The 2003 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 18, to Saturday, November 22

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
Dating Violence Among Sixth Graders Session 59: RG4
Dead Wrong: Capital Prosecutions and the Interests of Justice Session 200: CJ12
A Deal With the Devil: Operation Underworld, Governor Dewey, Lucky Luciano, and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics Session 273: RC34
Dealing With Disproportionate Minority Confinement: Afrocentric Restorative Justice Session 244: CL7
Death Qualifying Teens in U.S. Courts: Clinical/Legal Considerations Session 42: CU3
Death Qualifying Teens in U.S. Courts: Clinical/Legal Considerations Session 387: CU23
Debating the Death Penalty: Facts, Opinion, and Ideology Session 402: CU24
Decarcerating Mentally Ill Offenders: A Collision Between Corrections and Mental Health Policies Session 332: CR17
Defining "Too Close for Comfort": Individual and Structural Determinants of Variations in Perceptions of Crowding Among a Sample of Federal Inmates Session 385: CR23
Delinquency and Youth At-Risk Prevention Through Families and Communities Session 315: EP10
Delinquency and Youth At-Risk Prevention Through Families and Communities Session 365: EP11
Delinquency Theories: Integrating Sociological and Social Psychological Models Session 40: CN2
Demand on Police Resources: Spatial Assessment of Suicide-Related Calls in a Concentrated Urban Setting Session 196: IP6
Democratic Policing Ideologies and Practices: A Source for Afro-Optimism Session 339: CJ17
Demographic Characteristics and Criminal Victimisation: A Theoretical Explanation Session 443: VT6
Departures and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines: Departing From the Mandate to Reduce Disparity? Session 98: CU7
Departures From Florida's 10-20-Life Sentence Enhancement: Policy Recommendations for Reporting Across Judicial Circuits Session 98: CU7
Descriptive Examination of the Pre-Treatment Illegal Activities of a Nationwide Sample of Adolescent Substance Abuse Clients Session 375: RC53
Design of New Crime Analysis Tools Session 371: PL25
The Detection of Deception: A Systematic Literature Review Session 442: RS2
Detective or Detecting: Mythology of Detective Work Session 244: CL7
Detemining the Optimal Spatial Distribution of Police Patrol Areas Session 371: PL25
Determinants of College Students' Attitudes Toward Private Police Session 311: IP8
The Determinants of Sentencing in Pennsylvania: Do the Characteristics of Judges Matter? Session 426: CU26
Determining the Rate at Which Legal Handgun Purchasers Become Ineligible to Possess the Weapon They Purchased Session 397: RC57
Developing Performance Measures for OJJDP's Part C Earmarks That Are Useful at the Agency and Grantee Levels Session 83: QT4
Developing Performance Measures From the Top-Down Session 83: QT4
Developing Performance Measures From the Bottom-Up Session 83: QT4
Developing Public Safety Standards and Curricula for Georgia High Schools Session 129: ED2
The Development of a Gender-Sensitive Staff Training Curriculum for Youth Custody Workers, a Project in Two Phases Session 346: RG22
The Development of Victim-Offender Mediation in Germany Session 321: RC41
The Development of Violent Behavior: Linking Sibling and Peer Aggression Session 322: RC42
The Development, Utilisation and Importance of Ed-Derived Assault Data in Violence Management Session 205: EP6
Developmental Trajectories of Delinquency Seriousness and Their Predictors: A Cross-Site Study Session 294: LC8
Deviance, Decay, or Disadvantage? Disaggregating Social Disorganization Theory Session 383: CM11
Deviant Behavior: Ethnography of a Death Penalty Trial Session 260: QL2
Deviant Lifestyles, Social Guardianship, and Social Isolation: Explaining Violent Victimization of Rural Adolescents Living in Poverty Session 276: VT2
Devoted Moms and Deadbeat Dads: The Gendering of Parenthood in Parole Hearings Session 358: CR21
Diagnosing Drunken, Drug-Induced Disorder: An Exploratory Analysis of Patrol Officers' Determinations of Alcohol and Drug Involvement in Incidents Session 432: PL29
Dialectics at a Standstill: Transforming Critical Discourse on American Gun Violence Session 289: CL12
Difference Between Saying and Hearing "No": A Study of the Importance of Consent and Communication in Date Rape Situations Session 378: RC56
Differences Between Adolescent Sex Offenders: Specialists Versus Generalists Session 117: RC10
Differences Between Convicted Violent Offenders: Completed and Attempted Homicides, and Serious Assault Session 440: RC65
Differential Deployment, Violent Environments and Police Incidents: An Exploratory Investigation Session 433: PL30
The Differential Impact of Various Life Events on Later Criminal Behavior Session 167: LC6
Differential Influences of Neighborhood Dangerousness on Individual Violence Session 144: RC15
Differential Labeling Theory Session 367: IT5
Differential Pathways to Violence: Comparing Boys and Girls in the Juvenile Justice System Session 366: FT6
Differentiating Among Female Juvenile Offenders to Facilitate Treatment Planning Session 316: JJ6
The Dilemna of Prison Reform: Tom Murton Revisited Session 337: IR12
Dimensions of Local Organization: From Theory to Measurement in Neighborhood and Crime Studies Session 154: CM6
The Dimensions of Women's Power in Today's Illicit Drug World Session 135: FT3
Disasters' Impact on Modern Societies: A Critical Analysis of Predictions, Prevention, and Preparedness for the Twenty-First Century Session 247: CL10
Discretion or Direction: An Analysis of Patrol Officer Activities Session 287: IP7
Discretionary Decision Making in Partner Violence Cases: Situational and Contextual Influences Session 43: CU4
Discussion: Similarities and Differences in Offenses and Offenders Among Crimes Against Society Session 222: RC24
Disentangling Belief and Self-Control Session 40: CN2
Disentangling Selection From Causation in the Empirical Association Between Crime and Adolescent Work Session 24: QT1
Disorganized Neighborhoods and Restorative Justice: An Examination of Social Characteristics and the Indianapolis Juvenile Justice Experiment Session 423: CM13
Disparity in Homicide Sentencing Session 386: CU22
Diverse Trajectories of Cocaine Use Through Early Adulthood Among Rebellious and Socially Conforming Youth Session 294: LC8
Diversion Vs In-Jail Services: Enhancing Surveillance? Session 235: IR6
Diversity in Adolescent Sexuality Education Session 204: EP5
Diversity Program Implementation in a Large Southern State Correctional System Session 10: CR1
DNA and Fingerprint Identification: Rhetorics of Reliability and Credibility Session 392: PL26
Do Career Criminals Exist in Rural America? Session 438: RG26
Do Citizen Complaints Encourage Uniformed Police Officers to Carry Micro Tape Recorders? Session 21: PL1
Do Emotional Contexts Moderate the Effect of Risks and Rewards on Violence? Session 165: EC1
Do Offenders Recognize Fair Treatment When They Receive It? The Effect of Objectively Fair Procedures on Perceptions of Fairness in Diversionary Conferences and Court Session 242: CJ14
Do Pro-Social Ties Predict Probation Success or Failure? Session 307: CN8
Do Program Differences Matter in the Treatment of Alcoholism? A Contextual Analysis of Treatment Programs Session 277: IR9
Do Transferred Juveniles Remain in Adult Criminal Court?: Understanding Legislative Waiver and Decertification Session 52: JJ1
Do Weapons Increase or Decrease the Probability of Injury During Assault: An Offender Based Analysis Session 143: RC14
Doctoral Experiences: A National Survey Session 288: ED6
Does Aggressiveness Predict Why Adults Do or Don't Acquire Firearms and Concealed Firearms Permits? Session 91: RC9
Does Family Matter for Juvenile Offenders? Assessing the Influence of Negative Life Events on Juvenile Offenders {Poster Location 89} Session 279: PO1
Does Identity Come From Labeling?: A Look at the Identity Standards of Mentally Ill Criminal Offenders and the Impact of Internalizing Labels on Their Formation Session 367: IT5
Does Protocol Compliance Make a Difference? Contrasting Non Compliant Treatment Providers With Those in Compliance With the Illinois' Battering Protocol Session 361: CU20
Does Religion Help Cope With Distress? A Multilevel Test of General Strain Theory Session 73: CJ3
Does Required Release Make a Difference? Session 230: CR11
Does the Experiential Effect Operate Differently Across Gender? Session 165: EC1
Domestic Violence Abusers: A Descriptive Study of the Characteristics of Defendants in Protection From Abuse Orders in Sedgwick County Kansas Session 117: RC10
Domestic Violence and Stalking: An Analysis Using Police Data Session 349: RC49
The Domestic Violence Experiences of Women on Probation Session 349: RC49
Domestic Violence in the Military: Challenges to Establishing Collaboration Between Military Installations and Civil Communities Session 117: RC10
Domestic Violence in Welfare States: A Comparative Analysis of Welfare State Typologies Within a Power Resources Framework Session 312: CJ16
Domestic Violence: Predictors of Victim Support for Arrest and Prosecution in a Court Sample Session 349: RC49
Drug Buying Behavior Among Chicago Arrestees Session 108: PL7
Drug Court Treatment Programs: Predictors of Successful Completion Session 310: IR11
Drug Courts as a Mechanism of Expand and Control: A Case Study in the Midwest Session 99: IU4
Drug Markets 2001: The Total Dollar Value Contributed by Arrestees and the Market Conditions Surrounding Arrestees' Acquisition of Drugs Session 299: RC37
Drug Reform and Prosecution: Prop 36 Session 12: CU1
Drug Use and Drug Markets in the Southwest: A Tale of Two Cities, Phoenix and Tucson Session 299: RC37
"Drug" Subcultures: An Overview of Theories, Case Studies and Policy Responses Session 171: RC17
Drugs and Violence in Neighborhoods: Causal Relationship or Common Causes? Session 154: CM6
Durkheim's Theory of Gender and Homicide: A Precursor to the Liberal Feminist Perspective on Crime? Session 314: CL14

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