleven: Does Rational Thought Process Occur in the Selection of Robbery Targets? Session 440: RC65
Of Fragmentation and Ferment: State Sentencing and Corrections Reforms, 1975-2002 Session 336: CU18
Offender Reentry: New Jersey's New Way of Doing Business Session 424: CR25
Offenders, Victims and Crime-Mapping in the City of Lisbon, Portugal Session 184: CM7
The Offense Cycle and Serial Homicide Session 270: RC31
Office of Justice Programs Web Site Focus Group Session 258: PD9
On Historical Criminology: Criminology and Criminal Justice Between Modern and Late-Modern Culture Session 166: IT3
On Mapping the U.S. Gun Culture Session 95: CH5
On the Relationship Between Age, Age-at-Onset, and Offending in Early Adulthood Session 137: LC5
Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal : "Redeemability" and the Psychology of Punitive Public Attitudes Session 48: CJ2
Once a Thief, Always a Thief? The Effects of Prior Offending and Routine Activities on Criminal Offending Over the Life Course Session 113: QT6
One of the Gang: Concerning the Theoretical Salience of Identity Work in Explaining Peer-Associated Ofending Session 208: IT4
One-Year Relapse and Recidivism Outcomes for Delaware Drug Court Session 159: IU5
Open Society Institute Project {Poster Location 40} Session 279: PO1
Operation Mindcrime Target Underclass: The Effect of the War on Drugs on the Underclass Session 243: CJ15
Opportunistic Auto Theft: Diverting Juvenile Offenders Session 235: IR6
'Order Maintenance' Versus 'Zero-Tolerance' Session 433: PL30
Organizational Management of Offender Reentry: Do More Effective Change Models Exist? {Poster Location 18} Session 279: PO1
Organized Crime and Terrorism: The Case of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia Session 274: RC35
Organized Crime in America: Why it is Widely Misunderstood Session 119: RC12
Orientations to Firearm Ownership as a Continuum Session 91: RC9
Outcome Evaluation of Drug Courts and Traditional, Probation-Based Supervision Session 99: IU4
Ownership of at Least One Handgun: Differences From Other Firearm Owners Session 91: RC9

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