Session 98: CU7 -> Empirical Research on Federal Sentencing Guidelines
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Wednesday, November 19
Place: Tower A
Session Chair: Celesta A. Albonetti, University of Iowa
Regional and Circuit Court Differences in Decisions to Grant Departures From the Sentencing Guidelines
by: Amy Farrell, Northeastern University (Corresponding)
Sentencing Behavior After Federal Guideline Shift in Child Pornography Crimes
by: Ariane Holtschlag, Illinois Wesleyan University (Corresponding)
Departures and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines: Departing From the Mandate to Reduce Disparity?
by: Barbara A. Sharp, University of Maryland at College Park (Corresponding)
The Impact of Rule 35(b) and Other Sentencing Adjustments on Time Served in Prison by Federal Offenders
by: William P. Adams, The Urban Institute (Corresponding)
Mark Motivans, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Departures From Florida's 10-20-Life Sentence Enhancement: Policy Recommendations for Reporting Across Judicial Circuits
by: Julie Kunselman, University of West Florida (Corresponding)
Kathrine Johnson, University of West Florida
Celesta A. Albonetti, University of Iowa

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Updated 05/20/2006