The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
Early Childbearing Patterns and Their Consequences Across Three Generations of the Rochester Youth Development Study Session 20: LC1
Early Childhood Predictors of Antisocial Behavior: A Multiethnic Assessment of Pathways to Child Psychopathology Session 410: LC11
Early Intervention Programs: Too Little Too Late {Poster Location 75} Session 279: PO1
Early Sexual Onset and Its Influence on Later Delinquency Session 106: LC3
Ecological Jurisprudence and the Implications of Social Learning Theory for Judging Criminal Responsibility Session 353: SO2
Ecological Labeling: Towards an Understanding of Its Development and Impacts Session 184: CM7
An Economic Analysis of the Causes and Mechanisms of Juvenile Delinquency: An Empirical Study of the French Evidence Session 208: IT4
Editorial Vision of The Angolite: Women at Angola in the 1950s Session 218: RG16
Education in Prison: Does it Reduce Recidivism? Session 308: CR16
Educational Attainment as a Turning Point in the Delinquent Life Course Session 107: LC4
Educational Deficiencies of Delinquent Youth Session 18: EP1
Edwin Sutherland: The First Victimologist? {Poster Location 51} Session 279: PO1
The Effect of an Increased Police Presence on Neighborhood Crime Rates Session 195: IP5
The Effect of Gun Levels on Violence Rates Depends on Who Has Them Session 143: RC14
The Effect of Parental Disciplinary Practice on Delinquency: Literature Review Using Meta-Analysis Session 442: RS2
The Effect of Probation Officer Recommendations on Case Disposition Session 69: CU5
The Effect of Structural Embeddedness on Gang Crime Session 296: RG19
Effectiveness of Civil and Criminal Orders of Protection as Remedies of Domestic Violence Victims in a Midwestern County Session 361: CU20
Effects of a Residential Faith-Based Program for Inmates Nearing Release Session 403: IR13
Effects of Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Incarceration on Child Care Session 58: RG3
The Effects of Alcohol Intoxication and Affective Arousal on Criminal Decision Making Session 165: EC1
Effects of Environmental Policy and Colonization on American Indians' Involvement in Crime, Law and Society Session 101: CJ4
Effects of Ethnicity, Drinking History, and Family Drinking History on Perceptions of Causes of Heavy Drinking {Poster Location 74} Session 279: PO1
The Effects of Fear of Crime on Mediating Support for the Death Penalty Session 363: CJ19
Effects of Federal Firearms Transfer Restrictions on State-Level Homicide Rates Session 397: RC57
The Effects of Incarceration on Attitudes Toward the Criminal Justice System Session 340: CJ18
Effects of Incarceration on Employment and Earnings of Offenders Released From Ohio's State Prisons During 1999 and 2000 Session 68: CR3
Effects of Individual and Contextual Characteristics on Preadjudication Detention of Juvenile Delinquents Session 120: RC13
The Effects of News Media on Public Opinion of Police Session 110: PL9
The Effects of Peers and Social Bonds on Adult Drug and Alcohol Use {Poster Location 30} Session 279: PO1
The Effects of Personal Views Toward Work and Money of the Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Private Prison Staff Session 126: CR6
The Effects of Religion on Delinquency: Literature Review Using Meta-Analysis Session 414: RG25
The Effects of Time and Race on Juvenile Justice Decision Making in One Juvenile Court Session 252: JJ4
The Effects of Transition to Fatherhood on Participation in Illegal Behavior: An Ethnographic Examination of Crime and the Life Course Session 9: CN1
The Effects of Two Cognitive Behavioral Interventions on a Sample of Incarcerated Women Offenders: A Program Evaluation Session 45: IR3
Elaborating Toward a General Theory on Violent Victimization Session 379: VT4
An Empirical Analysis of Detention Decision Making in the Juvenile Justice System Session 52: JJ1
An Empirical and Legal Analysis of Police Handling of Persons With Psychopathologies Session 108: PL7
An Empirical Assessment of Juvenile Drug Use, Self-Medication and Violent Behavior Session 375: RC53
An Empirical Assessment of the Affect of Crime Salience on Attitudes Toward Crime, Welfare and Immigration Session 340: CJ18
The Empirical Basis for the Containment Approach for Managing Convicted/Adjudicated Sex Offenders Session 97: CR4
An Empirical Examination of the 1990's Church Burning Epidemic Session 420: RC64
An Empirical Study of In-Car Camera Archives to Examine Racial Profiling Session 318: PL19
An Empirical Test of Moffitt's Taxonomy: The Importance of Predictor Variables in Addition to Age of Onset Session 106: LC3
An Empirical Test of Silverthorn and Frick's Delayed-Onset Pathway in Girls Session 431: LC12
Employment and Mental Health Histories at Drug Court Entry in a Rural State Session 159: IU5
Employment Quality and Delinquent Peers: Do Good Jobs Moderate Bad Friends? Session 406: CJ20
Employment, Neighborhoods, Labor Markets, and Crime: A Test of the Labor Stratification Thesis Session 406: CJ20
The End of the Miranda Regime and the Need for State Interrogation Policy Session 157: CU9
The Enduring Racial Divide in Death Penalty Support Session 402: CU24
Enhancing the Protective Capacity of Mentoring Relationships Session 155: CR7
Environmental Attributes and the Changing Dynamics in Female Officer Employment Session 10: CR1
Environmental Risk: Considering the Distribution of EPA Violations Across Geo-Political Boundaries Session 324: RC44
Estimating Spatial Displacement of Drug Dealing in Response to Street Level Drug Enforcement: The Effect of Varying Risk Settings Session 149: CM5
Estimating the Prevalence of Illicit Drug Use and High-Risk Sexual Behaviors Among Club Attendees Session 223: RC25
ESUBA: Juvenile Prevention Project Session 277: IR9
Ethical Decision-Making in the Court System: Creating Bias-Free Courts Session 425: CU25
Ethnic Differences in the Consequences of Adolescent Substance Use Session 368: LC10
Ethnicity as an Essential Factor in Understanding and Explaining the Nature and Composition of Organized Crime Groups in the United States Session 272: RC33
Eurogang Research Program: Recent Developments Session 216: RG14
Europol and the Policing of International Terrorism Session 434: PL31
Evaluating a Pilot Project on Conferencing for Juvenile Delinquents Session 94: CH4
Evaluating Juvenile Drug Courts: A New Direction Session 388: IU7
Evaluating Official Data From a Municipal Police Force to Assess the Question of the Prevalence of Racial Profiling: Evidence From North Carolina Session 318: PL19
Evaluating Police Professional Status Session 338: IP9
Evaluating the Defense of Indigent Offenders in Northwest Louisiana: A Preliminary Assessment Session 238: IU6
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Pet-Facilitated Therapy Program for Incarcerated Female Offenders {Poster Location 14} Session 279: PO1
Evaluating the Impact of Indiana Area Communities That Care Session 342: DD10
Evaluation in Real Time: The Action Research Model Session 140: QT8
Evaluation of an Integrated Domestic Violence Court Session 43: CU4
Evaluation of Prison-Based Drug Treatment in Pennsylvania: Two-Year Follow-Up Session 45: IR3
Evaluation of the Deschutes County Community Youth Investment Program Session 57: QT3
Evaluation of the Imact of a Policy Change on Diversion Program Recidivism and Justice Agency Costs: One Year Follow Up Session 343: JJ7
Evaluation of the Juvenile Breaking the Cycle (JBTC) Program Session 14: IR1
An Evaluation of the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program Session 338: IP9
Evaluation of the St. Louis Weed and Seed Initiative Session 195: IP5
An Evaluation of Virginia's Young Juvenile Offender Initiative: Preliminary Findings From the First Year of Implementation Session 429: DD11
The Evaluation-Public Management Nexus: Forging New Directions in Evaluation Roles, Methods and Processes Based on Lessons Learned From Evaluation and Management Practice Session 133: DD6
Event Structures and Violent Outcomes Session 145: RC16
Everything But the Girl: A Comparative Study of Rehabilitation and Socialization in Juvenile Treatment Facilities {Poster Location 88} Session 279: PO1
Evidence That the High/Scope Perry Preschool Program Prevents Later Adult Crime Session 205: EP6
Evidence-Based Delinquency Prevention Programming in Local Communities Session 132: DD5
An Evidence-Based Review of Sexual Assault Preventive Intervention Programs Session 442: RS2
An Examination and Comparison of State and Federal Probation Officer Stress Session 415: RO7
An Examination of Community Defined Assets and Deficits in High Incarceration Neighborhoods Session 186: CM9
Examination of Methods, Statistics, and Topics in Criminal Justice Scholarship: A Ten-Year Review of Justice Quarterly and Criminology Session 405: ED8
An Examination of Perceptions and Beliefs Concerning School Safety Among School Principals and School Resource Officers in Kentucky Session 249: EP7
An Examination of Police Intent in False Confession Cases Session 81: PL6
An Examination of Program Integrity for Juvenile Correctional Programs Session 290: DD9
An Examination of Responses to Threats of Victimization: Is Fear of Crime the Best Answer? Session 303: VT3
Examination of Situational Characteristics, Resistance Strategies, and Sexual Assault Outcomes: Results From a National-Level Study Session 378: RC56
An Examination of Social Networks in Juvenile Drug Courts: Social Interactions and the Creation of Positive and Negative Social Capital Session 159: IU5
An Examination of the Convergence Between Victim Reporting and Police Recording of Violent Crime, 1973-2002 Session 84: QT5
An Examination of the Impacts of CCTV Cameras in Drug Markets Areas in Jersey City, New Jersey Session 160: IP4
Examining Arrest Probabilities Among Female and Male Offenders Using Incident Based Arrest Reports (NIBRS) for Violent Crime Session 135: FT3
Examining Comprehensive Community Collaboratives: The Safe Kids/Safe Streets Experience Session 342: DD10
Examining Desistance by Race: Are There Differences Between Whites and Non-Whites? {Poster Location 1} Session 279: PO1
Examining Measurement Characteristics of Linked Data on Violent Deaths Session 114: QT7
Examining Multiple Pathways to Female Offending Session 207: FT4
Examining Stability and Change in Criminal Offending: A Life-Course Approach Session 317: LC9
Examining the Effectiveness of Vouchers in Changing Behaviors of Drug Court and Prop 36 Clients Session 12: CU1
Examining the Factors that Influence the Duration and Seriousness of the Stalking Experience Session 117: RC10
Examining Victimization, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptomatology, and Participation in Violent Activities in a Sample of Justice Offenders Session 414: RG25
Execution Protocol: A Comparative Overview Session 94: CH4
An Experiential Learning Approach to Corrections for University Students Session 239: ED3
An Experimental Analysis of Differential Perception Patterns Among Offenders and Non-Offenders Session 56: PS1
Explaining Corrections: The Theory Beyond the Treatment Session 130: CJ5
Explaining Criminal Justice Growth: Detailing the Growth-Complex Framework {Poster Location 41} Session 279: PO1
Explaining Locations of Illegal Drug Markets With Legal and Geographic Public Policy Session 389: IP10
Explaining Police Arresting and Charging Behavior in Cases of Spousal Violence {Poster Location 49} Session 279: PO1
Explaining Public Attitudes Toward Punishment Session 199: CJ11
Explaining Racial Differences in Adolescent Violence Session 38: CM2
Explaining Racial/Ethnic Differences in Substance Abuse Session 302: RC40
An Exploratory Analysis of Motivations for Use of Physical Aggression in Intimate Relationships Session 88: RC6
Exploratory Spatial Analyses of Sexual Assaults of White and Native Victims {Poster Location 15} Session 279: PO1
Exploring Gender in Cases of School-Associated Violent Death Session 30: RC3
Exploring Retention and Persistence Among Undergraduate Criminal Justice and Criminology Students Session 288: ED6
Exploring the Context of Adolescent Drug Use: Does Social Learning Theory Mediate the Impact of Social Structure Session 353: SO2
Exploring the Drugs-Homicide Connection Session 417: RC61
Exploring the Effects of Offender and County Characteristics Across Conviction Type: A Multi-Level Model Session 309: CU16
Exploring the Goals and Impacts of Supermax Prisons Session 401: CR24
Exploring the Legacy of Comprehensive Community-Based Initiatives: Taking a Closer Look at SafeFutures Session 292: EP9
Exploring the Multiple Levels of Police Authority in Police-Citizen Encounters Session 433: PL30
Exploring the Relation Between Driver and Officer Characteristics in Traffic Stops Session 370: PL24
Exploring the Sources of Non-Response in the Uniform Crime Reports Session 114: QT7
Exploring White Collar Crime and the American Dream Session 420: RC64
The Exportation of U.S. Justice Policy Under Globalization Session 278: CL11
Exposure to Secondary Victimization: Focus Groups With Homicide Co-Victims and Victim Advocates Session 60: RG5
Exposure to Violence: Analysis of Patterns and Consequences of Exposure to Family Violence Among Incarcerated Youth Session 53: LC2
Extending the General Theory to "The East": Low Self-Control in Japanese Late Adolescents Session 331: CN9
Extralegal Factors and the Sentencing of Organizational Defendants: An Examination of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 347: RO4
Extremists or Believers?: Religious Salience, Literalness, Attribution Styles and Attitudes Toward the Death Penalty: An Empirical Examination of Main and Moderating Effects Session 402: CU24

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