The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
Facilitating Confessions of Suspects Interrogated for Sexual Offenses Session 79: PL4
Fact or Fiction?: The Nexus Between Terrorism and Organized Crime Session 61: RC5
Factors Affecting Sentencing Outcomes in Criminal Cases: A Multilevel Analysis Session 426: CU26
Factors Affecting the Decision to "Dropout" of Police Work: A Longitudinal Study of Police Recruits Session 415: RO7
The Failure of Community Policing: Legacy of the Progressive Era Session 311: IP8
Faith and the Limits of Social Science: Thoughts From Popper Session 190: CR9
The Fallout of Juvenile Waiver: An Analysis of Juvenile Offenders Transferred to the Criminal Justice System Session 127: CU8
Family and Intimate Violence Among Females in Gangs Session 320: RG21
Family as Moral Community: Does the Effect of Youth Religiosity on Delinquency Depend on the Religiosity of Parents? Session 73: CJ3
Family Strain, Negative Emotion, and Delinquency: Forwarding General Strain Theory as an Explanation of the Gender Gap Session 185: CM8
Family Structure, Gender and Juvenile Crime Processing Session 346: RG22
Family Violence: Clarifying Our Pedagogical Strategies Session 240: ED4
The Family's Impact on Crime and Deviance Among College Students Session 146: SO1
Family-Based Prevention of Offending: A Meta-Analysis Session 205: EP6
The Fantasy-Addiction Model of Serial Homicide Session 270: RC31
Fear of Crime Among Whites and Latinos: Testing Previous Theoretical Findings Session 17: CJ1
Fear of Crime and Perception of Risk: Implications for Airline Security Policy Session 87: RG8
Fear of Crime: A Comparison of Male Victims of Sexual Assault With Non-Victims Session 225: RC27
Federal Drug Trafficking Sentences: A Multilevel Analysis of Court and Familial Contexts Session 373: RG23
Felonious Killings of and Assaults Upon Law Enforcement Officers, 1960-1999 Session 109: PL8
Female Correctional Subcultures: Resulting Institutional and Staff Management Challenges Session 385: CR23
Female Drug Offenders: A Quantitative Analysis of Recidivism Session 135: FT3
Female Inmates Revisited: A Comparison Between Female and Male Inmates Session 234: CU14
Female Juvenile Offender Involvement in Domestic Violence-Related Offending Session 366: FT6
Female Persistence in Criminal Offending Patterns: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination Session 104: FT2
Feminist Criminology in Theory and Action (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) Session 5: SP2
Fighting Behavior of Female Offenders' Daughters Session 207: FT4
Fightling Like a Girl: How 'At-Risk' Inner-City Girls Use and Experience Violence Session 104: FT2
Filling in the Gap in the Causal Link of Deterrence Session 206: EC2
Findings From a Process and Outcome Evaluation of a Prison Sex Offender Treatment Program and the Link to Program Management and Public Policy Session 133: DD6
Findings From the 2002 National Youth Gang Survey Session 27: RG2
Findings From the Blueprints Drug Initiative (Life Skills Training) Session 76: DD3
Findings From the Blueprints Violence Initiative Session 76: DD3
Firearm Ownership and Self-Protection vs. Recreation: Predicting Two Types of Owners and Their Relationship to Gun Storages Practices Session 91: RC9
Firearms and Homicide -- A State-Level Analysis Session 376: RC54
Firearms, Crime and the UK Gun Debate Session 143: RC14
Flexible Evaluability Assessments Applications to Adult and Juvenile Interventions Session 140: QT8
Focus on Family and Fatherhood: Lessons From Fairfax County's Responsible Fatherhood Program for Incarcerated Dads Session 236: IR7
Formal and Informal Resource Utilization Among Rural and Urban Women: A Protective Order Sample {Poster Location 45} Session 279: PO1
The Fourth Era of American Policing: Strategic Policing Session 195: IP5
Fraud in the American Healthcare System {Poster Location 86} Session 279: PO1
Freshmen Learning Communities in Criminology and Criminal Justice: An Effective Tool for Enhancing Student Recruitment and Learning Outcomes Session 129: ED2
From Badness to Meanness: Popular Constructions of Contemporary Childhood Session 366: FT6
From Cessation to Desistance: The Importance of Social Bonds to the Successful Adjustment of Sex Offenders to Probation Supervision Session 41: CN3
From Science to Effective Community Practice: The Nurse Family Partnership Experience Session 102: DD4
From Stylistic Innovators to Social Gangs: The Early Development of the Skinhead Subculture Session 296: RG19
From Tough Guy to Pinup Girl: A Content Analysis of Gender Role Stereotypes in the World Wide Wrestling Federation Session 219: RO1
From Welfare Queens to Docile Women: The Discipline and Control of Poor Women Session 246: CL9
A Further Understanding of School Disorder {Poster Location 69} Session 279: PO1
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 334: CR19
The Future Trend of Supermax Confinement in Taiwan: A Reflection From the American Supermax Perspectibe Session 191: CR10
Future Uncertainty and Offending: Individual Differences and Context Effects Session 96: CN5

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