The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
I Think I Am, Therefore I Am: Identity Theory and Delinquency Session 56: PS1
'I Wasn't Really Bonded With My Family': A Framework for Understanding Violent Female Offending Session 366: FT6
"I'm Named a Bully:" Violent Girls' Description of Self and World Session 366: FT6
Identifying and Explaining Homicide Surges in Neighborhoods in Six American Cities Session 261: QT12
Identifying Factors Associated With Drug Treatment Court Completion and Recidivism: Some Challenges to Measuring the Intervention in the Real World Session 388: IU7
Identifying Juvenile Offender Characteristics in Success-Outcome Mediation Cases Session 238: IU6
Identifying Meaningful Differences Among Child Molesters: The Role of the Jesness Inventory in Addressing Responsivity Session 31: RC4
Identity Management Among Incarcerated Fathers Session 413: RG24
Ignoring Warnings, I Became a Criminologist Session 382: SP10
Illegal Drugs, Drug Offenses, and Drug Offenders Session 222: RC24
Images and Consequences of Crime Victims in the Media Session 215: RG13
Immigrant Residential Concentration and Crime Rates: The Decomposition of Ethnic Heterogeneity in Social Disorganization Theory Session 383: CM11
Impact Analyses of Three New York State Adult Drug Courts: Results From Quasi-Experimental Designs Session 99: IU4
The Impact of "On Track": Peer Mediation as a Strategy for Social Inclusion Session 132: DD5
Impact of Blunts/Marijuana on Markets for Low-Cost Cigars Session 29: RC2
The Impact of Capital on Crime: Does Access to Home and Small Business Lending Reduce Crime Rates in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods? Session 342: DD10
Impact of Changes in Community Family Structure on Female and Male Violence, 1970-2000 Session 120: RC13
The Impact of Changes in Pennsylvania's Sentencing Guidelines, 1991-2000 Session 309: CU16
Impact of Drug Treatment on Florida Drug-Involved Probationers: A Propensity Score Analysis Session 14: IR1
The Impact of Human Subjects Review on the Quality of Social Science Research Methodology Session 266: RO3
The Impact of Income Inequality on Race-Specific Homicide Rates: 1947-2001 Session 8: CM1
Impact of Key Policies and Management Decisions on Case Outcomes Session 404: IU8
The Impact of Participation and Completion of a Seamless System of Supervision and Treatment on Recidivism and Employment Outcomes Session 235: IR6
The Impact of Racially Segregated Schooling on African American and White Incarceration Risk, 1970-1990 Session 395: QT15
The Impact of Rule 35(b) and Other Sentencing Adjustments on Time Served in Prison by Federal Offenders Session 98: CU7
The Impact of School Resource Officers on Student and Faculty Perceptions of Safety and the Educational Experience: A Preliminary Evaluation of Spokane's School Resource Officer Program Session 315: EP10
The Impact of the Crack Epidemic on Local Homicide Trends Session 174: RC20
The Impact of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention Programs on School Safety Session 132: DD5
The Impact of Work-Family Conflict on Private Prison Staff Session 126: CR6
Impact on Offending Behaviour {Poster Location 17} Session 279: PO1
The "Impact" of Custodial Dispositions on Adolescent Youth Session 78: JJ2
Implementation and Outcomes for CYSA/TANF in California's Probation Departments Session 403: IR13
The Implementation of California Proposition 36: The Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act (SACPA) of 2000 Session 285: CU15
Implementation of Dual Diagnosis Courts: A Case Study in California Session 310: IR11
Implementing an Innovative Approach to Prisoner Reentry: Process Evaluation of the Harlem Parole Reentry Court Session 46: IU2
Implementing School-Based Prevention/Intervention Services for At-Risk Youth Session 292: EP9
The Importance of Family in Non-Lethal Youthful Offending Session 365: EP11
Importance of Family Support for the Long-Term Survivial of HIV/AIDS-Infected African-American and Latino Prisoners and Parolees Session 308: CR16
The Importance of Risk, Need, and Responsivity Factors in Predicting Reductions in Antisocial Attitudes and Cognitive Distortions Among Adult Male Offenders Session 155: CR7
The Importance of the Individual in American Criminal Justice History: Bibliographic Profiles of Pioneers Session 355: SP9
The Importance of Theory in Research Methodology Session 314: CL14
The Importance of Time and Place Contextualization in Criminological Research Session 196: IP6
Improving Access to Treatment for Sex Offenders Following Release From Incarceration Session 59: RG4
Improving Drug Courts: Ask the Experts--The Clients! {Poster Location 55} Session 279: PO1
Improving Investigative Performance Through the Murder Review Process: An Analysis Session 195: IP5
Impulsivity and Offending: The Conditioning Effect of Neighborhood Processes Session 282: CN7
In Search of Security Session 111: PL10
In Support of Qualitative Methodology in Criminal Justice Session 405: ED8
In Their Own Words: Parolees Identify What Works and What Doesn't Session 97: CR4
Incarceration and its Prevention: A Comparative Cost-Benefit Analysis Session 57: QT3
Incarceration of Drug Offenders: Race, Gender, and Culpability Session 135: FT3
Incarceration, Employment and the Lifecourse Session 107: LC4
Income Inequality and Crime: Examining Past Research Session 131: CJ6
Incorporating Race and Crime in Criminal Justice/Criminology Session 405: ED8
Incorporating Racism Into Domestic Violence Trainings for Police Officers: Problems and Solutions Session 16: ED1
Incorporating Socio-Historical Context and Temporal Variation Into Quantitative Cross-National Criminology Session 84: QT5
Increasing the Role of Faith Leaders in Violence Prevention Session 298: RC36
Increasing Transaction Costs: Criminology Research and Human Subjects Review Session 266: RO3
Indeterminate, Determinate, Early Release, and Truth-in-Sentencing Penal Policies: An Empirical Test of the Impact on Public Safety Session 336: CU18
Indian Gaming and the Construction of Fear in Arizona Session 374: RO5
Individual and Systemic Barriers to Improving HIV Education Services for Offenders Session 308: CR16
Individual Difference and Subject-Generated Consequences in Rational Choice Research Using Hypothetical Offending Scenarios Session 206: EC2
Individual-Level Factors in Prisoner Reintegration: Findings From Three States Session 333: CR18
The Influence of Causal Attribution, Fear of Crime, and Personal Victimization on Attitudes Toward Punishment: Results of the 2002 Penn State Poll Session 340: CJ18
The Influence of Collective Efficacy on Gang Crimes in Hollenbeck {Poster Location 84} Session 279: PO1
The Influence of Family Factors on Adolescent Risky Sexual Behavior {Poster Location 39} Session 279: PO1
The Influence of Immigration on Metropolitan Crime Rates Session 422: CM12
Influence of Interscholastic Athletic Participation on the Use of Illicit Drugs Session 171: RC17
The Influence of Press Coverage on Prosecutorial Discretion: Examining Homicide Prosecutions 1990-2000 Session 70: CU6
The Influence of Psychological Problems on Engagement in Drug Court Session 159: IU5
The Influence of Victim Attributes on Capital Murder Sentencing Decisions Session 175: RC21
Information Technology and Labeling: Are Community Responses Necessary? Session 75: DD2
Informing Opinions About the Death Penalty: Another Test of the Marshall Hypothesis Session 387: CU23
Initiating Restorative Practices in a District Attorney's Office Session 15: IU1
Inmate Hierarchies and Social Status in a Juvenile Prison Session 78: JJ2
Innovations in Gun Violence Prosecution Strategies Session 404: IU8
Inside Out: Prison Culture and Anticipatory Resocialization Session 237: IR8
Inside the Gate: Re-Examining the Role of Marijuana in the Drug Use Career Session 171: RC17
The Institutional Effects on Report of Incidents in a Youth Correctional Facility Session 337: IR12
Institutional Racism: Using Law as a Tool to Perpetuate Racial Inequality Session 243: CJ15
Institutional, Individual, and Subjective Experiences as Predictors of Prison Misconduct Session 337: IR12
Institutionalized Feminism? The Case of a Domestic Violence Court Session 72: IP2
Instrumental Gain or Expressive Rage: Characteristics of Robbery in Homosexual Homicides Session 90: RC8
An Integrated Theoretical Examination of Gender-Specificity in Pathways to Serious and Violent Delinquency Session 105: IT1
Integrated Theory Explaining Violence by Students Against Teachers Session 321: RC41
Integrating the Immigration Experience Into Explanations for Vietnamese-American Women's Abuse Session 443: VT6
Integrative Exploration of General and Specific Attitudes Toward the Police Session 110: PL9
Intensive Aftercare Programming for Juvenile Offenders: A Review of Current Program Developments Session 293: JJ5
Intensive Supervision of First-Time Probationers: Lessons From an Experimental Outcome Evaluation Session 403: IR13
Interagency Priorities at the Crossroads: Aftercare Among Drug Users Session 68: CR3
The Intermediate Role of Social Institutions in the Relationship Between Social Change and Homicide in Russia Session 423: CM13
International and Internet Cases of Child Sexual Abuse Work in Progress {Poster Location 78} Session 279: PO1
International Law Enforcement Training: Does it Make a Difference? Session 79: PL4
International Model of Policing Session 79: PL4
International Police Cooperation and Management: A Theoretical Typology of Structure, Organization, Practice, and Adaptive Process Within Dynamic Social Systems Session 94: CH4
International Prison Initiative (IPI) Project (Sponsored by the Division on Corrections and Sentencing) Session 231: CR12
International Public Health Literature on Firearms and Genocide: A Study in Omission Session 65: CH2
International Resistance to the American Death Penalty and Implications for U.S. Sovereignty Session 193: CU12
Internet News Representations of September 11th: Archival Impulse in the Age of Information Session 176: RC22
Internet-Related Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation Crimes: Characteristics of Offenders Session 28: RC1
The Internship Experience: Maintaining Academic Integrity in Experiential Learning Programs Session 129: ED2
Interpreting Age, Period and Cohort Effects in Juvenile Delinquency: Predicting County Level Offending Session 20: LC1
Interpreting Trends in Street Crime: A New Approach? Session 174: RC20
The Intersection of Law Enforcement, Mental Health, and Social Policy Session 197: CJ9
Intervention Work With the Perpetrators of Domestic Violence in the UK Session 221: RC23
Interviewing Service Providers Who Work With Sexual Assault Survivors Session 297: RG20
Introduction to the Blueprints for Violence Prevention National Dissemination Project Session 76: DD3
An Introduction to the RESTORE Project Session 238: IU6
Investigating Continuity and Change in Longitudinal Studies With subject Attrition Session 141: QT9
Investigating Internet-Related Sex Crimes With Juvenile Victims: Law Enforcement Dilemmas Session 28: RC1
Investigating the Determinants of Limited Discretion Session 362: CU21
Investigating the Relationship Between Local Politics, Segregation and Crime in 100 Large U.S. Cities, 1970-1990 Session 38: CM2
Invisible Stripes? Former Prisoners' Perception of Stigma Session 289: CL12
Is a Living Death Worse Than a Dying Life? Or Vice Versa Session 247: CL10
Is Marijuana a "Gateway" Drug?: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis Session 171: RC17
Is the Development of Gender-Specific Programs Warranted? Session 346: RG22
Is Your Rap Sheet Protected Health Information? Session 266: RO3
The Issue of Role Stressors Among Staff at a Private Midwestern Prison Session 126: CR6
Issues in the Practical Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis Session 57: QT3
It's a Rave New World: Realizing the Importance of Population-Specific Ecstasy Interventions Session 223: RC25

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