The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gambling and Crime Session 273: RC34
Gambling, Prostitution, and Pornography Offenses, Offenders, and Arrestees Session 222: RC24
Game Theory, Self-Control Theory, and the Explanation of Crime Session 331: CN9
Gang Members in Minnesota: Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Compare Locations of Residence and Arrests Session 27: RG2
Gangs and Delinquency in Developmental Perspective Session 153: AM3
Gangs, Guns, and Drugs in the Community: Changes in the Mobility Patterns of Victims and Offenders Involved in Homicide Session 25: QT2
Gender and Delinquency: Using General Strain Theory and the Gendered Theory of Offending to Explore Differences in Male and Female Delinquency Session 275: SA1
Gender and Diversity: New Entanglements in Prime Time Crime Session 219: RO1
Gender and Gangs: A Quantitative Comparison Session 27: RG2
Gender and General Strain Theory: An Exploration Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health Session 275: SA1
Gender and Sentencing in Florida Session 386: CU22
Gender and the Temporal Sequencing of Criminal Convictions in New Zealand Session 431: LC12
Gender Differences and Risk Factors for Drug Use by Youth {Poster Location 80} Session 279: PO1
Gender Differences in Childhood Risk Factors for Violent and Nonviolent Crime Among Persons Incarcerated in the United States Session 53: LC2
Gender Differences in Psychosocial Functioning Among Probationers Mandated to a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Session 85: RG6
Gender Differences in Risk Factors for Offending: Implications for Risk-Focused Prevention Session 85: RG6
Gender Differences in Risk Factors for Serious Delinquents: Child Maltreatment, Mental Illness, Substance Use, and School Failure Session 120: RC13
Gender Differences in Sentencing: From Arrest to Disposition Session 413: RG24
Gender Differences in the Development of Crime and Delinquency: The Effects of Marriage on Criminal Involvement by Men and Women Session 167: LC6
Gender Inequality and Other Macro-Social Effects on Femicide Rates Session 224: RC26
Gender Symmentry in Domestic Violence: Findings From an Observational Study of the Police Session 120: RC13
Gender, Culture, and Drugs: An Assessment of Juvenile Court Responses to Drug Use by Male and Female Adolescents Session 250: FT5
Gender, Economic Marginalization and the Gender Gap in Arrests: An Examination of U.S. Cities, 1960-2000 Session 19: FT1
Gender, Economics, and Crime: Exploring the Effect of Women's Relative Economic Marginalization on the Gender Gap in Offending Session 104: FT2
Gender, Romance, and Delinquency Involvement Session 431: LC12
Gender, Self-Regulation and Delinquency: The Role of Delinquent Peers and Social Bonds Session 317: LC9
Gender, Social Bonding, and Peer Influence: A Conceptual Framework and Analysis Session 307: CN8
Gender, Streetlife and Violence: An Ethnographic Analysis Session 430: FT7
Gender, Victim-Offender Relationship and the Frequency of Violence Session 120: RC13
Gendered Justice: The Impact of Attributions in the Processing of Juvenile Offenders Session 386: CU22
Gendered or Generic Theories of Delinquency Causation? Evidence From a Long-Term, Follow-Up of Serious Adolescent Offenders Session 431: LC12
The General Deterrent Effects of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws in the United States Session 89: RC7
The Generality of Criminal Behaviour: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Criminal Activity of Sex Offenders in Adulthood Session 31: RC4
Genocide as Government Through Murder: A Control Theory Perspective Session 331: CN9
Genotype Environment Interaction: An Examination of the Caspi Hypothesis for the Etiology of Antisocial Behavior in a Nationally Representative Sampe of the U.S. Session 169: QT10
A Geographic and Contextual Analysis of Illegal Drug Sales Session 149: CM5
The Geography of Disparity: A Case Study Session 393: PL27
Geography, Polydrug Use, and Criminal Involvement of Arrested MDMA Users Session 172: RC18
Getting in is Half the Fun: IRB Gatekeeping and Prison Research Session 284: CR15
Getting Published Session 23: PD1
Getting Serious About 'Never Again' Guns, Democide, and the United Nations Session 65: CH2
Global Criminology, Human Rights and Social Justice: A Recipe for Resisting Empire Session 74: CL2
Global Paradigm Shifts: Implications for a Shift in Justice to a Restorative Justice Paradigm Session 74: CL2
The Globalization of Peacemaking Criminology Session 74: CL2
The Globalization of Russian, Colombian, and Chinese Organized Crime: A Quantitative Analysis Session 61: RC5
Globalization, Gendered Labor Regimes, and the Potential for State/Corporate Criminality Session 278: CL11
Globalization, Sovereignty and Criminology: The Case of Forced Migration Session 278: CL11
The Glueck Girls: The Importance of Historical Context for Specifying the Influence of Social Capital, Social Control, and Individual Agency on Female Offending Trajectories Session 431: LC12
Going to the Other Side: Towards a Life Course Explanation of Desistance Session 53: LC2
Good Ol' Boys: Severe and Pervasive Conduct of Sexual Harassment in Criminal Justice Agencies Session 21: PL1
A Good Place To Do Time Session 286: IR10
Governing Crime in the Countryside Session 312: CJ16
Great Criminal Justice Reformers and Challenges to Justice in the 21st Century Session 355: SP9
Group Threat, Community Cohesion, and Punitive Attitudes Session 363: CJ19
Gun Control in Canada: Problems and Prospects Session 95: CH5
Gun Control in England: The Tarnished 'Gold Standard' Session 95: CH5
Gun Ownership and the Risk of Suicide Session 217: RG15
Gun Ownership, Gang Membership, Drug Dealing and Male Juvenile Homicide Session 417: RC61
Gun Type Risks in Battered Spouse and Police Shooting Scenarios Session 397: RC57
Gun-Related Crime in North Dakota: Results From PSN Research Session 143: RC14
Guns, Drugs, and Violence: A Lethal Combination Among Youth in Michigan {Poster Location 16} Session 279: PO1
Gurney Conversions or Genuine Contrition: Expressions of Remorse in Death Row Inmates Session 413: RG24

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