Session 410: LC11 -> Risk Factors and Developmental Pathways to Deviance
Time: 9:00AM to 10:30 AM on Saturday, November 22
Place: Governors Square 17
Session Chair: Leana A. Bouffard, North Dakota State University
Child Maltreatment Histories and Adolescent-Parent Attachment as Predictors of Individual Differences in Psychological Symptoms Among Chronic Juvenile Offenders
by: Brook McClintic, University of Colorado at Boulder (Corresponding)
Louise Silvern, University of Colorado at Boulder
Joanne Belknap, University of Colorado at Boulder
Early Childhood Predictors of Antisocial Behavior: A Multiethnic Assessment of Pathways to Child Psychopathology
by: Cynthia Perez McCluskey, Michigan State University (Corresponding)
Roni Mayzer, Michigan State University
A Longitudinal Analysis of Stress, Social Support and Violence by People With Mental Disorders
by: Brent Teasdale, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
Neighborhood Conditions and Adolescent Psychological Well-Being: The Mediating Effects of Individual Perception, Family Processes, and Peer Group Association
by: Glen C. Tolle, Jr., Texas A & M University (Corresponding)
Howard B. Kaplan, Texas A & M University

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Updated 05/20/2006