The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
Naming the "Object" of Criminology: Phenomenological Remarks on the Unity of Theory and Practice Session 314: CL14
Nathalie Des Rosiers: What is a Crime? Session 203: CL6
The National Youth Survey Family Study: A Multigenerational, Multidisciplinary, Longitudinal Design Session 169: QT10
Needs and Services Received Reported by Women Released to Parole From the Forever Free Treatment Program Session 125: CR5
Negotiating Probation Work: Process and Structure in the Construction of Probation Officer Recommendations Session 69: CU5
Negotiating Safety on Dangerous Streets: The Role of Female Peer Groups Session 320: RG21
Neighborhod Characteristics and the Nature of the Police Response to Victims' Reports of Crime Session 256: PL16
Neighborhood Conditions and Adolescent Psychological Well-Being: The Mediating Effects of Individual Perception, Family Processes, and Peer Group Association Session 410: LC11
Neighborhood Context and Television News Viewers' Fear of Crime: An Exploration of Social Threat Session 17: CJ1
The Neighborhood Context of Police Use of Force Session 138: PL11
Neighborhood Context, Routine Activities, and Intimate Violence: An Investigation of the Interplay of Individual and Contextual Risk Factors for Spousal Violence Session 208: IT4
Neighborhood Crime -- The Power of Place: A Spatial Analysis of Neighborhoods, Land-Use, and Crime Rates Session 371: PL25
Neighborhood Development and Crime: Implications for Situational Policing Session 256: PL16
Neighborhood Differences in Attitudes Toward the Police Session 80: PL5
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Delinquency in Canada: A Multilevel Analysis Session 322: RC42
Neighborhood Disadvantage and Utilization of Police Resources Session 369: PL23
The Neighborhood Ecology of Serious Domestic Violence: Structural and Contextual Effects Session 421: VT5
Neighborhood Risks of Violence Against Women Session 19: FT1
Neighborhoods and Delinquency: Do Family Processes Condition the Impact of Neighborhoods on Delinquency? Session 154: CM6
Neighbourhood Effects on Criminal Careers: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study Session 208: IT4
Neurocognitive Function in High Risk Adolescents Session 7: BI1
Neuroimaging Studies of Aggressive and Violent Behavior: Implications for Criminology and Criminal Justice Session 7: BI1
New Faculty Workshop (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 436: PD11
The New World Empire as State-Corporate Crime Session 74: CL2
New York City Domestic Violence Courts: Cross-County Evaluation Session 46: IU2
The New York State Police School Resource Officer Program: Determining the Need for a School Resource Officer Session 311: IP8
Newspaper Coverage of Death Sentences in Ohio: A Comparison of Cities Session 360: CU19
The Nexus Between International Organized Crime and Terrorism Session 119: RC12
NIJ International Center Hopes to Link U.S. and Non-U.S. Researchers {Poster Location 57} Session 279: PO1
The North Korean Police: Study of an Oppressive Law Enforcement System Session 187: CH7
Notes on the Birthing of a Field of Study Session 228: SP6
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: The Impact of the Court Supervised Probation Program on Select Juvenile Offenders in Duval County Session 388: IU7

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