The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter M

Paper Title Session ID
Macro and Micro-Level Explainations of Racial Differences in Personal Victimization Session 224: RC26
Major Life Events and Monthly Patterns of Crime Session 368: LC10
Making Distinctions: A Multiple Models Approach to Assessing Risk of Repeat Domestic Violence Session 117: RC10
Making Distinctions: A Multiple Models Approach to Assessing Risk of Repeat Domestic Violence Session 221: RC23
Making Hate a Crime: From Social Movement to Law Enforcement (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 2001) Session 356: AM5
Making Meaningful Correctional Training to Prevent Staff Sexual Misconduct: The Gender Component Session 10: CR1
The Making of Criminal Justice Policy Session 329: SP8
Making Religious and Secular Crime Attributions: An Examination of the Effect of Religion and Attribution Style on Correctional Orientation Session 73: CJ3
Making the Magic Circle: Gendering Youth Violence Through Interaction, Opportunity, and Cultural Milieu Session 430: FT7
Male and Female Team Serial Killing: A Right of Entitlement? Session 270: RC31
Maltreatment and Development Trajectories of Delinquency and Drug Use Session 107: LC4
Management, Control, and Disposal of the New "Dangerous Class" Session 359: CR22
Managing Prisoners as Problem Populations and the Changing Nature of Imprisonment: A Convict Perspective Session 359: CR22
The Manchester Diocese's Response to Sexually Abusive Priests: An Example of Organizational Crime Session 396: RO6
Mangling the Myth: The Minority Community's 'Real' Perception of Police Presence Session 338: IP9
Mapping ADAM With Zip Codes vs. Census Block Groups Session 437: QT16
Mapping Gang Violence: An Analysis of Gang Related Homicides in Essex County, New Jersey Session 116: RG10
Marital Status Variations in Canadian Public Housing Woman Abuse Session 421: VT5
Martyrdom and Terrorism: The Road to Predatory Suicide Session 119: RC12
Masculinities, Femininities, and Varieties of Violence by Girls Session 430: FT7
Matching Kids to Programs: Using Program Performance Information to Improve Juvenile Court disposition Decisions Session 252: JJ4
Maternal Cigarette Smoking and Deviant/Criminal Behavior: A Meta-Analysis Session 442: RS2
Maternal Employment, Family Structure, Family Processes, and Adolescent Problems Session 105: IT1
Maturity of Judgment in Delinquent Youth Session 52: JJ1
A Measurement Model Approach to Estimating Community Policing Implementation {Poster Location 79} Session 279: PO1
Measurement of Theoretical Constructs and the Use of Data Drawn From the National Youth Survey Session 92: RS1
Measures of Goodness of Fit for Group-Based Trajectory Models Session 141: QT9
Measuring and Explaining Criminal Justice Session 200: CJ12
Measuring Cross-National Convergence/Divergence of Homicide Victimization Rates for Males and Females, 1956 to 2000 Session 19: FT1
Measuring Institutional Strength: Examining the Role of Neighborhood-Based Institutions in Understanding Neighborhood Rates of Crime Session 93: CM4
Measuring Social Capital in Community-Crime Models Session 395: QT15
Measuring the Prison Contribution to Inmate Misconduct Over Time: A Multilevel Investigation of Prison Performance Session 126: CR6
Media and Scholarly Images of Crime and Violence: Then and Now Session 374: RO5
Media Coverage of Incarceration: Recurring Themes and Common Sources Session 259: QL1
Media Images of Male Rape in Prison Session 396: RO6
Media Representations of Male and Female Crime Session 215: RG13
The Mediating Role of Parental Involvement in the Relationship Between Distance to School and Academic Achievement Session 18: EP1
Medical Murder, Munchausen and Control: An Analysis of Homicides in Medical Settings Session 417: RC61
Medicate to Executive: Should we be Allowed to Force Inmates to Take Medicine in Order to Execute Them? Session 387: CU23
Meeting the Challenge of Computer Crime: Taking Situational Crime Prevention Into the Virtual Environment Session 291: EP8
Members of the Community: Life Experiences of Drug Offenders Incarcerated in New York {Poster Location 43} Session 279: PO1
Memorial Session for Robert K. Merton Session 354: SA3
Mental Health Needs of Juvenile Offenders: Practice and Public Opinion Session 316: JJ6
Mental Illness and Capital Punishment: A Case Anaysis Session 360: CU19
'Merton With Energy - Katz With Structure': The Criminology of Transgression and the Sociology of Vindictiveness Session 49: CL1
Meta-Analysis on the Relationship Between the Police Levels and Crime Rates Session 369: PL23
Methamphetamine Arrests and Deprivation Cases: Correlational Trends and Qualitative Evidence Session 301: RC39
Methamphetamine Production in the Heartland Session 419: RC63
Methamphetamine Use in Santa Clara County, California Session 172: RC18
Michigan's Welfare to Work Program: Silver Linings and Storm Clouds Session 173: RC19
The Mid-Life Health Consequences of Delinquent and Antisocial Behavior Session 253: LC7
Migrant Death and the INS' Border Safety Initiative: An Impact Evaluation Session 295: PL18
Minority and Immigrant Perceptions of Policing: A Comparison of Vietnamese and Latino Communities Session 411: PL28
Minority and Immigrant Perceptions of Policing: Analysis of a Latino Community Session 411: PL28
Minority Attitudes Toward the Police: Results of a National Survey Session 80: PL5
Minority Trust and Confidence in the Police: Findings From a Study of New Yorkers Session 80: PL5
Miscarriages of Justice From a Comparative Legal Perspective Session 335: CU17
Missing in Action: Handling Agency Nonresponse in the UCR Session 84: QT5
Mixture Experiments in Social Science: Ideal Methodology for Testing Criminological Theory Within and Between Session 353: SO2
Modeling Collaborative Initiatives: Processes and Outcomes in Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships Session 50: DD1
Modeling Punitiveness: Assessing State-Level Variations in Punishment Session 336: CU18
Modeling Relationships Between Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Problem Drinking in a Non-Clinical Sample Session 303: VT3
Modified Census Benchmarking for Traffic Stop Statistics Analysis Session 318: PL19
Modus Operandi of Sexual Offenders Working or Doing Voluntary Work With Children and Adolescents: A Descriptive Study Session 352: RC52
Moments of Control in a Women's Prison: Refletions From India Session 357: CR20
Money Laundering Offenders in the Federal Criminal Justice System Session 348: RC48
The Moonshine of the New Millennium: Pharmaceutical/Prescription Drugs and Their Abuse Session 419: RC63
Motivation in the Community Policing Era: Application of Expectancy Model Session 100: IP3
Motivation of Becoming Corrections Officers in South Korea Session 357: CR20
Motivational Interventions With Probationers: A Consideration of Outcome Effects in Terms of Drug Use, New Criminal Activity and HIV Risk Behaviors Session 403: IR13
Moving Evidence-Based Family Treatments Programs Into Community Settings: Principles and Protocols of a Successful Dissemination Project Session 102: DD4
Moving on the Travelers and Tolerating the Water Bombers: Varying Approaches to Policing Temporary Populations Session 345: PL22
A Multi-Factor Social Ecological Approach to Family Violence Session 184: CM7
A Multi-Level Analysis of Citizen Involvement in Community Policing Session 197: CJ9
Multi-Level Context of School Crime: An Analysis of Individual, School and Community Level Factors Session 30: RC3
Multi-Level Model of School and Individual Influences on Delinquent Behavior Session 77: EP3
A Multi-Method Psychometric Assessment of a Self-Control Scale: Does Gender Matter? Session 24: QT1
A Multi-Site Process Evaluation of Juvenile Drug Courts {Poster Location 56} Session 279: PO1
My Life in Crime Session 382: SP10

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